Beijing 2008


After losing the bid for the 2000 Olympic Games, China returned to bid again for the 2008 Olympic Games. China hoped to use the Olympic Games as an opportunity to prove itself to the international community, just as Tokyo and Seoul had in 1964 and 1988. Despite political pressures related to human rights abuses and media censorship within the nation, the IOC awarded the bid to Beijing.

Events: 302 in 34 sports
Participants: 10,901 (6,290 men and 4,611 women) from 204 countries
Events for British Virgin Islands: 2 events in 1 sport  (Athletics)
Participants for British Virgin Islands: 2 (1 man and 1 woman)
Youngest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Eric Matthias (24 years)
Oldest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Tahesia Harrigan (26 years, 183 days)