Athens 2004

The Athens Olympic Games were a return of the Olympic Movement to its roots, as the Ancient Olympic Games were held in Greece, in Ancient Olympia, on the Peloponnesus Peninsula. The first Modern Olympic Games were held in Athens, and in 1906, Athens again hosted an Olympic Games. In 1990, Athens bid to host the 1996 Olympic Games, the Centennial Olympics, but lost out to Atlanta. The Greeks and Athenians were bitter that they had not been awarded the right to host the 100th anniversary of the Modern Olympics, but regrouped to bid successfully for the 2004 Olympic Games, narrowly defeating the favorite, Rome.

Events: 301 in 34 sports
Participants: 10,561 (6,257 men and 4,304 women) from 201 countries
Events for British Virgin Islands: 1 event in 1 sport (Athletics)
Participants for British Virgin Islands: 1 (1 man and 0 women)
Sole participant for British Virgin Islands: Dion Crabbe (27 years, 168 days)