Teams Through To BVIFA Nine A Side League Finals

Photo courtesy of BVI FA

Photo courtesy of BVI FA


The Finalists for the BVIFA Men’s Nine A Side have been settled after two high powered action packed semi finals on Sunday 6th December, 2015, at Greenland Field on the East End of Tortola.

The first game saw the previously unbeaten Wolues succumb to the fast flowing Islanders 4-0, with second half goals coming from Avon Williams, Rohan Lennon, Kevin Fisher and an own goal.

The match ended in a bad tempered flair up between Wolues’ Alesandro Palladino, Rory Greenan and the Islanders Fisher, who all got red carded deep into added time.  The two Wolues players will miss the 3rd/4th play off, whilst Fisher will miss out on the final.

The second semi final proved almost as one sided as the Sugar Boys set up a mouthwatering Final against the Islanders with a 5-2 win over the Panthers.

Colin Ollivierre opened the scoring for the Panthers against the run of play late in the first half, but Derol Redhead equalized shortly after the break. McGraw Baptiste then put the Boys from VG ahead in the 54th minute and Roger Roberts finished off any chance of a come back from the Panthers by smashing a 15 minute hat trick. (59th, 69th, 74th minutes), before Stenneth Williams scored a late consolation goal for the Panthers

The Final will be held on Sunday 13th December at Greenland with a kick off scheduled for 6.30pm

The Panthers will play against the Wolues for 3rd / 4th place at 5.00pm

In Women’s action the Avengers rounded out their season with a 2-0 win against VG United, with goals coming from Lavern Fahie and the Ballstars set down a marker ahead of the Women’s final with a 2-0 win over the Panthers Women, courtesy of two goals by Philia James.

After finishing first and second in the Women’s League, the pair will clash again for the Women’s Championship as part of Finals day on the 13th December at 4pm.

All the Players of the week will be recognized at the Trophy Presentation after the Men’s Final including this week’s Alphonso Warner Insurance Female Keithreece Smith and Busta Men’s Player of the Week Monty Butler.

Previous recipients include Lilly Pierce (Ballstars F.C.), Brittney Peters (Avengers F.C), Phillia James (Ballstars F.C), Jacintha Weekes (Panthers Women F.C), Sapphire Flax (Panthers Women F.C.), Sheniece St Jean (Ballstars F.C.), Makayda Fahie (Avengers F.C) and Meekesha Beecher (VG United) for the Alphonso Warner Insurance Female Player of the Week and Andre Gaymes (Wolues F.C.), Errol Coke (Panthers F.C), Kevin Fisher (Islanders F.C.), Andres Bailey (VG United), Shawn Jacob (Sugar Boys F.C.), Sheldon Harry (Old Madrid F.C.), Kevin Carragher (Wolues F.C.), Rory Greenan (Wolues F.C.), Leonard Davis (Sugar Boys F.C.), Rudolph Davis (Panthers F.C.) and Montgomery Butler (Islanders F.C.) for the Busta Men’s Player of the Week award.

Apart from the Championship Trophy, MVPs, Golden Boot and Golden Gloves will be awarded and there will be closing speeches from BVIFA President, Mr. Andy Bickerton, Representatives of the Sponsors and local dignitories.

USVI’s David Demolishes BVI Sunrise Half Marathon Record

By Dean Greenaway / BVIAA

USVI's Ruth Ann David, left, established a new course record and was followed by the BVI's Kartina Crumpler and Virgin Gorda resident, Kim Takeuchi Photo: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

USVI’s Ruth Ann David, left, established a new course record and was followed by the BVI’s Kartina Crumpler and Virgin Gorda resident, Kim Takeuchi Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Ruth Ann David of the U.S. Virgin Islands, demolished the four year-old Deloitte-Ogier BVI Sunrise Half Marathon course record on Saturday, while counterpart and defending champion Shane DeGannes-the only 3-peat winner in event history-saw his streak snapped. The race was presented by the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Athletics Association.

David, who came within .10 of Meriel Stedman’s 1 hour 34 minutes and 09 seconds in 2012, wasted no time in showing her hand, as she was among the top five for much of the first half of the race, before charging home in 1:30.46. With victories in 2013 and 2013, but missed last year’s event, she joined the BVI’s Rachel McDonald as the second three times winner.

“I knew I could do it but I wanted to do one twenty something-1:29 at the highest-but it was okay,” David said. “I felt good actually, it was just that I slowed down after the eight mile mark because I wanted to push for the eight and I shouldn’t have done it, that was a bad tactic. After looking at the watch, I picked it up, was doing good then when the squall came through, it pushed me back a bit and I had to push through it.”

David, who was followed by the BVI’s Katrina Crumpler in 1:39.30 and Virgin Gorda resident Kim Takeuchi in 1:44.50, said she knows she can get under 1:30 and getting the record was special, something she always knew she could do. “I want to bring it down lower,” she said. “This is a nice course. This is the best Half Marathon I’ve ever run and I’ve run on five different courses.”

DeGannes controlled the race for the first half before St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Pamenos Ballentyne made his move and went on to win in 1:19.18. It was the fastest time since 2010 when Ballentyne was third in 1:09.50. DeGannes finihsed second in 1:24.09, followed by Virgin Gorda resident Vincent Fouriner in 1:24.19.

“Shane ran a very good first half, he set the pace which I’m very happy about and he was about 50m meters ahead of me until we made the turn together,” Ballentyne noted. “That’s how I planned to run the race, to take the lead at the halfway point. I had a good race and finished very strong. Shane also ran a good race.”

DeGannes said he welcomed leading Ballentyne in the first half and welcomed chasing him in the second half.

“I backed off a bit and he kept hammering just under six minutes pace,” DeGannes stated. “But, I’m not satisfied with the time. I always try to go under 1:20 here and I think Ballentyne did that. Once he ran away from me, I lost sight of him and hanged on to second place. I have St. Croix Half Marathon this weekend and I wanted to hold something in the tank.”

Race director Kay Reddy who has run in all ten editions said the event is growing and was happy with how things went.

“This event was just flawless, really have to give thanks to the Royal BVI Police Force who were out monitoring the route they were fantastic,” Reddy noted. “We had lots of spectators in the course so thank to the community for the support.”

Race founder Simon Cook who was 15th overall in 1:44.20, described the race that had 141 participants 89 of them as individual entrants the others on relay teams, as ‘absolutely awesome’ and it was great to see so many people out.

“When we started, we started in the dark in West End and there were no lights,” he fondly recalled. “Here this morning, we have the big lights on, (on the A. O. Shirley Grounds), the new track down and we had such good support on the road. I’ve been really blessed to be in the BVI and take part in such an awesome race.”

When told his vision lives on, Cook said apparently it does.

“You know, I didn’t run as a kid; I didn’t run when I was in my 20s,” he noted. “I used to suffer badly from anxiety and depression and started running and sorted that out. I came here, people were running and we did the Half Marathon and to see all these people out and enjoying themselves, living life, is just great, really great.”

Final Results:


  1. Pamenos Ballentyne     1:19:18.
  2. Shane DeGannes   1:24:09.
  3. Vincent Fournier  1:24:19.
  4. Reuben Stoby  1:26:58.
  5. Julius Farley  1:29:12.
  6. Guy Williamson  1:31:05.
  7. Rodrigo dos Santos  1:35:18.
  8. Ian Montgomery  1:36.56.
  9. AlexanderP.I. Dale  1:37.37.
  10. Jacques Roux  1:37:46.
  11. Curwin Andrews  1:38:54.
  12. Simon Cook  1:44.20.
  13. Michael Killourhy  1:47:13.
  14. Ishwar Persad  1:48:58.
  15. Richard Morgan  1:50:15.
  16. Michael L Sheesley  1:51:04.
  17. Garbriel Obregon  1:51:40.
  18. Russell Crumpler  1:51:50.
  19. Adrian B. Dale  1:52:15.
  20. Claude Walker  1:52:47.
  21. Adam Holdt  1:53:46.
  22. Shaun Reardon John  1:54:03.
  23. Shane P. Donovan  1:55:34.
  24. Adam De Monte  1:57:04.
  25. Christopher Farmer  2:00.38.
  26. Daniel C. Mitchell  2:03:16.
  27. Guy-Paul Dubois  2:03:30.
  28. Ray Wearmouth  2:08:38.
  29. Jonathan Addo  2:10:13.
  30. James Drury  2:12:13.
  31. Dennis Versoza  2:14:29.
  32. Dr. Garfield Neita  2:19.06.
  33. Jim W. Cullimore  2:34:11.
  34. Howard Moore  2:38:31.
  35. Liam J. Hardie  2:44:34.
  36. Bill Kinkead  2:48:05.


  1. Ruth A. David  1:30:46.18.
  2. Katrina Crumpler  1:39:30.
  3. Kim Takeuchi  1:44:50.
  4. Rebecca A. Paull  1:45:56.
  5. Maria Mays  1:46:34.
  6. Rosmond A. Johnson  1:48:04.
  7. Caitlin Goodwin  1:51:54.
  8. Rachael F. McDonald  1:52:34.
  9. Melissa Brunner  1:52:49
  10. Katy E. Allen  1:52:58
  11. Jenny L. McIvor  1:53:29.
  12. Ami L. Sweeney  1:55:20.
  13. Gillian Plaxton  1:55.56.
  14. Tameka Davis  1:57:08.
  15. Claudia Ferrari  1:59.19.
  16. Kay Reddy  2:01.01.
  17. Lauren H. Julien  2:01.29.
  18. Ni Made Oniasih  2:03:04.
  19. Anna M. Kinkead  2:04:54.
  20. Judith Haycraft  2:05.21.
  21. Elaine McCann  2:06.52.
  22. Sarah Hayes  2:07.20.
  23. Marianne Cave  2:08.27.
  24. Deborah Bell  2:08:35.
  25. Kerry-Ann dos Santos  2:09:04.
  26. Natasha H. Ruscheinski  2:09.04.
  27. Chloe Harris  2:09.25.
  28. Melisande F. Rowe  2:11:36.
  29. Rhiannon D. Jones  2:13:13.
  30. Camille McCutcheon  2:16:00.
  31. Zoe J. Bickerton  2:18:02.
  32. Laura Dore  2:21:56.
  33. Clair Burke  2:24:30.
  34. Debbie Ridgeway  2:26:08.
  35. Natasha C. Gunney  2:27:00.
  36. Karrina Stead  2:37:38.
  37. Barbara M. O’Neal-Rhoden  2:42:09.
  38. Nedy Ador Dioncio  2:46:55.
  39. Jenny A. McConnell  2:50:16.
  40. Shirley Patricia Liburd  2:50:22.
  41. Jill R. Farley  2:57:50.
  42. Amber Walker  3:05.04.

Also participated: Lisa O. Brown, Meredith MacKie

Power Walkers:

Men: 1. Steven Bridson, 2:50:35.

Women: 1. Linda Li, 3:12:35.   2. Sophie J. Bennett, 3:12.40.

Oldest Participants

  1. Bill Kinkead   2. Jim Cullimore

Veteran Male:  Curwin Andrews.  Female:  Kay Reddy

Corporate Cup Relay:

  1. Harneys 1: (Gregory Boyd, Ian Montgomery, George Weston), 1:49:41.69.
  2. Grant Thornton: (Sam Ouriach, Paul Frey, Simon Cross), 1:58:10.
  3. Appleby Adam and the Ants, (Adam Holdt, Judy Haycraft, Andrew Willins), 2:00:13.
  4. Harneys 2: (Jessica Brodrick, Natalie Bell, Macia Payne), 2:02:32.
  5. Team Krys: (Robert Shiffman, Sean Cordes, Sarah Duncan), 2:03:46.
  6. KPMG Spartans: (Stephen Langford, Lucinda Ford, Lovat Carnelly), 2:08:07.
  7. Deloitte1 (Dylan Bobb, Tia Beckmann, Sophia Addas), 2:09:02.
  8. Deloitte 2 (Aurelie Legagneux, Shevon Williams, Maria Kristina Balangatan), 2:15:10.
  9. Team Carey Olsen: (Sharon Mungall, Rachael Matthews, Andrew Chissick), 2:22:07.
  10. BDO Binder: (Jovan Van Heerden, Ryan Geluk, Florencia Taray), 2:36:22.
  11. Harneys 3: (Shonda Alfred Leacock, Rahel Worede, Richard Parchment), 2:37:17.
  12. KPMG Formidables: (Catherine Jackson, Kerry George, Khoyisha Stoutt), 2:56:51.
  13. Deloitte 3: (Lennesha Morgan, Carlene Romney, Delice James), 3:04:40

Team Relay           

  1. Tek Dat: Marvin Flax, Julien Johnson, Chris, Barbara Pinnck-Smith, 1:52:00.
  2. Team Elizabeth Ricardo, Richie Paul, Jules Potgeiter, 1:55:50.
  3. Team Guy-Paul Dubois & Dara Smith, 2:07:39.
  4. Team Katie Morley & Kata, 2:21:09.

Corporate Challenge         

  1. Maples (Guy Williamson, Katrina Crumpler, Jenny McIvor), 5:04:04
  2. KPMG (Jacques Roux, Russell Crumpler, Christopher Farmer), 5:30:14
  3. Ogier (Alex Dale, Michael Killourhy, Ray Wearmouth), 5:33:28
  4. Appleby (Adam Holdt, Judy Haycraft, Chloe Harris), 6:08:32
  5. Cedar Grade PTA (Anna Kinkead, Rhiannon Jones, Garfield Neita), 6:39:13.

Costume – Guy-Paul Dubois – Bavarian Lederhosen and Claudia Ferrari & Elaine McCann – Santa’s Elves

Traveled the Furthest to Participate – Elaine McCann (Scotland)

Spirit of the Event – Team USVI – we love you Guys!

Best Water Stop – Sensus/BVI Tourist Board (we love you too)

BVIFA Concludes Successful High School Football Season


Elmore Stoutt Boys recorded a perfect season to claim the 2015 BVIFA High Schools Football League Championship trophy. Photo: BVIFA / Charlie Jackson

Elmore Stoutt Boys recorded a perfect season to claim the 2015 BVIFA High Schools Football League Championship trophy. Photo: BVIFA / Charlie Jackson

The BVIFA High Schools Football League season drew to a close on Thursday 3rd December with an Exhibition Game between the Open Boys Champions, Elmore Stout High School and U15 Champions, Begrado Flax Educational Centre, which was won 3-1 by ESHS thanks to a brace of goals from Phillip Jules and one from Timothy Lewis (Makimbo Demming scored for BFEC).

Following the game the FA President, Mr. Andy Bickerton began the trophy presentation with some words of encouragement.

“It is very obvious that we have problems with facilities and it is very difficult to play a good standard of football on the hard and bumpy fields, but is very pleasing to see in today’s game, so many of you that have progressed through the system from the BDO Primary School football to now High School and have definitely improved. The new Stadium is coming, just down the road from here (Greenland) and by the time we start the new season in September you will be playing on a high quality surface”

Girls Division:

Cedar School were champions with 12 points ahead of BFEC who had nine and ESHS with 6.

The MVP was Tinia Van Zoost of Cedar, the Golden Boot award went to Lilly Pierce and the Golden Glove recipient was Chinara Perry of SDA. Marlina d’Anguiar also of SDA was named as Most Improved Player.

The Seventh Day Adventist Girls had put up some stellar performances and certainly brought with them the most support both on the bench and in the stands despite suffering some heavy defeats, including an 8-0 loss to ESHS for whom both Morgan Creque and Sheniece St Jean scored hat tricks.

What would have turned out to be the most crucial game of the season then turned into a disappointing affair as ESHS lost by forfeit to Cedar after not having enough players to complete the game.

Cedar went on to stamp their authority on the League with a 4-2 win over BFEC, which included goals for Olivia Messum, Alisha Looney and Pierce.

Pierce added a five goal salvo against Claudia Creque and wrapped up the league championship with another hat trick in the 8-1 win over SDA, in a game that also included a hat trick for Ella Brownsdon.

National U17 Player, Kayla Skelton wrote her name into the record books with a hat trick of her own in the 9-0 win over SDA.

Boys U15 Division:

BFEC went unbeaten throughout the season to lift the title.

MVP went to Michael Woodley, the Golden Boot Award to Luka Chalwell and the Golden Glove who else but Daniel Gilford.

Khemron Tillack made it known early that BFEC meant business with a hat trick in the 4-0 victory over St Georges, but Luca Reich of Cedar White went one better and scored four in a 7-1 demolition of ESHS. However even those goal scoring feats were outshone by Devante Samuel who scored five for BFEC in the 9-0 thrashing of Cedar Green.

Cedar White went on to beat SDA 4-1 with Luka Chalwell getting in on the multi goal scoring fun, notching all four and then registering a hat trick in his side’s 7-0 win over their school mates.

Not to be out done, Kyreek Gardiner smashed home four goals as BFEC rattled up a 10-2 victory against SDA and Miquel Marshall grabbed his own moment in the sunshine with a hat trick for ESHS in a 6-1 win over Cedar Green.

Boy’s Open Division:

ESHS recorded a perfect season to claim the Championship Trophy

The MVP went to Jazeel Castello; the Golden Boot recipient was Phillip Jules and Golden Glove Shemarr Morrison.

In winning four out of four, ESHS started with a 3-1 victory against BFEC, which was followed by a 2-1 win over St Georges. They then beat BFEC 2-1 in the return match thanks to two goals from Jules.

Cedar School thrashed SDA 7-0 with Leo Forte notching four, but was then not available to play for the rest of the campaign and ESHS wrapped up the Title with an 8-0 win over SDA with Jules netting a hat trick.

High School League Co-Ordinator, Avondale Williams, was, overall, happy with the way the season had unfolded “ It could have gone better, but it was good to see all the players were very keen to be involved and played their hearts out. The High School standard is definitely improving and some of them will soon be ready to go to a higher level”

President Bickerton concluded the Closing with more words of encouragement and enthusiasm for the way the Schools leagues were developing players.

“The process is working! The Primary School players are coming through the system and beginning to have an impact at High School level. Going forward, although we have faced difficulties, we will continue playing the Leagues in the September, with perhaps a slightly later finish in December’

Men, Women’s Battles in Saturday’s BVI Sunrise Half Marathon



Male and female participants in Saturday’s race will be competing for the BVI Tourist Board top prize of $1,000. Here, BVI Tourist Board Director Sharon Flax-Mars, right, and events coordinator Cindy Rosan-Jones, presents a check to BVI Athletics Association president Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway.

With 117 persons pre registered so far for Saturday’s 10th annual Deloite-Ogier BVI Sunrise Half Marathon presented by the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Athletics Association, this year’s edition will see the fastest race in the last five years.

Final registration is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. at the Multipurpose Sports Complex on Friday. On Saturday, the race begins at 6 a.m. on the A. O. Shirley Grounds and will also finish there, after traversing to Port Purcell, down to Pockwood Pond and return for a total of 13.1 miles.

The race is the first event of the BVI Athletics Association’s 45th anniversary activities that continues with association’s 7th Awards Gala on Dec 29. Events run through July with the hosting of the OECS Track and Field Championships.

For the last three years, St. Thomas’ Shane DeGannes has dominated the event. This year DeGannes will have a bevy of challengers led by St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Pamenos Ballentyne. Ballentyne was third in the fastest race run here during the 5th edition run in conjunction with the OECS Half Marathon in 2010, when he ran 1:09.50, as the course record of 1 hour 07 minutes and 38 seconds was established.

Ballentyne, DeGannes, Reuben Stoby and Vincent Fouriner are expected to be the leading protagonists seeking to bag the $1000 top prize, offered by the BVI Tourist Board. Another $500 is on offer if they dare eclipse the 1:07.38 mark, while the top woman will also bag $1000 and could take home another $250 for getting under the 1:34.09 course record.

The top five men and women will also win cash as well as the first runner over 45 years of age and the oldest finisher.

“I’m looking to win the BVI Sunrise Half Marathon, that’s my main goal,” Ballentyne said. “I’m training for the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon on January 17, so BVI is really part of my preparation program. My main goal is to win and run a good time.”

He’s coming off a second place finish in the NACAC 10K on home soil behind a Kenyan. “It was a good race,” he noted. “St. Vincent has a lot of hills. Right now I’m running good, not in my best shape, but I’m in enough shape to win the BVI Sunrise Half Marathon.”

DeGannes who tuned up for his title defense at the Foot Locker Nationals in North Carolina on Saturday with a second place finish in the 5K in 16:19, said he has been preparing for the BVI race.

Stoby who has dominated the local scene said he has been putting in the work. “I expect the competition to be stiff,” he said. “I’m aiming for around an hour and 20 minutes. First time I did it, I did 1:35. I think I’ve improved tremendously over the last couple of years and have put in a lot of hard work without a doubt and I feel confident I can run a fast time.”

Fourier is looking to get under 1:25. “1:20, that’s fast,” he said of Stoby’s goal. “But, every race we do, we do our best and we’ll see what happens.”

BVI’s Katrina Crumpler will seek to defend her run against St. Thomas’ Ruth Ann David, who has won the event two successive year’s before Crumpler and came within 10 seconds of the 1:34.09 fastest women’s time. Then there’s Rosmond Johnson and Melissa Brunner among others who will be seeking to place in the top five finishers, as the women too will have their battle on the road.

Race founder Simon Cook said its great that the event is still going and getting stronger each year.
“There are so many people out running during the week now with all different abilities which is great and people are enjoying it,” noted Cook.  “Kay (Reddy) and the team have done a super job building it up. I didn’t envision it would carry on like this. It’s great that these other running races are going on as well. The 10K’s, 5K’s, 2 Miles and the Tortola Torture, long may it continue and I think it will. A lot of people are doing running races and Marathons.”

Organizers are asking for the cooperation of motorist on the coastal roads between 6-8:30 a.m. on Saturday

Record 27 Nominated For Athletes of The Year Presented By Sol


NACAC President Victor Lopez Photo Credit: Todd VanSickle

NACAC President Victor Lopez Photo Credit: Todd VanSickle

Despite uncertainty surrounding the start of the 2015 season because of repair work planned for the Mondo track at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds, BVI track and field athletes turned in stellar performances during the 2015 season.

As BVI athletes put those early season challenges behind, there was an unparalleled run of National Records in the BVI Athletics Association 44-year history, where for 13 consecutive weeks, starting on January 23, 2015, some level of National Youth, Jr. Senior Record was established.

Against that backdrop, a record 27 athletes are vying for the coveted Athlete of the Year awards presented by Sol in Youth, Junior and Senior divisions. The forthcoming event is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 29, at the Moorings. Donation is $50 single and $85 per couple.

Sol will also dole out awards to athletes who have established a National Records that stood at season’s end. In all, there were 15 National Records established during the season.

During the evening, the Most Outstanding Athletes Awards from U9 through the Open Divisions in track events, field events and combined events will be recognized as well as the Most Improved Athlete, and the Comeback Athlete of the Year.

The Coach of the Year will also be named. Awards for Road Racing will also be presented and three early contributors to the development of the organization will receive the BVIAA’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Following are the respective nominees in the different divisions.

2015 Athletes of The Year Nominees presented by Sol
2015 Youth Female Athlete of the Year
Beyonce DeFreitas, A’Keela McMaster Alisha Hayde, Ariyah Smith, Asia McMaster

2015 Youth Male Athlete of the Year
Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Malakai Smith, T’Koy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe

2015 Jr. Male Athlete of the Year
Kryon McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw, K’Cei Moses, D’Jimon Gumbs

2015 Jr. Female Athlete of the Year
Trevia Gumbs, Tynelle Gumbs, Nelda Huggins, Taylor Hill, Deya Erickson, L’T’sha Fahie

2015 Sr. Male Athlete of the Year
Khari Herbert, Eldred Henry, Shaquoy Stephens

2015 Sr. Female Athlete of the Year
Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Karene King, Ashley Kelly, Chantel Malon

2015 Most Outstanding Track & Field Performance Nominees

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Male Athlete
Akeem Bradshaw, Kyron McMaster, Khari Herbert

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Male Athlete
Akeem Bradshaw, Eldred Henry, Dylan Moses, Kevin Vanterpool

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Female Athlete
Ashley Kelly, Karene King, Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Female Athlete
Kala Penn, Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Arianna Hayde

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Events Male Athlete
Eldred Henry

2015 Most Outstanding Men’s Open Track Athlete
Shaquoy Stephens, Khari Herbert, Tarique Moses

2015 Most Outstanding Women’s Open Track Athlete
Karene King, Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Ashley Kelly

2015 Most Outstanding Men’s Open Field Athlete
Keron Stoute, Eldred Henry

2015 Most Outstanding Women’s Open Field Athlete
Chantel Malone

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Track Athlete
Ronique Todman, Kyron McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Track Athlete
Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins, Lakeisha Warner, Jonel Lacey, Tarika Moses, Deya Erickson

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Field Athlete
Dylan Moses, Akeem Bradshaw, Kevin Vanterpool, Tahj Malone

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Field Athlete
Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Javlyn Frett

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Track Athlete
Johnt’a Charles, K’Cei Moses, Malique Wattley

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Track Athlete
L’Tsha Fahie, Shaniah Caul, Kala Penn

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Field Athlete
Djimon Gumbs, Diamante Gumbs, Tyrique Bradshaw

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Field Athlete
Kala Penn, Arianna Hayde, Akira Phillips

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Track Athlete
Chaz Fahie, Ajaalee Malone, Malakai Romney

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Track Athlete
Xiomara Malone, Zara Brown, Beyonce DeFreitas, Tashara Edwards

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Field Athlete
J’Quaan Smith, Ajaalee Malone, Kawa Williams

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Field Athlete
Xiomara Malone, Z’Niah Hutchinson, Dominique Moses, Tashara Edwards

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 13 Field Athlete
Malakai Smith, Kybah Dawson, Sha’el Lavacia

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 13 Field Athlete
Aryiah Smith, Alisha Hayde, Chassidy George, Kaelyah Liburd

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-13 Track Athlete
Sh’ael Lavacia, Kybah Dawson, Wanyae Bell, Malakai Smith

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-13 Track Athlete
Alisha Hayde, D’Neigh Williams, Ariyah Smith, Shymmera Forbes

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-11 Track Athlete
T’Koy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe, Jahari Lacey, Kaleem Lettsome

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-11 Track Athlete
Jahtivya Williams, Akeela McMaster, A’Deja Hodge, Keanjah Roberts
015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 11 Field Athlete
Kaleem Lettsome, T’Khoy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 11 Field Athlete
A’Keela McMaster, D’Neah Hodge, Adeajah Hodge

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Field Athlete
Asia McMaster, Shannia Johnson, Jada John-Lewis

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Track Athlete
Shannia Johnson, Asia McMaster, Jada John-Lewis, Jah’Kyla Morton

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Field Athlete
Sean Samuel, Latriel Williams, Kori Penn

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Track Athlete
Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Shamoi Dore

Premier Dental Collegiate Athlete of the Year Nominees
Khari Herbert, Trevia Gumbs, Eldred Henry, Tynelle Gumbs

2015 Road Racing Nominees (Unofficial) the 10th BVI Half Marathon will determine the rest of the Nominees.

Road Race Series Male Athlete of the Year
Julius Farley, Reuben Stoby

Road Race Series Female Athlete of the Year
Rosmond Johnson

Robinson O’Neal, Bregado Flax and First Impressions Champions of BDO Primary League

Photo courtesy of BVIFA

Photo courtesy of BVIFA

By the BVIFA

As the BVIFA BDO Primary School Leagues drew to a close yesterday at Baughers Bay, Robinson O’Neal beat First Impressions 2-0 to be crowned U7 champions after an own goal and a cleanly struck penalty from Kyle Farrington.

“I’m very pleased with them” commented Coach Thomas Albert “we worked hard all week on how we were going to play this game and we were successful”.

In the Under 9’s Joel Mars netted twice to hand Bregado Flax a 2-0 win over St Georges.

“The whole season they had been playing a certain style, but it took them a while to settle down. At half time I reminded them of how they should be playing and in the second half they put it all into practice to win the game” stated Albert, who also coached Bregado Flax.

And in the U12 Final, First Impressions proved too strong for Cedar G Green to run out 2-1 winners with Justin Smith and Nathan Adams on the score sheet. Azarni Callwood pulled one back late on for Cedar, who were indebted to goal keeper Ollie Henderson for keeping them in the game as he pulled off a string of great saves.

“We had a couple of good players who are very technical and made good use of the ball, control, passing and of course scoring goals. Their goal keeper should be praised though, he made some great saves and kept them in the game” noted First Impressions Coach, Michael Fieron.

The Golden Boot awards went to Kyle Farrington in the U7’s, Christian Vanterpool in the U9’s and Azarni Callwood in the U12’s.

The MVPs were Te Mauri Isaac, Joel Mars and Justin Smith respectively.

Golden Gloves went to Caliq Creque, Jaden Abrams and Ollie Henderson.

Andy Bickerton, BVIFA President summed up the tournament: “It has been tough getting the leagues done in the September Term, but in the end today all three finals were good contests. We shouldn’t forget the runners up either; Cedar School had a young team, which gave First Impressions a good run for their money in the U12’s. The overall standard and the quality of play makes the BVIFA very happy and to see the likes of Henderson playing so well in goal, can only bode well for the future of the game”

BDO Under 12 Football League Reaches Semi-Finals Stage

Photo courtesy of BVIFA

Photo courtesy of BVIFA


Heavy rains may have caused the postponement of the last quarter final between St Georges and Althea Scatliffe Primary School in the BDO U12 League, but not before Cedar School were victorious in their match ups.

Cedar White braved the early rain to overcome Bregado Flax 3-2 on Penalties after normal time had ended 3-3.

Ariel Mohammed slotted home the coolest of strikes to secure the win after some great saves by Matthew Harris between the sticks and following T’Khoy Richardson giving BFEC the lead in the first minute of the game.

Remi Clarke and Sebby Santos sent Cedar into the half time break with a slender 2-1 advantage. Sheldon Tony made it 2-2 early in the second half, Nici Haycraft restored the lead and then in the 40th minute, Richardson’s second made it 3-3.

Then came the penalty drama as the sides remained deadlocked, both goalkeepers made saves and scored in the sudden death nerve wracking finale to the game, before Mohammed sealed her team’s place in Monday’s (30th November) semi final.

In that semi final they will be taking on their School Mates as Cedar Green “G” overcame Robinson O’Neal Primary 4-0, with goals coming from Gethin Jones (2), Azarni Callwood and  Darci Reich.

Reich settled the nerves with a sublime curling effort in the 7th minute, Callwood doubled the lead in the 14th and Jones delivered the coup de grace in the second half as torrential rain soaked the Baughers Bay field.

The two Cedar School teams will play the first semi final on Monday, followed by the re-arranged quarter final between St Georges and ASPS and then on Tuesday the winner will take on First Impressions Primary for a place in Wednesday’s Final.

BVIOC helps 200 Youths benefit from 2015 KATSWIM Programme

2015 KATSWIM programme in BVI, supported by BVIOC through Olympic Solidarity, Nanny Cay Resort & Marina and CIBC FIrstCaribbean, ends with certification of youths completing different swimming Levels. Photo: Dean  Greenaway

2015 KATSWIM programme in BVI, supported by BVIOC through Olympic Solidarity, Nanny Cay Resort & Marina and CIBC FIrstCaribbean, ends with certification of youths completing different swimming Levels. Photo: Dean Greenaway

200 children between the ages of 4 to 17 years in the BVI went through the 2015 Kids And The Sea Swim (KATSWIM) session which drew to a close on November 14.

The weekly swimming classes were held every Saturday across two terms at the swimming pool at Nanny Cay Resort and Marina. The first term took place May 2 – June 20 and the second term ran from September 5 – November 14 when certificates were awarded to the graduates of the different classes by KATSWIM sponsors, the BVI Olympic Committee and CIBC FirstCaribbean.

The termly sessions covered all swimming standards, starting with instructions on basic water survival skills and continuing through Level 7. Children were assigned to groups based on their swimming ability and were taught by volunteers who are trained as Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) qualified instructors through the BVI Swimming Foundation.

Among other water skills, Level 7 graduates are able to swim 25 meters using back stroke, front crawl, breast stroke and butterfly as well as swim 50 meters using one stroke and 100 meters using a minimum of three different strokes.

“Every term we register children with different degrees of swimming experience from none to those that have mastered basic swim strokes,” said Barbara Gerker, founding volunteer of KATS. “We introduce higher levels of skills instruction once we have a group that is ready to move up. This year we had a much faster advancement rate with the children due to the ASA training the instructors took and we were excited to start Level 7 for the 7 students who successfully completed Level 6.”

KATSWIM is run annually and in 2015, the BVIOC committed $30,000 for two years to bring the KATSWIM programme back to the community after a brief hiatus.

“The BVIOC applied for a Swim for Life grant from Olympic Solidarity and, earlier this year, partnered with KATSWIM to keep the programme going,” said Ephraim Penn, President BVIOC. “Not only is basic water safety a key requirement when living on an island, but the different swimming levels make this a good feeder programme for developing a national swim team.”

The funds are used to purchase swim aids and training equipment and also to provide a stipend for instructors.

Students are charged a basic fee to cover the administrative costs involved in running the programme. 50 of the 200 students who registered for the 2015 programme were awarded CIBC FirstCaribbean swimming scholarships based on financial needs.

“CIBC FirstCaribbean was keen to provide support which would enable youngsters in the BVI to learn how to swim,” said Malcolm Whetnall, Country Manager for CIBC FirstCaribbean. “We had previously supported KATSAIL and are pleased to have been involved with the 2015 KATSWIM programme to open the opportunity for the children in our community who otherwise might not have been able to take part in this critical training.”

The KATS Programme has relied on donations and volunteers to provide basic sea skills -including swimming, sailing, and scuba programmes – to the children of the BVI’s since its inception in 1990. Nanny Cay Resort and Marina has been a major facilitator of the programme since 2005, accommodating KATSWIM at its swimming pool on Saturday mornings.

“Nanny Cay is pleased to have supported the KATSWIM programme over the years,” said Miles Sutherland Pilch, General Manager, Nanny Cay Resort & Marina. “It has been rewarding to be part of a successful programme which has benefitted so many children and young adults.”

The roster of volunteers included KATS Board member, Barbara Gerker, parents and 2 students from Cedar School who consistently helped with registration and as assistant instructors.

For more information on the 2016 KATSWIM programme, instructor training, or volunteering, contact Barbara Gerker by email at or by phone on 494-2830.

KATS was started in St Thomas following the tragic death of three boy scouts who drowned in a small boat accident off an outlying Virgin Islands cay while on a camping expedition. Not only did the boys lack the necessary sea skills to handle a boating emergency, but they also were unable to swim to safety on the nearby shoreline. For more information on the KATS programmes visit

Reynold S. “Rey” O’Neal, OBE – Biography

Reynold S. "Rey" O'Neal

Reynold S. “Rey” O’Neal

Born: British Virgin Islands, March 3, 1949
Co-founder and President BVIAA – 1970 – 1973, 1978 – 2004
Co-founder and President BVIOC – 1980 – 1984, 1989 – 2006

Rey O’Neal attended high school at St. Joseph’s Academy in Antigua, graduating in December, 1963 with the Senior Cambridge School Certificate. Studied at Inter-American University in San German, Puerto Rico from 1964-1968 graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

O’Neal taught at the Virgin Islands (later Elmore Stoutt High School) from 1969 to 1977. Housemaster of Lincoln House, later renamed O’Neal House, in the school’s intramural competition.

After ending his teaching career, O’Neal retained his connection with education in the Territory, chairing at different times, the BVI Scholarships Committee and the local Caribbean Examinations Council Commission and also serving on the Teaching Service Commission and the Education Advisory Board.

O’Neal was a member of the BVI Recreation Trust for over twenty-five years and, away from sports and education, also served as a member of the Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse.

O’Neal was one of the founding members of the BVI Amateur Athletic Association (BVIAAA) in 1970 and became President later that year, a stint that lasted until 1973. In 1978 he assumed the office once more and retained the position until 2004 when he stepped down in favour of his protege, Ephraim Penn.

In 1975 Rey O’Neal, along with Johnny Hassan, led the first British Virgin Islands team to compete in the Central American and Caribbean Athletics Championships, held that year in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Among the members of that team were high school athletes, Ephraim Penn and Dean Greenaway, who both became future leaders of the Association and Rose Phillips, who served for many years as the Association’s secretary.

While the BVIAAA gained international recognition as a member of the IAAF, except for softball, there were no other national sporting associations/federations affiliated to their international governing bodies.

In 1979 the Pan American Games were held in San Juan, Puerto Rico and it became clear that without a national Olympic Committee the Territory would always be excluded from those and other Games.

An Olympic Committee of sorts was formed in 1980 and two years later, with O’Neal as the first President and Hassan the Secretary General, the BVI was accepted as a member of the International Olympic Committee and made its first appearance at the Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in Havana, Cuba.

The following year, the BVI made its debut at the Pan American Games.

In 1984 a team of four track athletes and five sailors marched into the Olympic Stadium in Los Angeles, stamping themselves as the first Olympians ever from the Territory.

That would be O’Neal’s last Olympic Games until Atlanta 1996.

O’Neal was the complete official team, with one competitor in athletics when the BVI first appeared at the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand in 1990. In his capacity as President, and finally Vice-President of the BVI Athletic Association, he attended the first ten editions of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics.

Over the years O’Neal has held several positions in track and field, first as a member of the CAC Technical Committee and for several years as a member and then Chairman of the CAC Statistics Committee.

As a member of the International Association of Track and Field Statisticians, O’Neal often functioned as a resource person for several regional Federations and helped to select the teams that would represent the Americas at the IAAF World Cup. He became Vice-President of North America, Central America and the Caribbean (NACAC) confederation in 1997 and held the position until he resigned in 2003.

O’Neal was a member of the Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association Confederation (CACAC) Executive Committee for nineteen years. He was also chosen to lead the Oraganisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Athletics Commission in 1991, ironically, the last year in which the OECS Championships were held.

In 2003 O’Neal was awarded the IAAF Veteran’s Pin and the following year was named to the CAC Hall of Fame.

In 2005 Rey O’Neal was honoured as an Officer of the Order of the British Empire and received his medal from Princess Anne, daughter of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and a two-time member of Great Britain’s Olympic equestrian team.

Johnson and Stoby Crowned Champions of Ceres Juices 10K Series

Photo by VINO

Photo by VINO


Both Rosmond Johnson and Reuben J. A. Stoby were crowned champions when the Ceres Juices 10K Series wrapped up at the Watering Hole on Saturday November 21, 2015.

Stoby romped to a comfortable win in the final race of the series, which took runners from just outside Banco Popular to a turnaround at Struggling Man in Sea Cows Bay, with a Personal Best of 37:50.04. Vincent Fournier, running for the first time competitively on the course, came second in 37:57.47 and Julius Farley finished third in a time of 38:51.36.

Stoby led from start to finish and had opened up a huge lead on his main challengers Fournier and Farley, however, on the return Fournier began to eat into the lead and came to within some 20 metres of Stoby, who was able to switch gears for a sprint finish to win comfortably and in one of the fastest 10k times in the territory.

“A PB for me. I am so happy about that. I ran 38:23 in training on the course so I knew I could break into 37 minutes,” commented Stoby. “I was worried about the heat ahead of the race, but the conditions turned out to be good and then I was pushed to a fast time by Vincent Fournier. It was a good race and sets me up nicely for the BVI Half Marathon later in the year.”

Stoby, who bases his runs on time rather than who he is running against, said “It’s not easy to run out front and run fast times so it’s always good to have competition. However, I never know who will show up for a race here so I just set myself goal times and work towards that.”

He added that he is looking forward to the 10th BVI Sunrise Half Marathon on December 5, 2015 and is relishing the thought of running against Shane DeGannes of the USVI and possibly Pamenos Ballantyne of St Vincent and the Grenadines. “I fancy myself to run a fast time. I respect those two guys but I also believe in myself and my ability.”

Stoby, who is sponsored by Nagico Insurances, has had a successful year on the local road racing scene. He won the Dive BVI 10K series, Blenheim Trust 5K series, where he was crowned All Comers Champion, placed second in the Virgin Gorda Half Marathon, crowned Highland Spring College Classic Series 2-Mile Champion and Ceres Juices 10K Champion.

Added to that he participated in the NACAC 10K in Petit Bourg in October and another 10K in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe earlier this month, where he competed against some of the best in the Caribbean as well as Kenya, Canada, France and Mexico.

Success in the BVI Half Marathon would be the icing on the cake for Stoby, who only started competitive running in 2013.

Johnson, who finished the final race in second place with her time of 48:41.85 behind Melissa Brunner’s 48:03.40, commented that it was a great race. “I ran all the way to the turnaround and was in the lead until the Island Department Store when Melissa passed me. I just took my time though as I had already won the series, but then at the hospital I decided to try and pass her and put in a sprint, but didn’t quite manage it.”

Johnson, who is also looking forward to the Half Marathon and is aiming at a top five finish, recently won the Highland Spring College Classic 2-Mile Series. She also participated in the NACAC 10K in Petit Bourg, Guadeloupe.

Prizes, which included Ceres Juices, Niagara Water, Peach Chutney, Bos Ice Tea and other items from Proudly African as well as gift vouchers and other items from Relish (a soon to be opened store next to the Watering Hole) were doled out to the champion athletes and persons completing three races.