Stoby, Crumpler Top Blenheim 5K Field On Beef Island

The women got a 3 minutes start ahead of the men and only Reuben Stoby was able to catch them. PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

The women got a 3 minutes start ahead of the men and only Reuben Stoby was able to catch them. PHOTO: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

By BVI Athletics Association

Reuben Stoby and Katrina Crumpler were the top men and women’s finishers in Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K Series tour stop on Beef Island, where the women had a three minutes start on the men and only Stoby managed to get to the line before the first woman.

Stoby, whose aim was to catch all the women, meandered the course from Long Bay Beach past the airport and return in 17 minutes and 56.6 seconds.

“The only thing is after I caught them, I slowed down a bit, but I wanted to run a faster time,” he said. “It wasn’t hard trying to catch them. I paced myself really well and I was just patient keeping an eye on them.”

While he wanted to go faster, Stoby said he has been joined by his wife and child and had been spending time with them. “I was only able to do one speed session for the week,” he said. “I still have that sub 17 5K in mind and I’ll get back to training by next week.”

Crumpler who held off Rosmond Johnson to win the women’s division in 21:50.6, in a speed work tune up for the upcoming Boston Marathon, said she didn’t want Stoby to catch her.

“He caught me well before the line and I tried to keep up with him, but he’s too fast,” she said. “I kind of knew he’d catch me and that was fine. It was a fun race. It was one of the closest ones in a long time. Rosmond was right behind me and I thought she was going to overtake me around two miles. She tucked in behind me and pushed me along and I stayed ahead of her but only by a few seconds.”

Crumpler who has two training Marathons under her belt already this year, said she’s aiming to do slightly better than the 3:23 she did in Boston a year ago. “It will depend on weather conditions on the day,” she said. “We’ll see. I’m just going to enjoy it really.”

Final Results. Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 17 minutes, 56.6 seconds.  2. Julius Farley, 19:21.5.  3. Guy Williamson, 19:46.9.  4. Martin Trott, 20:50.5.  5. Daniel Mitchell, 21:29.1.  6. Shane Donovan, 21:43.9.  7. Adrian Dale, 21:51.8.  8. Zebalon Mclean, 22:42.1.  9. Reu Rymer, 22:43.6.  10. Stefano Tasking, 22:57.1.  11. Patrick Ormond, 23:15.4.  12. Luka Chalwell, 24:04.3.  13. Claudius Rhymer, 24:51.0.  14. Gabriel Obregon, 26:02.0.  15. Dennis Delacruz, 26:36.6.  16. Luke Plummer, 26:37.4.  17. Dennis Versoza, 26:37.9.  18. Sammy Potgieter, 27:17.0.  19. Teejay Torres, 29:09.8.  20. Jim Cullimore, 30:29.2.  21. Howard Moore, 32:00.6.  22. Barry Leon, 36:34.7.

Women: 1. Katrina Crumpler, 21:50.6.  2. Rosmond Johnson, 21:55.4.  3. Melissa Brunner, 22:51.5.  4. Kay Reddy, 24:20.3.  5. Lauren Julien, 24:34.0.  6. Melisande Rowe, 24:41.5.  7. Juliane Potgieter, 27:17.9  8. Cayley Smit, 27:20.0.  9. Zoe Bickerton, 28:14.1.  10. Vanessa King, 29:52.7  11. Claire Santillan, 31:13.4.  12. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 31:40.1. 13. Saungie Liburd, 33:22.6.  14. Ghislaine Hoogendijk, 38:45.7.  15. Sydney Smith, 39:01.0.  16. Barbara Pinnock-Smith, 39:09.1.

Power Walkers: 1. Shirley Liburd, 47:14.9.  2. Dawn Nagar, 59:09.5.

Stoby, Crumpler top runners in Blenheim Trust 5k Series


Khiry Creque, left, Julius Farley, Reuben Stoby and Tarique Creque were the early pace setters in Saturday's Blenheim Trust 5K Series finale Photo: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Khiry Creque, left, Julius Farley, Reuben Stoby and Tarique Creque were the early pace setters in Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K Series finale. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Saturday’s finale of the Blenheim Trust 5K Series–which also marked the inaugural National 5K Championships–saw Reuben Stoby and Katrina Crumpler–emerging as overall series winners after the finale in Road Town.

Stoby had a winning time of 17 minutes and 52 seconds and was followed by Tarique Creque in 18:17 and Julius Farley third in 18:53. Early leader Khiry Creque finished fourth in 19:44.

Stoby said when Creque set the pace, he wanted to see what it would be like and thought Creque wanted to slow it down. “Knowing that he and Tarique are 800m runners, I couldn’t take that chance and I went ahead early and I was surprised that they didn’t follow me,” pointed out Stoby, who said he was a bit tired from the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon. “I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to fight too hard to win today. I wanted to win, even though I knew I’d won the series, knowing the competition would be stiff, I wanted to go for the victory nevertheless.”

Moses said Stoby won fair and square. “He went out hard and kept from me and every time he saw me gaining, he pushed the pace and I was trying to close on him, but he won. He’s the 5K champion,” Moses stated, noting he’s not in condition for the 5K. “I came out, I ran and thought I could have held my own against him. I challenged him but he kept from me and he won.”

Early pace setter Creque said he pushed the pace trying to take Stoby out of his comfort zone. “But, I saw how good a shape he’s in because he’s really a beast,” Creque said. “I really didn’t train for the 5K. I came out to see what I could do. I’ve heard a lot about him and I wanted to see what it was like to run with him. He’s incredible. He’s in better shape than I expected.”

Crumpler – coming off winning the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon a week earlier and ahead of this weekend’s Buffalo Marathon – said her legs felt a bit tired. “I felt fine in the first mile and I was quite excited and tried to do a quick race and by mile two I was like, ‘oh, my legs are tired,'” she explained. “I think I did feel the effects of racing in Virgin Gorda, but I enjoyed it.”

Final results

Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 17 minutes and 52 seconds. 2. Tarique Moses, 18:17. 3. Julius Farley, 18:53. 4. Khiry Creque, 19:44. 5. Zebalon McLean, 20:55. 6. Derek Pettigrew, 21:33. 7. Adam D’Monte, 21:54. 8. Richard Morgan, 22:27. 9. Patrick Ormond, 22:45. 10. Simon Cook, 23:06. 11. Adrian Dale, 23:20. 12. David Pettigrew, 23:28. 13. Matt Freeman, 24:06. 14. Alberto Lazo, 24:29. 15. Dan Wealthy, 25:08. 16. Claudius Rhymer, 25:19. 17. Stephen Bridson, 26:02. 18. Guy Williamson, 26:21. 19. Andre Kartick, 29:05. 20. Howard Moore, 29:07. 21. Dennis de la Cruz, 30:48. 22. Barry Leon, 32:38. 23. Terry Wu, 33:33.

Women: 1. Katrina Crumpler, 20:55. 2. Rosmond Johnson, 22:07. 3. Kay Reddy, 24:22. 4. Julianne Potgeiter, 24:29. 5. Anna Kinkead, 24:35. 6. Claudia Ferrari, 25:26. 7. (tie). Carolina Pettigrew and Philomena Robertson, 25:32. 9. Sarah Graham, 25:40. 10. Lauren Julien, 26:21. 11. Lisa Bridson, 26:56. 12. Sarah Carroll, 27:19. 13. Jenni Dobbie, 27:52. 14. Barbara O’Neal, 29:04. 15. Clair Burke, 29:22. 16. Sarah Hatcher, 32:17. 17. Claire Santillian, 32:25.

Power Walkers: 1.= Sophie Bennett and Shirley Liburd, 50:00. 3. Linda Li, 55:00. Maureen Percival.
Youth 1 Mile: 1. Sammy Potgeiter, 7:50. 2. Owen Graham, 11:20. 3. Charlie Potgeiter, 12:08. 3. Sebbie Morgan. 4. Frank Carroll. 5. Merryn Wealthy.

National Championships 5K

Men All Comers: Reuben Stoby. BVI National 5k Champ: Tarique Moses.

Women All Comers: Katrina Crumpler. BVI National 5k Champ: Anna Kinkead.

Youth National 5k Champ: Derek Pettigrew.

BLenheim Trust 5K Series Overall

Men: 1st: Reuben Stoby. 2nd Tarique Moses. 3rd Julius Farley.

Women: 1st Kartina Crumpler. 2nd Rosmond Johnson. 3rd. Anna Kinkead.

Walkers: Sophie Bennett and Linda Li.

Youth 1 Mile: Sammy Potgeiter, Sebbie Morgan, Xavier Morgan, Charlie Potgeiter

Age Group Champions

Under 15: 1. Derek Pettigrew
Under 20: 1. Andre Kartick
30-39: 1. Guy Williamson 2. Shane Donovan 3. Claudius Rhymer. 4. Marvin Flax
40-49: 1. Zebalon McLean 2. Paul Hubbard 3. Stephen Bridson
50-59: 1. Adrian Dale 2. David Pettigrew 3. Howard Moore 4. Barry Leon

20-29: 1. Lauren Julian 2.
30-39: 1. Julianne Potgeiter 2. Claudia Ferrari 3. Natasha Ruscheinski. 4. Sarah Carroll 5. Jenni Dobbie. 6. Claire Santillian. 7. Candy Holdt.
40-49: 1. Lisa Bridson 2. Philomena Robertson 3. Sarah Graham 4. Clair Burke
50-59: 1. Kay Reddy 2. Eva Askulv

Stoby gently tames Paraquita Bay Beast


Julius Farley, left, finished second to Reuben Stoby, center with Rodrigo Dos Santos finishing third in Saturday's Blenheim Trust 5K race in Paraquita Bay PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Julius Farley, left, finished second to Reuben Stoby, center with Rodrigo Dos Santos finishing third in Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K race in Paraquita Bay Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

After challenging courses in his last two races, Reuben Stoby extended his winning streak during Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K Series race in Paraquita Bay, dubbed the Paraquita Beast.

Stoby–in a final tune up for this weekend’s 4th Virgin Gorda Half Marathon–covered the 3.1 miles loop in 19 minutes and 18 seconds. He was followed by Julius Farley who overhauled Rodrigo Dos Santos and placed second in 19:54 with Dos Santos turning in a time of 20:14.

Katrina Crumpler–in her first individual race after running a personal best of 3 hours 22 minutes and 53 seconds in the Boston Marathon–was the women’s winner in 21:55. Rosmond Johnson followed in 24:24 and Anna Kinkead was third in 25:07.

With just one incline that didn’t exceed 250 feet, Stoby said the course was a “baby” compared to the Dive BVI 10k race on Virgin Gorda the week before.

“It was a cool race for me and I’m glad I didn’t have to push it too hard as the competition really didn’t push it too much,” he explained. “I want to save it for the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon and I’d been doing a bit of hill work so my legs were feeling a little bit tired, so I wasn’t trying to too hard.”

Farley–who anchored the winning relay team over 10 miles a week earlier in the Tortola Torture–said he too was running conservative. “I didn’t go out hard at all as I’m preparing for the Virgin Gorda Half,” he said. “I’m not too ambitious but I’ll settle for finishing in the first five in Virgin Gorda. I understand the competition will be stiff, so I’ll be contented with that.”

The National 5K Championships is set for Saturday, May 16 in Road Town, starting and ending on the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds.

Final Results

Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 19:18.25. 2. Julius Farley, 19:54. 3. Rodrigo Dos Santos, 20:14. 4. Paul Hubbard, 21:28. 5. Tom Wilson, 23:23. 6. Russell Crumpler, 23:34. 7. Shane Donovan, 23:58. 8. Marcus Rodrigues, 24:48. 9. Dan Wealthy, 26:11. 10. Claudius Rhymer, 26:12. 11. Guy Williamson, 27:44. 12. Ruairi Bourke, 28:28. 13. Andre Kartick, 30:13. 14. Marvin Flax, 30:48. 15. Howard Moore, 31:08. 16. Barry Leon, 37:47. 17. Dennis Dela Cruz.

Women: 1. Katrina Crumpler, 21:55.78. 2. Rosmond Johnson, 24:24. 3. Anna Kinkead, 25:07. 4. Emma Holmes, 25:19. 5. Julianne Potgeiter, 26:12. 6. Kay Reddy, 26:22. 7. Claudia Ferrari, 26:45. 8. Rhiannon Jones, 27:08. 9. Lauren Julien, 27:44. 10. Philomena Robertson, 27:52. 11. Sarah Caroll, 28:44. 12. Lisa Bridson, 28:44. 13. Jenni Dobbie, 29:16. 14. Darwn Peters, 29:28. 15. Jude Holmes, 30:28. 16. Sarah Graham, 31:12. 17. Clair Burke, 31:58. 18. Claire Santillian, 33:06.

Power Walkers: Shirley Liburd, 49:20. 2.= Linda Li, Sophie Bennett, 49:30.

Boys One Mile: Charlie Potgeiter, 8:17. 2. Sebbie Morgan, 11:53. 3. Xavier Morgan, 12:10. 4. Stan Carroll, 13:22.

Under 20: 1. Andre Kartick
M2029 1. Tom Wilson 2. Marcus Rodrigues 2.Dan Wealthy
M3039 1. Reuben Stoby 2. Julius Farley 3. Rodrigo Dos Santos 4. Russell Crumpler 5. Shane Donovan 6. Claudius Rhymer 7. Guy Williamson 8. Ruairi Bourke 9. Marvin Flax
M4040 1. Paul Hubbard 2. Dennys Dela Cruz
M5059 1. Howard Moore 2. Barry Leon

F2029 1. Emma Holmes 2. Lauren Julien 3. Jude Holmes
F3039 1. Katrina Crumpler 2. Juliane Potgeiter 3. Claudia Ferrari 4. Rhiannon Jones 5. Philomena Robertson 6. Sarah Caroll 7. Lisa Bridson 8. Jenni Dobbie 9. Claire Santillian
F4049 1. Rosmond Johnson 2. Anna Kinkead 3. Darwn Peters 4. Sarah Graham 5. Clair Burke
F5059 1. Kay Reddy