Barcelona 1992

Barcelona had bid to host the Olympic Games in 1924, 1936, and 1940, without success. In 1986, when the IOC awarded the 1992 Olympic Games to Barcelona, it was considered by many to be in honor of IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch, as he was a native of Barcelona. But the Barcelona Olympic Games became the Games of the New World Order, and they were the most highly attended Olympic Games in history, both in terms of countries and athletes attending. After four consecutive Olympic Games with some form of protest or boycott, the Barcelona Olympics were boycott-free.

Events: 257 in 29 sports
Participants: 9,385 (6,662 men and 2,723 women) from 169 countries
Events for British Virgin Islands: 2 events in 2 sports. (Athletics and Sailing)
Participants for British Virgin Islands: 4 (4 men and 0 women)
Youngest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Robert Hirst (20 years, 353 days)
Oldest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Robin Tattersall (62 years, 7 days)