21st College Classic Series ends with record run


Sam Potgieter, #5, blasts out en route to his second One Mile Division this time running 6:33.87. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

By BVIMilesplit/Dean Greenaway
While Reuben Stoby and Rosmond Johnson were securing a repeat of their respective Mourant Ozannes College Classic Series titles, young Sam Potgieter was stealing the show with another record run to close the One Mile Division.

Potgieter lowered the 6 minutes 34.56 seconds time he ran on Oct., 2 to 6:33.87, to wrap up the series unbeaten and claimed the One Mile title.

Stoby was the overall 2 Miles winner in 11:23.39 while Johnson took the Women’s Division in 14:30.69.

“I came out hoping to run a bit faster and I went out hard and tried to beat the crowd, but on the hills, I slowed a lot,” Stoby noted. “I ended up running 11:23, just around my personal best on this course, but I’m not too disappointed though. It’s within what I should be running at this time and it’s a warm up for the BVI Half Marathon in early December. The series was part of speed work and this week I only did long runs, so, I’m very happy for today’s run.”

Johnson said her plan was to win the final race. “I had been doing a little speed training and tried to run up hills a little,” she said. “I made up my mind this morning that I’m not going to lose today. I did two races and missed one when I went away on holidays. I won the first one and this is my second victory, which made me the series overall winner.”

Zebalon McLean who ran in the first College Classic Series race on Oct. 19, 1996, has only missed seven races and has participated in the series for 20 of it’s 21 years of existence. “I’m glad to see that is has been carried-not by athletes-but by regular people who comes out for the exercise,” he said. “I think the one unique thing about the College Classic Series is that it offers something for everyone, walkers, runners, joggers-even people who are not interested in running would come out because you have this camaraderie and you have the company of other people to pull you along.”

Final Results.

One Mile (Under 9 & 11),
Boys: 1. Sam Potgieter, 6:33.87 (New Record. Old Record, Potgieter, 6:34.56, Oct 2, 2016). 2. Charlie Potgeiter, 7:06.04. 3. Niklaus Vorgel, 7:27.97. 4. Antuwn Maduro, 7:39.15. 5. Jalem Cameron, 7:39.43. 6. Latriel Williams, 7:55.39. 7. Malik Christopher, 8:00.34. 8. Connor Chalwell, 8:44.87. 9. Caleb Quayle, 9:06.36. 10. Seun Frett, 11:49.86. 11. Lemuel George, 12:00.53. 12. Zaviyon Beazer, 12:40.52. 13. Joshua Tobin, 13:41.09. 14. Oliver Tobin, 14:08.87. 15. D’Mari Malone, 14:26.90. 16. D’Moi Malone, 15:27.30. 17. Eli Ghiorse, 16:40.00.

Girls: 1. Asia McMaster, 7:55.92. 2. Nejma Robinson, 7:56.95. 3. Martha Killourhy, 8:48.73. 4. Olivia Quayle, 8:58.53. 5. Taryn Augustine, 9:13.71. 6. M’Kenzii Crabbe, 9:39.69. 7. Jomauria Levon, 9:45.28. 8. Lily Smit, 9:45.99. 9. Sofia Chilton, 9:51.23. 10. Kijana Callwood, 10:50.56. 11. Amarisa McLauren, 11:12.73. 12. Ava Ghiorse, 11:13.11. 13. Elizabeth Ormond, 11:32.32. 14. Amelie Tobin, 12:12.33. 15. Princess Vergel, 12:12.90. 16. Nia Wallace, 12:20.09. 17. Raina Chalwell, 12:37.23. 18. Subrena Gayle, 12:37.62. 19. Fantasia Reid, 12:40.23. 20. Z’Hara Mclean, 13:13.35. 21. Jardiana McLean, 13:26.20. 22. Alea Williamson, 14:48.12. 23. Chanecia Pinnock, 15:48.85.

Two Mile
Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11:23.39. 2. Julius Farley, 11:48.16. 3. Samuel Romney, 11:48.94. 4. Patrick Ormond, 13:49.81. 5. Adrian Dale, 14:20.46. 6. Ikyjah Williams, 14:29.65. 7. Claudius Rhymer, 14:43.86. 8. Keven Nisbett, 15:09.31. 9. Jayden Augustine, 15:09.53. 10. Marcus Butler Jr., 15:36.66. 11. Reu Rhymer, 15:41.54. 12. Alric Smith, 15:45.03. 13. Malik Romney, 16:10.49. 14. Chad Willock, 16:15.03. 15. Jerry Thomas, 16:31.85. 16. Luther Butler, 16:43.62. 17. Zebalon McLean, 18:15.05. 18. John Cullimore, 18:24.74. 19. Howard Moore, 18:38.39. 20. Kadeem Hackshaw, 18:41.41. 21. Elvette Dore Sr., 18:51.51. 22. Hargeli Harrigan, 19:10.13. 23. Jim Cullimore, 19:39.51. 24. Hadley Chilton, 19:51.68. 25. N’Khoy Stoutt, 20:54.62. 26. Bill Kinkead, 21:28.98. 27. Jordan Dawson, 22:22.49. 28. Barry Leon, 23:54.83 29. Kyan Robinson, 25:14.41. 30. Matai Frett, 28:52.62.

Women: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 14:30.69. 2. Kay Reddy,16:17.08. 3. Laura Dore,17:09.55. 4. Jahtivya Williams,17:30.01. 5. Sarah Carroll,17:38.50. 6. Philomena Robertson, 18:26.79. 7. Amy Quayle, 19:36.28. 8. Akeela McMaster, 20:37.61. 9. Shirley Liburd, 22:03.49. 10. Michelle Dennis, 23:24.37. 11. Cardella McMillan, 26:39.52. 12. Denise Frett, 29:57.06. 13. Natasha Chalwell, 30:05.08.

Cross Country (Team Categories)
Primary Schools Teams: Cedar School Primary (CS), Francis Lettsome Primary (FLPS), Joyce Samuel Primary (JSPS), Pelican Gate (PG), Willard Wheatley (WWPS). 1..M’Khori Crabbe (JSPS), 16:31.28. 2. Jahshani Farrington (FLPS), 16:39.62. 3. Angel Beato (JSPS), 18:07.40. 4.Jahnare Farrington (FLPS), 21:29.23. 5. Kavon Wheatley (FLPS), 21:45.64. 6. Kianjah Roberts (JSPS-1), 21:51.56. 7. Makeda Gumbs (JSPS-1), 22:00.47. 8. Jayden Fahie (JSPS2), 22:30.68. 9. Jesse Cockburn (JSPS-1), 22:50.65 10. Anjeni Benjamin (JSPS-1), 22:52.52. 11. Jessimee Estridge (FLPS), 25:15.74. 12. Cheyanne Castello (FLPS), 26:38.59. 13. Litzy Beato (JSPS2), 29:20.13. 14. Sanjay Henry (JSPS1), 30:58.78. 15. Anica Penn (JSPS2), 32:00.30.

Points: 1. Joyce Samuel Primary Team 1, 33 2. Francis Lettsome, 34 . 3. Joyce Samuel Primary Team-2, 53 (4 participants).
Secondary Schools Team: Cedar School (CS), Elmore Stoutt Carlisle House (C), St. Georges (St.G): 1. Aria Creque (CS), 32:02.35
Points: By Teams/Houses: 1. Cedar School.

Service Clubs: Rotaract Club (RC), Rotary of Road Town (RR), Rotary Sunrise of Road Town (RS), Rotary of Tortola, (RT): 1. 1. Michael Killourhy (RT), 12:45.40. 2. Saungie Liburd (RC), 15:04.75. 3. StacyAnn Wynter (RT), 16:33.05. 4. Devon Letteen (RS), 17:20.57. 5. Vanessa King (RT), 17:25.87. 6. Tamara Cameron (RS), 18:27.03. 7. Adenike Flax(RS), 18:59.92. 8. Marvin Flax(RS), 19:09.49. 9. Henry Creque (RT), 19:09.84. 10. Richard Parsons (RR), 20:04.05. 11. Allison Gumbs (RC), 20:17.03. 12. Audley Maduro (RT), 21:14.75. 13. Jevaughn Rymer (RC), 22:15.76. 14. Monique Peters(RS), 22:58.81 15. Nadine Joseph (RT), 28:59.21.

Points: 1. Rotary of Tortola, 30. 2. Rotary of Road Town Sunrise, 39. 3. Rotaract, 26 (3 participants). 4. Rotary of Road Town, 10 (1 participant).

Community Partners: BVI Swim Team (BVISWIM), Cedar School Parents/Teachers (CSPTA), Digicel (D), H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC), Joyce Samuel Parent/Teachers (JSPTA), Montessori Parent/Teachers (MPTA), Peligan Gate Parent/Teacher (PGPTA). 1. Kedrick Matthews (Digicel), 13:47.06. 2. Brendon Menton (DIG), 15:43.79. 3. Anna Kinkead (CPTA), 16:29.22. 4. Matthew Cockburn (JSPTA), 17:05.09. 5. Martin Cherry (HLSCC), 18:17.46. 6. Elizabeth Buratti Clifton (MPTA), 19:35.92. 7. Garfield Nieta (MPTA), 19:48.70. 8. Juliane Potgieter (MPTA), 22:01.62. 9. Michelle Vergel (PGPTA), 22:24.95. 1. Alcurt Mitchell (PGPTA), 23:19.70. 1. Tricha Mitchell (PGPTA), 24:12.34. 12. Cydrena Roberts (PGPTA), 24:30.28. 13. Adas Sanesez (PGPTA), 25:13.24. 14. Kevin Gordan (Digicel), 27:40.95. 15. Lynette Gumbs(PGPTA), 29:17.96. 16. Swain Henry(Digicel), 30:40.84. 17. Bernice Magloire (Digicel), 30:56.86.

Points: 1. Digicel, 48. 2. Pelican Gate PTA, 55. 3. Montersorri PTA, 21 (3 participants). 4. Cedar School PTA, 3 (1 participant). 5. Joyce Samuel PTA, 4 (1 participant). 6. HLSCC, 5 (1 participant).

Full Overall Awards Results (Based on three out of four races)

Overall Male: 1. Reuben Stoby (2nd consecutive) 2. Julius Farley, 3. Samuel Romney.

Overall Female: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 2. Kay Reddy & Laura Dore, 3. Philomena Robertson.

Overall One Mile Male: 1. Sam Potgieter (NR: 6:33.87), 2. Charlie Potgieter. 3. Rush Broderick & Malik Christopher.

Overall One Mile Female: 1. Asia McMaster, 2. Olivia Quayle, 3. Martha Killourhy.

U9 (One mile) Male: 1. Charlie Potgieter, 2. Malik Christopher, 3. Latriel Williams.

U9 (One mile) Female: 1. M’Kenzi Crabbe, 2. Taryn Augustine, 3. Chanecia Pinnock.

U11 Male: 1. Sam Potgieter, 2. Rush Broderick. 3. Kael Chalwell.

U11 Female: 1. Asia McMaster, 2. Olivia Quayle, 3. Martha Killourhy.

U13 Male: 1. Jaden Augustine. 2. Matai Frett.

U13 Female: 1. Jahtivya Williams. 2. Akeela McMaster. 3. Abriel Magloire.

U15 Male: 1. Wanyae Belle & Ikyjah Williams. 2. Malik Romney

U17 Male: 1. Samuel Romney. 2. Reu Rhymer

20-29 Female: 1. Michelle Dennis

30-39 Male: 1. Reuben Stoby, 2. Julius Farley, 3. Patrick Ormond.

30-39 Female: 1. Amy Quayle.

40-49 Male: 1. Zebalon McLean, 2. Claudius Rhymer.

40-49 Female: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 2. Philomena Robertson, 3. Laura Dore.

50-59 Male: 1. Adrian Dale, 2. Elvette Dore Sr.

50-59 Female: 1. Kay Reddy, 2. Sophia Dabbs.

60+ Male: 1. Howard Moore. 2. Jim Cullimore, 2. William “Bill” Kinkead.

60+ Female: 1. Shirley Liburd.

Cross Country; Primary: 1. Joyce Samuel Primary-1. 2. Francis Lettsome Primary, 3. Joyce Samuel Primary-2. Secondary: 1: Cedar School Service Club: 1. Rotary of Tortola (12th consecutive), 2. Rotary of Road Town Sunrise, 3. Rotaract Community Partners: 1. Digicel, 2. Cedar Parents/Staff, 3. Pelican Gate PTA.

Outstanding Male Primary: M’Khori Crabbe (Joyce Samuel Primary) Outstanding Female Primary: Makeda Gumbs (Joyce Samuel Primary) Outstanding Male Secondary: Sean Wong (Cedar) Outstanding Female Secondary: Tola Broderick (Cedar) Outstanding Male Service Club: Michael Killourhy (Rotary of Tortola) Outstanding Female Service Club: Saungie Liburd (Rotract Club) Outstanding Male Community Partners: Kedrick Matthew (Digicel) Outstanding Female Community Partners: Juliane Potgieter (Montessori PTA)

Stoby wins battle against Farley in race 4 of Ceres 10K


Runners set off for the CERES 10K Series – PRISON BREAK 10K – OCTOBER 8, 2016. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Runners set off for the CERES 10K Series – PRISON BREAK 10K – OCTOBER 8, 2016. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Meeting for the first time in a 10K after their duel in June when Julius Farley upset defending champion Reuben J. A. Stoby, the two rivals duked it out again on Saturday October 8, 2016 in the fourth race of the Ceres Juices 10K Series on Beef Island.

On the distaff side, Katrina Lindsay won the battle with Rosmond Johnson.

Farley set the early pace and enjoyed a lead of about 50 metres before Stoby reeled him in after two miles and then pulled away shortly after the turnaround to win in 40:06. Farley finished second in 41:15 while Guy Williamson took third in 45:16.

Mark Harrison was fourth and Adrian Dale fifth.

Both Farley and Stoby have two wins and a second place finish, with the final race of the series on November 5, 2016 being the deciding encounter.

Meanwhile, Lindsay won the race heading up the hills to the prison after Rosmond Johnson gave up the lead.

Lindsay clocked 51:58 while Johnson placed second in 53: 09. Third was Rachel Mayo-Smith in 55:07.

Fourth and fifth were Kay Reddy and Debbie Bell respectively.

Prizes were presented to the top 5 male and female finishers, compliments of Proudly African.

Full results


1. Reuben Stoby, 40:06. 2. Julius Farley, 41:15. 3. Guy Williamson, 45:16. 4. Mark Harrison, 49:38. 5. Adrian Dale, 50:11. 6. Ishwar Persad, 52:50. 7. Richard Morris, 53:49. 8. Dennis Versoza, 55:16. 9. Claudius Rymer, 55:43. 10. Sergio Dantas, 59:20. 11. Dennis Delacruz, 1:03:17. 12. Howard Moore, 1:04:48. 13. Ruairi Bourke, 1:08:45. 14. Tim Prudhoe, 1:11:22. 15. William Kinkead, 1:18:05. 16. Max Adams, 1:26:49. 17. Michael Worrell, 1:29:32.


1. Katrina Lindsay, 51:58. 2. Rosmond Johnson, 53:09. 3. Rachael Mayo-Smith, 55:07. 4. Kay Reddy, 56:22. 5. Debbie Bell, 56:36. 6. Rhiannon Jones, 58:29. 7. Anna Kinkead, 59:11. 8. Karrina Stead, 1:00:56. 9. Sarah Hayes, 1:01:54. 10. Philomena Robertson, 1:03:27. 11. Sarah Caroll, 1:06:04. 12. Claire Santillan, 1:12:24. 13. Mary Macayanan, 1:13:04. 14. Claire Burke, 1:13:50. 15. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 1:14:36. 16. Amy Quayle, 1:14:47. 17. Christane Matos, 1:14:50. 18.= Rovelyn Dimaala, Mitchelle Jalova, 1:32:39.


Shirley Liburd, 1:59:00.


Michael Fay 47:33.

Rotary Sunrise, Rotary of Tortola finish in dramatic tie

By BVI Mile Split /Dean Greenaway

Philomena "Philo" Robertson, leads a pack on the College Classic Series Course PHOTO by Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Philomena “Philo” Robertson, leads a pack on the College Classic Series Course. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

While Gayle Lindsay, a former 400/800m was on holiday visiting her twin sister and churning out a victory in the process and Reuben Stoby was continuing his winning ways, the Rotary Sunrise Club was putting the pedal to the metal to tie defending champions Rotary Club of Tortola, who hadn’t lost a Service Clubs Cross Country race in the last 11 seasons of the Mourant Ozannes College Classic Series.

In pulling off the surprise performance, Rotary Sunrise, placed four of its runners in the top six, to score 38 points and tied the Rotary Club of Tortola who also had 38.

“One of the most exciting part of the race was in two particular areas – the One Mile Division and the Service Clubs Cross Country division,” noted race director Stephanie Russ Penn. “Sam Potgieter continues to dominate the event running a tremendous mile in 6 minutes and 34.2 seconds, improving on the 6:42.2 he ran in the first race. Then, something we haven’t seen before, the Rotary Club Sunrise pushing the Rotary Club of Tortola. They came out really strong this race No. 2 and that added a little fire to that category, because it’s up in the air as to who will be the overall champion as they are now closer then they’ve even been with the Rotary Club of Tortola leading by one. So, I’m excited to see what will happen next and looking forward to the season as it progresses.”

In the 2 Miles race, Lindsay ran a time of 13 minutes and 38.50 seconds as the fastest woman and placed fifth overall of all the 175 entrants in the segment.

“I don’t think I’ve run two miles before but I can run a mile under six minutes,” Lindsay said. “It was a good race and the course was nice-a nice downhill on the way back. It was nice to have a good turnout with all the kids and different age groups. A nice race.”

Overall winner and defending champ Stoby was first across the line in 11:28.56.

“I was hoping to chase the record but I had a really poor start, didn’t get to start my watch properly, several persons were in front of me and it took a while to really get into my stride so that sort of affected me,” Stoby explained, noting that he’ll have to get out faster next time. “I try not to go too hard because I still have to worry about the hill, so I don’t want to got that route, but, apparently, I’ll have to do that just to get away from the bunch.”

Race Results

ONE MILE (Under 9 & 11)
Boys: 1. Sam Potgieter, 6:34.56. 2. Malik Christopher. 6:58.20. 3. Kael Chalwell, 7:06.41. 4. Jahneal Frett, 7:07.40. 5. Charlie Potgieter, 7:10.20. 6. Jahnear Frett, 7:25.53. 7. Rush Broderick, 7:31.50. 8. Latriel Williams, 7:36.97. 9. Niklaus Vorgel, 7:41.19. 10. Antuwn Maduro, 7:41.71. 11. Roman Nibbs, 8:17.94. 12. Graton Grant, 8:32.65. 13. Caleb Quayle, 8:34.12. 14. Shamoi Dore, 9:23.32. 15. Connor Chalwell, 9:24.12. 16. Koida Lake, 9:36.60. 17. Barnaby Killourhy, 9:53.33. 18. Zaed Chalwell, 10:01.10. 19. Zaviyon Beazer, 10:01.99. 20. Samuel Sorrentino, 10:34.43. 21. Joshua Tobin, 11:27.15. 22. Oliver Tobin, 11:29.67. 23. Seun Frett, 11:58.72. 24. T’Cari John, 11:59.16. 25. William Sorrentino, 12:33.97. 26. Alex Sorrentino, 15:25.33. (Also participating: Danny Henderson, and Jamal Harry.)

Girls: 1.Asia McMaster, 8:06.10. 2. Nejma Robinson, 8:07.68. 3. Chanecia Pinnock, 8:23.40. 4. Martha Killourhy, 8:35.28. 5. Olivia Quayle, 8:36.69. 6. Kassa Lake, 9:14.31. 7. Taryn Augustine, 9:41.15. 8. Sofia Chilton, 9:59.75. 9. Jomauria Levon, 10:24.53. 10. M’kenzii Crabbe10:26.16. 11. Destiny Davis, 10:32.48. 12. Amelie Tobin, 10:35.18. 13. Elizabeth Ormond, 10:37.37. 14. Alea Williamson, 10:51.63. 15. Raina Chalwell, 11:42.53. 16. Kijana Callwood, 11:43.11. 17. Kei Lake, 11:50.95. 18. Nia Wallace, 11:52.77. 19. Amarisa McLauren, 11:59.79. 20. Olivia Plaxton, 12:05.00. 21. Reidiance Donovan, 12:11.50. 22. Lorelei Esser, 12:15.96. 23. Michaela Hastings, 12:20.56. 24. Catrin Jones, 12:21.36

Click for Complete 1 Mile Race Results

Open Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11:28.56. 2. Julius Farley, 12:09.86. 3. Samuel Romney, 12:10.35. 4. Zebalon McLean, 13:26.82. 5. Adrian Dale, 14:02.17. 6. Patrick Ormond, 14:27.61. 7. Reu Rhymer, 14:36.63. 8. Claudius Rhymer, 14:38.23. 9. Donald Stone, 14:56.55. 10. Luka Chalwell, 15:17.92. 11. Jayden Augustine, 15:48.46. 12. Wanyae Belle, 15:50.90. 13. Chris Potgieter, 15:54.88. 14. Alric Smith, 15:56.89. 15. Chad Willock, 16:16.36. 16. Jerry Thomas, 16:28.74. 17. Elvette Dore Sr., 17:15.28. 18. Greg Romney, 17:34.83. 19. John Cullimore, 18:08.37. 20. Aaron Harry, 18:32.63. 21. Howard Moore, 19:32.22. 22. Jim Cullimore, 20:28.50. 23. Owen Graham, 20:53.92. 24. Bill Kinkead, 22:08.06. 25. Michael Fay, 23:47.07. 26. Barry Leon, 23:47.50. 27. Matai Frett, 28:24.28.

Open Females: 1. Gayle Lindsay, 13:38.50. 2. Claire Banks, 14:46.08. 3. Katrina Lindsay, 14:47.43. 4. Gillian Plaxton, 15:09.43. 5. Kay Reddy, 16:25.18. 6. Philomena Robertson, 17:12.18. 7. Jahtivya Williams, 17:33.52. 8. Zoe Bickerton, 18:09.05. 9. Sarah Duncan, 18:17.93. 10. Angela Burnett-Penn, 18:41.72. 11. Laura Dore, 19:49.69. 12. Debbie Dagou, 19:57.34. 13. Clair Burke, 20:09.18. 14. Rosa Alderto, 20:59.99. 15. Claire Santillan, 21:24.74. 16. Akeela McMaster, 21:27.25. 17. Amy Quayle, 21:33.28. 18. Lynelle Gumbs, 22:24.95. 19. Shirley Liburd, 22:29.35. 20. Khiayah Doward, 23:26.13. 21. Abriel Magloire, 23:34.47. 22. Michelle Dennis, 24:15.06. 23. Sophie Dabbs, 24:51.32. 24. Denise Frett, 30:04.72. 25. Lee-Ann Hall, 33:00.61. 26. Jennifer Thomas, 33:31.62.

Click for Complete 2 Mile Race Results

Cross Country
Primary Schools Teams: Cedar School Primary (CS), Francis Lettsome Primary (FLPS), Joyce Samuel Primary (JSPS), Pelican Gate (PG), Willard Wheatley (WWPS) 1. M’khori Crabbe (JSPS), 17:08.99. 2. Jahshani Farrington (FLPS), 17:22.99. 3. Kianjah Roberts (JSPS), 20:43.90. 4. Makeda Gumbs (JSPS), 20:44.10. 5. Jesse Cockburn (JSPS), 20:46.18. 6. Jahnare Farrington (FLPS), 21:30.96. 7. Jessimee Estridge (FLPS), 22:18.91. 8. Kavon Wheatley (FLPS), 22:48.09. 9. Jahmarley Frett (WWPS), 22:48.36. 10. Rickie Haywood (FLPS), 22:58.54. 11. Jayden Fahie (JSPS), 23:06.73. 12. Angel Beato (JSPS), 23:24.67. 13. Cheyanne Castello (FLPS), 24:22.07. 14. Anica Penn (JSPS), 25:17.28. 15. Shinique Robin (JSPS), 27:01.90. 16. Sanjay Henry (JSPS), 27:20.15. 17. Kjornni Daniel (JSPS), 27:31.03. 18. Litzy Beato (JSPS), 27:31.24. 19. Alexander Frett (WWPS), 30:55.66.

Points: 1. Joyce Samuel Primary Team 1, 19.  2. Francis Lettsome, 33.  3. Joyce Samuel Primary Team 2, 65. 4. Willard Wheatley, 25 (2 participants).

Secondary Schools Teams: Cedar School (CS), Elmore Stoutt Carlisle House (C), St. Georges (St.G): 1. Liam Blok (CS), 12:40.07. 2. Sean Wong (CS), 16:18.74. 3. Tola Broderick (CS), 19:51.32. 4. Johannes Blok (CS), 27:34.56

Points: By Teams/Houses: 1. Cedar School

Service Clubs
Rotaract Club (RC), Rotary of Road Town (RR), Rotary Sunrise of Road Town (RS), Rotary of Tortola, (RT): Michael Killourhy (RT), 12:34.14, 2. Saungie Liburd (RC), 14:40.67. 3. Stacy-Ann Wynter (RT), 16:54.64. 4. Marvin Flax (RS), 18:14.22. 5. Adenike Flax (RS), 18:38.27. 6. Tamara Cameron (RS), 19:00.97. 7. Allison Gumbs (RC), 20:38.86. 8. Audley Maduro (RT), 21:31.88. 9. Jevaughn Rymer (RC), 21:53.27. 10. Richard Parsons (RR), 22:06.91. 11. Sonjah Thompson (RS), 22:34.11. 12. Patrick Thompson (RS), 22:34.43. 13. Monique Peters (RS), 24:46.48. 14. Jolly-Lou Schwartz (RT), 25:24.47. 15. Selwyn Dawson (RC), 26:44.05. 16. Mitsy Ellis (RT), 27:51.75

Points:  1. Rotary of Sunrise, 33. 2. Rotary of Tortola, 38.  2. Rotaract, 24 (3 participants). 4. Rotary of Road Town, 10 (1 participant)

Community Partners
BVI Swim Team (BVISWIM), Cedar School Parents/Teachers (CSPTA), Digicel (D), H. Lavity Stoutt Community College (HLSCC), Joyce Samuel Parent/Teachers (JSPTA), Limitless Fitness (LF), Montessori Parent/Teachers (MPTA), Pelican Gate Parent/Teacher (PGPTA).
1. Kedrick Matthew (DIG), 13:37.75. 2. Al Broderick (Cedar PTA), 14:19.62. 3. Juliane Potgieter (MPTA), 14:45.55. 4. Jessica Broderick (CPT), 15:24.59. 5. Anna Kinkead (CPT), 16:35.64. 6. Rhiannon Jones (CPT), 16:40.47. 7. Earle Henry (HLSCC), 18:21.18. 8. Matthew Cockburn (JPTA), 18:28.84. 9. Elizabeth Buratti (MPTA), 20:42.56. 10. Ariana Forbes (LF), 20:48.90. 11. Chris Graham (CPT), 20:53.99. 12. Martin Cherry (HLSCC), 21:16.90. 13. Erika Creque (LF), 21:31.33. 14. Lenette Lewis (HLSCC), 22:21.69. 15. Daryl Flanders (HLSCC), 22:30.43. 16. Christine Esser (MPTA), 23:12.51. 17. Vergel Meachel (PGPTA), 23:45.87. 18. Agustus Pond (DIG), 23:46.73. 19. Orlandette Crabbe (JPTA), 28:22.36. 20. Bernice Magloire (DIG), 29:25.74. 21. Sean Henry (JPTA), 29:48.46. 22. Marian Blok (CPT), 30:05.73. 23. Myron Hastings (PGPTA), 30:55.91. 24. Andrea Grant (JPTA), 31:22.25. 25. Isis Daniel (JPTA), 31:59.63. 26. Beverly Cupid (DIG), 33:25.57. 27. Mark Jones (CPTA), 38:21.25

Points: 1. Cedar School PTA Team-1, 43.  2. Joyce Samuel PTA, 95. 3. HLSCC, 48 (4 participants), 4. Digicel, 64 (4 participants). 5. Montessori PTA, 28 (3 participant).   6. Pelican Gate PTA, 39 (2 participants).

For more information about the race series, please contact Mrs. Russ Penn, 852-7216.

15 HLSCC Race Series -Race 2 – VG Valley, Virgin Gorda
22 HLSCC Race Series- Race 3- Tor Paraquita Bay, Tortola

5 HLSCC Race Series -Race 3 – VG – FINALE Valley, Virgin Gorda
12 HLSCC Race Series- Race 4- TOR- FINALE Paraquita Bay, Tortola

Stoby, Brownsdon win College Classic Series opening race


Winners of the opening College Classic Series race on Virgin Gorda, Reuben J. A. Stoby (left) and Kathleen Brownsdon. Photo: Provided

Winners of the opening College Classic Series race on Virgin Gorda, Reuben J. A. Stoby (left) and Kathleen Brownsdon. Photo: Provided

Some 37 runners, including two from Tortola, took to the start line for the opening race of the College Classic Series on Virgin Gorda on Saturday September 24, 2016.

Reuben J. A. Stoby registered a personal best in taking victory while Kathleen Brownsdon was first for females.

Stoby ran a blistering pace to complete the two-mile distance in 10:38.23, smashing his personal best of 11:22.

“I came here to run under eleven minutes and am so excited to have run that personal best time,” said Stoby, who found himself coming just 10 seconds short of the course record, 10:28.1.

“I had no idea what the record was and I just wanted to run under 11 minutes. I ran a personal best 11:22 last year on Tortola so to now run more than 40 seconds faster is quite remarkable,” said Stoby.

Finishing a surprise second was youngster Aaron Leslie who clocked 11:33.3, while veteran road runner Emrol Amsterdam took third in 11:50.1.

Marlon Felix (12:32.1) and Deron Leslie (12:49.8) were fourth and fifth respectively.

Meanwhile, Brownsdon’s time was 14:08.1. Mariah Christian took second in 14:38.2 and J’Sally O’Neal third in 16:09.4.

‘Marathon woman’ Philomena Robertson traveled over from Tortola and recorded a fourth place finish in 16:23.9 .

The next race of the College Classic Series on Virgin Gorda is October 15, 2016.

Full results can be accessed on Webscorer.

21st College Classic Series Kicks Off With 262

By BVIAA / Dean Greenaway

The 21st College Classic Series started with a record 78 participants opening the show. Photo: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

The 21st College Classic Series started with a record 78 participants opening the show. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Including a record 78 in the One Mile Division, a near record 262 participants – just three off the mark – kicked off the 21st Highland Spring College Classic Series at the H Lavity Stoutt Community College in Paraquita Bay on Saturday morning.

“The opener was awesome,” race director Stephanie Russ Penn said. “We had over 260 persons for the start of the race, the atmosphere was alive, people were buzzing, warmup and preparing and the event itself went really well.”

Overall race winner and defending champ Reuben Stoby, said he just wanted to run his own race. “You never know who’s going to show up in a particular race as you have a lot of the 800/1500m runners who tend to come out,” he noted, after finishing in 11 minutes and 24.1 seconds. “So, I just wanted to run within myself and I was able to maintain that pace. I think a lot of the runners would have gone out too fast and they faded, so I just continued.”

Stoby said he was surprised that he wasn’t challenged. “I made a move just on the climb-it wasn’t much of a surge-I was thinking someone would come with me and see if I could continue to press, but, no one came and I maintained the pace and won comfortably.”

Defending Women’s Division champion, Rosmond Johnson was the first across the line, much to her surprise. “To be honest, I’m not the fittest person right now,” she noted after running 15:05.3. “I haven’t been running a lot these days, so I’m a little surprised as I went out really hard and when I got to the middle of the incline I felt tired, so I walked for a couple seconds then ran again. I ran, ran, ran again, stopped-I think I stopped about five times in the race-but I made it and I’m surprised I’m the first lady. I feel good about myself.”

Joyce Samuel Primary School Principal, Olandette Crabbe was happy with the turnout of students many of whom competed in the One Mile and parents in particular. “From the first week of school, we told the children about the event and they haven’t let us forget about it and they’ve been reminding about it,” she said, noting many were in the One Mile. “We had a sign up sheet and both sheets were full so we actually expected more children this morning but we are pleased with the turnout and we are especially pleased with the parents. This is the first year that we have more than one PTA team. We have at least 12 parents present this morning. We thank them for coming out and we want to see them in the other three races.”

Penn said since the U11s were added to the One Mile last year, the numbers have grown and the 78 to open the series is an excellent start. “Considering past numbers, that number is just excellent,” she said. “Even combining the two events and looking at last year when we first did it, this is the biggest we’ve had.”

Race Results
Complete 1 Mile Race Results

ONE MILE (Under 9 & 11) Top Ten Boys: 1. Sam Potgieter, 6:41.2 (NR). 2. Charlie Potgieter, 7:10.5.  3. Kael Chalwell, 7:25.0, 4. Rush Broderick, 7:36.9.  5. Antonio Maduro, 7:40.6.  6. Latriel Williams, 7:41.6.   7. Jamal Harry, 7:51.3.  8. Adonijah Glasgow, 8:33.4.  9. Twarjha Jacob, 8:36.4.  10. Caleb Quayle, 8:54.3. Top Ten Girls:1. Khadija Samson, 6:54.2 (NR).  2. Olivia Quayle, 8:02.2, 3. Jahnear Frett, 8:30.5. 4. Martha Killourhy, 8:45.2.  5. Kassidy Penn, 9:00.3. 6. Mckenzie Crabbe, 9:34.8.  7. Asia McMaster, 9:44.7. 8. Angel Pickering, 10:00.9. 9. Taryn Augustine, 10:15.9. 10. Olivia Plaxton, 10:38.2.

Complete 2 Mile Race Results

Top Ten Open Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11:24.2.  2. Julius Farley, 12:17.6.  3. Guy Williamson, 12:32.6.  4. Samuel Romney, 13:11.5.  5. Khiry Creque, 13:25.8.  6. Zebalon Mclean, 13:29.6.  7. D’Andre Mitcham,13:37.6.  8. Reu Rhymer, 14:36.7.  9. Adriano Gumbs, 14:37.4.  10. Claudius Rhymer, 14:55.3.

Top Ten Open Females: 1. Rosmond Johnson, 15:05.4. 2. Gillian Plaxton, 16:08.5.  3. Philomena Robertson, 17:24.5. 4. Laura Dore, 17:26.4.  5. Sarah Duncan, 18:25.9.  6. Jahtivya Williams, 18:30.3. 7. Roslyn Gilbert, 19:52.8. 8. Vallesha Guishard, 20:07.6.  9. Clair Burke, 20:07.9. 10. Tamika George, 20:58.4

Cross Country 
Primary Schools Teams:
Cedar School Primary (CS), Francis Lettsome Primary (FLPS), Joyce Samuel Primary (JSPS), Pelican Gate (PG), Willard Wheatley (WWPS)

Top Ten: 1. Jahshani Farrington (FLPS), 17:40.4,  2. Jahnare Farrington (FLPS),  17:45.1, 3. M’Khori Crabbe (JSPS), 18:38.3.  4. Zolita Bamford (Cedar), 18:41.7.  5. Angel Beato (JSPS), 18:48.8. 6. Gethin Jones (Cedar), 21:40.9, 7. Kavon Wheatley (FLPS).  8. Kjornni Daniel (JSPS).  9. Makeda Gumbs (JSPS). 10. Anjeni Benjamin (JSPS).

Points: 1. Joyce Samuel Primary, 35.  2. Francis Lettsome, 37.  3. Cedar Primary, 10 (2 participants).  4. Willard Wheatley, 27 (2 participants).  5. Pelican Gate, 11 (1 participant).

Secondary Schools Teams: Cedar School (CS), Elmore Stoutt Carlisle House (C), St. Georges (St.G): Top Ten: 1. Liam Blok (CS), 16:42.3.  2. Sean Wong (CS), 18:34.1.  3. Tola Broderick (CS) 18:41.2.  4. Thomas Kyne (CS).  5. Za-riana Grant (CS). 6. Johannes Blok (CS).  7. Coco Osborne (CS).  8. Aria Creque (CS).

Points: By Teams/Houses: 1. Cedar School 
Service Clubs: Rotaract Club (RC), Rotary of Road Town (RR), Rotary Sunrise of Road Town (RS), Rotary of Tortola, (RT):

Top Ten: 1. Michael Killourhy (RT), 12:45.7.  2. Saungie Liburd (RC), 15:38.8.   3. Stacy-Ann Wynter (RT), 16:31.7. 4. Devon Letteen (RS), 16:51.5. 5. Shevon Williams (RC),17:21.2. 6. Henry Creque (RT), 18:07.2.  7. Warren Wintz (RT), 18:08.8.  8. Jude Noel (RC), 18:49.4.  9.  Ryan Geluk (RR), 19:10.9.  10. Adenike Flax (RS), 19:53.9.

Points:  1. Rotary of Tortola, 31.  2. Rotaract, 40.  3. Rotary of Sunrise, 56.  4. Rotary of Road Town, 9 (1 participant)

Community Partners: BVI Swim Team (BVISWIM), Cedar School Parents/Teachers (CSPTA), Digicel (D), H. Lavity StouttCommunity College (HLSCC), Joyce Samuel Parent/Teachers (JSPTA), Montessori Parent/Teachers (MPTA), Peligan Gate Parent/Teacher (PGPTA)

Top Ten: 1. Kem Lake (PG PTA), 14:18.6., 2. Al Broderick (Cedar PTA), 14:29.2.  3. Juliane Potgieter (Montessori PTA), 15:21.0, 4. Kedrick Matthew (DIG), 15:31.2. 5. Jessica Broderick (Cedar PTA), 16:12.6 6. Kevin Carragher (DIG), 16:15.5.  7.  Akeed Fahie (JSPTA) 16:56.7. 8. Anna Kinkead (Cedar PTA), 17:09.2. 9. Rhiannon Jones (Cedar PTA), 17:30.8.  10. Kurt Salapare (BVISWIM), 18:00.7.

Points: 1. Cedar School PTA Team-1, 43.  2. Digicel, 74.  3. Pelican Gate PTA, 4. Joyce Samuel PTA, 111.  5. Montessori PTA, 52 (4 participant).   6. BVI Swim Team, 70 (4 participant). 7. Cedar School PTA Team-2, 35 (2 participants).  8. HLSCC, 20 (1 participant).

Fall road racing resumes with Stoby, Mays winning

Fall road racing began in Carrot Bay with Saturday's Ceres Juices 10K Series race #3. PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Fall road racing began in Carrot Bay with Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series race #3. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Ahead of the 21st College Classic Series opener on Sept 17, fall road racing on Tortola resumed with Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series in Carrot Bay, where Reuben Stoby and Maria Mays were the respective male and female winners.

Stoby covered the rain affected course from Carrot Bay to Smugglers Cove and return in 42 minutes and 26 seconds, after overhauling Guy Williamson who finished in 42.29.

“I didn’t let up on my training during the summer, I continued to do a lot of long runs in the morning so I was feeling very good, but once I notice the wet conditions, I didn’t really worry about a fast time and just tried to take the win,” Stoby explained. “Guy was leading throughout the race. I tried to make some surges but he wouldn’t let me pass. I let him continue and was able to pass him on Long Bay Hill. I wanted to finish a little faster-I didn’t-so I was trying to finish in good form.”

Williamson went out quicker than he usually does and said it was because he took a break from running over the summer.
“But, I really enjoyed the course,” he said. “Its the first race I did when I arrived three years ago and I remember Reuben kindly letting me win that one,” he recalled. “It’s a beautiful course and we had nice conditions for a nice cool race compared to the weather during the rest of the week and it was good to give Reuben a bit of a challenge at the end.”

Women’s Division winner, Maria Mays didn’t have a particular goal in mind for her race. “I nearly stayed in bed because of the weather so I just came out and thought it would be nice to run,” she said. “We just set off and Kat (Katrina Crumpler) and Melissa (Brunner) were with me, which is always nice to have company then the competitive streak kicked in and I thought I could go so I did.”

The course which included two major climbs in and out of Long Bay was hard though, Mays said. “Zebalon (McLean) and Kat were right behind me and I thought they were going to catch me,” she reflected. “I didn’t ease off until the last corner and I knew they weren’t immediately behind me, but, it was a lovely race.”

The next race is scheduled for Beef Island on Oct 8.

Final Results.

Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 42 minutes and 26 seconds. 2. Guy Williamson, 42:29.  3. Zebalon Mclean, 47:27.  4. Guyp Dubois, 48:14. 5. Ben Mays, 53:22.  6. Adrian Dale, 54:45.  7. Dennis Versoza, 56:55.  8. Claudius Rhymer, 59:01.  9. Sergio Dantas, 1:00:01.  10. Rauiri Bourke, 1:02:36.  11. Dennis Delacruz, 1:03:36.  12. Howard Moore, 1:08:47.

Women: 1. Maria Mays,45:06. 2. Katrina Crumpler, 47:37. 3. Melissa Brunner, 49:26.  4. Katrina Lindsay, 52:36.  5. Melisande Rowe, 54:59.  6. Rosmond Johnson, 55:05. 7. Juliane Potgieter, 55:43. 8. Sarah Hayes, 55:44. 9. Karen Fraser, 55:51. 10.  Saungie Liburd, 58:30. 11. Debbie Bell, 58:31.  12. Patricia Snoei, 1:00:10.  13. Rachael Mayo-Smith, 1:01:27.  14. Karrina Stead, 1:02:12.  15.=  Kay Reddy, Anna Kinkead, 1:05:36. 17. Simpa Ganadillo, 1:12:28.  18. Mary Macayanan, 1:13:58.  19. Brenda Pickering, 1:14:30.  20. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 1:15:01.  21. Rovelyn Dimaala, 1:18:26.   22. Christane Matos, 1:18:52.  23. Clair Burke, 1:20:30.  24. Cayley Smit

Walkers:1. Shirley Liburd  2= Sophie Bennett, Sylvie Hune, Guy Hune.

Farley Upsets Stoby In Ceres Juices 10k Series Opener

By BVI Athletics Association

Julius Farley breaks the tape in winning the Ceres Juices 10K Series opener. PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Julius Farley breaks the tape in winning the Ceres Juices 10K Series opener. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

When he entered the A. O. Shirley Grounds after a see saw battle through the streets of Road Town, Julius Farley kept looking back, just incase he had to dig a little deeper. It wasn’t necessary as he had created enough separation between himself and challenger Reuben Stoby, to break the tape in Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series Opener in 39 minutes and 24 seconds-much to his surprise-for his first victory of the season over his rival, who had been dominating the road racing scene.

“I just tried to run my race and ended up squeezing out a victory so I just want to give thanks to the creator for giving me the strength and the endurance that I could have been able to push on through,” said Farley who began challenging Stoby one mile into the 6.2 miles race. “I saw that he made several attempts (to break away) but I just managed to pick it up when I saw him coming, so I was able to make it through.”

Stoby congratulated Farley on running a steady race. “He ran a very good race and was steady in his pace and 39, I think this is the first time anyone has run under 40 on this course-it’s a tough course bearing in mind the heat at well,” said Stoby who finished in 39:38. “I have to give it to him. He came out very strong today. I tried to keep up hoping to hold on to the finish waiting to see what I had in the legs for a kick, but it didn’t happen. I wasn’t feeling so strong so I allowed him to set the pace and he went a little faster than I anticipated, so congratulations to Julius.”

Maria Mays won the women’s division in 45:41. “It’s the first 10K race I’ve done in ages so I’m delighted to be running it again and even more delighted to have won it,” Mays said. “I was really pleased with the Virgin Gorda 10Ks -I won both of those- and the Half Marathon, so I know that I was on reasonable form. But, you just never know.”

Final results
1. Julius Farley, 39 minutes and 24 seconds.  2. Reuben Stoby, 39:38. 3. Guy Williamson, 43:33.  4. Adrian Dale, 46:46.  5. Zebalon Mclean, 47:18.  6. Dan Mitchell, 47:35.  7. Guyp Dubois, 48:39.  8. Shane Donovan, 49:41.  9. Owen Walker, 51:41. 10. Charles Kerins, 52:33. 11. Aaron Gardner, 52:52.  12. Dennis Versoza, 53:55. 13. Simen Malmin, 54:29. 14. James Drury, 54:32.  15. William Hare, 55:48.  16. Claudius Rhymer, 56:12.  17. Gary Salter,57:28. 18. Sergio Dantas, 58:06. 19. Ruairi Bourke, 59:44. 20. Gabriel Obregon, 1:00:58.  21. Dennis Delacruz, 1:01:20.  22. Laurent Keeble-Buckle, 1:03:05. 23. Luke Plummer, 1:04:22.  24. Howard Moore, 1:07:26. 25. Nik Fox, 1:11:39.  26. Jim Cullimore, 1:16:45.

1. Maria Mays, 45:41.2.  Melissa Brunner, 47:47.  3. Claudia Ferrari, 52:24.  4. Rosmond  Johnson 52.47.  5.  Melisande Rowe, 53:15. 6. Lauren Julien, 55:34. 7. Saungie Liburd, 56:35.  8. Cayley Smit, 58:27. 9. Philomena Robertson, 59:18. 10. Debbie Bell, 59:57. 11. Karrina Stead, 1:03:17. 12. Vanessa King, 1:03:45. 13. Nedy Ador Dionicio, 1:10:52. 14. Claire Santillan, 1:14:30. 15. Simpa Ganadillo, 1:16:00. 16. Roslyn Gilbert.

Power Walkers: 1.= Sophie Bennett, Peter Reichenstein. 1:43:00. 3.= Linda Li, Sylvie Hune, Guy Hune, 1:43:40. 2-Mile Assault Course, 1. Clair Burke, 20.00.

4-Mile Course: 1. Olwyn Barry, 40:06. 2. Brandon Menton, 40.10.  2. Barry Leon, 1:00:01.

Youth One Mile: Girls: 1. Z’Hara McLean, 12:19.  2.  Ava Ghiorse, 12:50.

Boys: 1. Eli Ghiorse, 7.00. (400m)

Fournier Wins Virgin Gorda Half Marathon Battle After Reeling In Stoby


Photo courtesy of Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

By BVI Athletics Association

For a moment during Saturday’s 5th Virgin Gorda Half Marathon, Vincent Fournier thought he’d given home turf advantage to Tortola resident Ruben Stoby, who opened a sizeable gap.

“The way this started out, I didn’t think I was going to win it,” said Fournier who covered the 13.1 mile hilly course in 1 hour 35 minutes and 24 seconds, with Stoby another 35 seconds back. “We were head to head then in those hills (going to Nail Bay) he took a big head start and I told myself, ‘alright Vincent, if you follow that pace, you’re going to die in the middle of the race’ so I decided to try and do my own race and, try to catch up when it was flat again. But, he was so far ahead that I didn’t think I’d catch up.”

Fournier said that eventually near the Coppermine Road on the southern end of the island he noticed he was making an inroad into Stoby’s lead, which gave him a big boost.

“Eventually I caught up to him, we ran together until Top of the Baths and I was like alright, I live on this island its time for me to give all I got for the rest and defend home turf and I’m proud,” he said. “Even if I’ve only been here for six months.”

Stoby said it was a good cat and mouse race and after seizing the lead, he thought Fournier had fallen off the pace for good.

“I think the mistake I made was not to try to push it from there and I just continued and allowed him to catch me,” Stoby explained, noting he was surprised to see Fournier in Copper Mine. “When I turned around, I saw him right there and for a runner, that can be psychologically challenging. We ran together for a little while, then he made a move just before the turnaround at the Baths and I failed to cover that. But, I’m not too disappointed because he’s a good athlete. I wanted to win, but nevertheless, it’s my second, second. I remember El Garrough (Hachim). He tried for the Olympic gold three times and he was expected to win and he didn’t.  Just like that, I’m going to come back and hopefully win in on the third try.”

Maria Mays, sixth overall was the first woman crossing the line in 1:52.16 and said she was surprised to win after having a bug earlier in the week and she expected to feel awful. “But after the first mile, I didn’t,” she said. “I really wasn’t on form and I thought I wasn’t going to do it then I decided to go out, have fun and and enjoy it. I felt much stronger than I thought I’d be.”

Frequent visitor Ryan Blanchard of Richmond Va., who’s getting married on Virgin Gorda this week, ran the race with his fiancé Andrea Sorlie.

“It was a little hotter than last year I really liked the over cast last year,” he said. “It’s a great race. You can’t beat the views. Whenever your legs start hurting, you just look out-doesn’t take the pain away-but it takes your mind off it.”

He’d hope to finish in under two hours and did 2:13.10 and his fiancé, 2:35.46. “I ran it all last year but I walked up the big hills this time because I knew where they were,” he said.

Native Virgin Gordian Kilen Smith said she had been running two mile races and decided to tackle the 6 Mile Challenge as she’d never run that far before. “It was good,” she said.  After finishing in 1:18.03, before going to play with the Virgin Gorda Eagles in the BVI Volleyball Association championship game.  “I thought it would have been a bit tougher, but for the first time, I think I did good.”

Top Half Marathon Finishers. Men: 1. Vincent Fournier, 1 hour 35 minutes and 24 seconds. 2 Rebuen Stoby, 1:35.59. 3. Guy Williamson, 1:44.49. 4. Jacques Roux, 1:48.08. 5. Rodrigo dos Santos, 1:51.56.Women: Maria Mays, 1:52.16. 2. Melissa Brunner, 2:00.17. 3. Rebecca Paul, 2:01.32. 3. Kim Tackeuchi, 2:10.24. 4. Claudia Ferrari, 2:10.35.5. Mellisende Rowe, 2:12.20.

Stoby, Mays tune up for Virgin Gorda Half Marathon with victories

By BVI Athletics Association

Runners take off on the second half of the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon course during Saturday's Dive BVI 10K series finale, which was a tune up for the event. Photo: Todd VanSickle

Runners take off on the second half of the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon course during Saturday’s Dive BVI 10K series finale, which was a tune up for the event. Photo: Todd VanSickle

Reuben Stoby and Maria Mays were the top male and female finishers in the Dive BVI 10k Series finale of May 1- the final tune up for the 5th annual Virgin Gorda Half Marathon and Six Miles Challenge which will take place on May 14.

Stoby led the field that included 18 participants from Tortola out of the 38 on the second segment of the course in the Valley. Running along the route with vistas of the historic Copper Mine and the world renowned Baths and scenic views of the outer islands, St. John and Tortola, Stoby finished in 41 minutes and 53 seconds. Mays, the top woman covered the course in 47:41.

“I think my time is pretty decent,” said Stoby who had Guy Williamson breathing down his neck last year when he ran 40:19 and Williamson, 40:59. “But, I’m happy with the time ahead of the Half Marathon.”

Stoby who ran 46:14 over the first half of the course – including the first six miles up to Nail Bay two weeks ago – said both races were important in his preparations for the May 14 race.

“Definitely, to re-familiarize yourself with the course as I did last year as well, but, thanks to the 5k series as well, that has been helping me to get in shape as well,” he noted. “But, it hasn’t been anything too special leading up to the Half Marathon.”

Mays said that in the first tune up on April 11, she was looking at it as preparation for the Tortola Torture and not the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon and six Miles Challenge. “That was the big scary thing in the way that I couldn’t see past, but this race today, like Reuben said, it was great to see the course again,” she said. “It’s just fantastic coming to Virgin Gorda. It’s three or so weeks between them (Tortola Torture and Virgin Gorda Half Marathon) so this race was really important to keep on the game.”

With so many races on Tortola and Virgin Gorda to choose from, staying healthy is everyone’s goal. Stoby, however, runs in all of them. “I know when to push and when not to, but, it’s wonderful just to be running and keeping fit all the time,” he pointed out.

Mays on the other hand, described herself as ‘pathetic’ and not really competitive. “I wish I was, but, I always just think ‘I’ll do it and see how I do’ and then 3/4s  of the way, ‘maybe I can do this’, so I’m trying to find that little element. I think Reuben’s got it.”

Final results:

Male: Reuben Stoby, 41 minutes and 53 seconds. 2.  Julius Farley, 43:28. 3.  Curwin Andrews, 48:47. 4. Brian Davis, 50:21. 5. Adrian Dale, 51:32. 6.  Zebalon McClean, 52:35. 7.  Ishwar Persaud, 52:59. 8. Gabriel Obregon, 55 :05. 9. Marlon Felix, 55:29. 10.  Gus Faller, 56:41. 11. Patrick Ormond, 56:47. 12. Mahinda Ratnayake, 58:24. 13. Dennis Versoza, 59:53. 14.   Aaron Gardner, 1:00.11. 15. Damien Parry, 1:02.31. 16. Teejay Torres, 1:05.37.  17. Andy Miller,  1:13.55. 18. Dan Starling, 1:17.59.

Female: 1. Maria Mays, 47:41. 2. Melissa Brunner, 51:40. 3. Kim Takeuchi, 54:11. 4. Katleen Brownsdon, 55:02. 5. Rosmond Johnson, 55:05. 6. Katie Goodwin, 56:41. 7.  Josie Ratnayake, 58:24. 8. Becca Knight, 58:45. 9. Kay Reddy, 1:00.10. 10. Lucy Smith, 1:01.18. 11. Lindsay Fogarty, 1:05:01. 12. Sara Mc 1:06.34. 13. Gretel Honis, 1:13:55. 14. Tara Murphy, 1:14.34. 15.  Nedy Ador, 1:14.42. 16. Clair Burke, 1:14.44. 17. Angie Bester, 1:17.59. 19. Chris Yates, 1:29.44.

DNF: Emily Drinkwater & Brendan O’Reilly.

Stoby, Mays Lead Virgin Gorda Half Marathon Tune Up

PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

PHOTO: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

By BVI Athletics Association

Reuben Stoby and Maria Mays led the field of 33 participants in the men and women’s divisions respectively, during the first of two Dive BVI 10K Series races on Saturday, which are a tune up for the 5th Virgin Gorda Half Marathon and 6 Mile Challenge on May 14.

Stoby ran the race over the first half of the Half Marathon course with a trek out to Nail Bay and the notorious ‘beast’ in 46 minutes and 14 seconds. Mays was timed in 51.16 in the women’s division.

“We had directional on the road so that everyone would know where to turn so that for the Half Marathon, they are on their game and knew exactly where to go,” explained race director Casey McNutt. “We had 17 people from Tortola that came over to gauge what they are going to experience in the Half. Right now, we have 72 pre registered for the Half Marathon and 6 Mile Challenge. We are leaps and bounds a little over a month out from where we were last year. We have a tremendous amount coming from the U.S. Virgin Islands with 28 preregistered so far, so it’s really nice to see them coming over.”

Saturday’s race came ahead of the upcoming early bird preregistration period that end on Friday. McNutt said the early bird cut off is where participants can register for $60 before the fee goes up to $70 from April 16. The $40 fee for the 6 Miles Challenge will increase to $50.

“We have an amazing kit for all the participants, the race bags are awesome and we’ll have a lot of great merchandise on sale at the Half Marathon Festival,” she said. “This is our fifth anniversary and we’re really excited bout it. It has gotten better every year. So we’re hoping that people take advantage of the early registration and book early.”

The next 10K will cover the last 6.2 miles of the course including taking in vistas of historic Copper Mine and the renowned Baths, on April 30.”

Final results. Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 46:14. 2. Julius Farley, 48:51. 3. Curwin Andrews, 50:56. 4. Vincent Fournier, 51:50. 5. Alan Cundall, 53:56. 6. Ben Mays, 57:19. 7. Dennis Versoza. 1:07:25, 8. Ryan Everett, 1:08:57. 9. Luke Plummer, 1:09:44. 10. Paul Hubbard, 1:17:47. 11. Zebalon McLean, 1:22:33. 12. Tim Backlund, 1:25:24. 13. John Hudspeth, 1:34:19.

Women: 1. Maria Mays, 51:16. 2. Rosmond Johnson, 57:59. 3. Kat Brownsdon, 1:01:11. 4. Anna Gillham, 1:01:44. 5. Kay Reddy, 1:03:15. 6. Becca Knight, 1:06:19. 7. Kim Takeuchi, 1:10:18. 8. Debbie Bell, 1:10:33. 9. Sarina Hancock, 1:12:59. 10. Tiffanie Houston, 1:17:36. 11. Jude Holmes, 1:17:47. 12. Clair Burke, 1:19:01. 13. Nedy Adordionicio, 1:20:45. 14. Michelle Backlund, 1:25:25. 15. Casey McNutt, 1:33:36. 16. Tasia Veenkemp, 1:33:37. 17. Kim Hudspeth, 1:34:19. 18. Kim Beradine, 1:44:58. 19. Chrissann Nickel, 1:44:59. 20. Chris Yates, 1:49:20.