USVI’s David Demolishes BVI Sunrise Half Marathon Record

By Dean Greenaway / BVIAA

USVI's Ruth Ann David, left, established a new course record and was followed by the BVI's Kartina Crumpler and Virgin Gorda resident, Kim Takeuchi Photo: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

USVI’s Ruth Ann David, left, established a new course record and was followed by the BVI’s Kartina Crumpler and Virgin Gorda resident, Kim Takeuchi Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Ruth Ann David of the U.S. Virgin Islands, demolished the four year-old Deloitte-Ogier BVI Sunrise Half Marathon course record on Saturday, while counterpart and defending champion Shane DeGannes-the only 3-peat winner in event history-saw his streak snapped. The race was presented by the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Athletics Association.

David, who came within .10 of Meriel Stedman’s 1 hour 34 minutes and 09 seconds in 2012, wasted no time in showing her hand, as she was among the top five for much of the first half of the race, before charging home in 1:30.46. With victories in 2013 and 2013, but missed last year’s event, she joined the BVI’s Rachel McDonald as the second three times winner.

“I knew I could do it but I wanted to do one twenty something-1:29 at the highest-but it was okay,” David said. “I felt good actually, it was just that I slowed down after the eight mile mark because I wanted to push for the eight and I shouldn’t have done it, that was a bad tactic. After looking at the watch, I picked it up, was doing good then when the squall came through, it pushed me back a bit and I had to push through it.”

David, who was followed by the BVI’s Katrina Crumpler in 1:39.30 and Virgin Gorda resident Kim Takeuchi in 1:44.50, said she knows she can get under 1:30 and getting the record was special, something she always knew she could do. “I want to bring it down lower,” she said. “This is a nice course. This is the best Half Marathon I’ve ever run and I’ve run on five different courses.”

DeGannes controlled the race for the first half before St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Pamenos Ballentyne made his move and went on to win in 1:19.18. It was the fastest time since 2010 when Ballentyne was third in 1:09.50. DeGannes finihsed second in 1:24.09, followed by Virgin Gorda resident Vincent Fouriner in 1:24.19.

“Shane ran a very good first half, he set the pace which I’m very happy about and he was about 50m meters ahead of me until we made the turn together,” Ballentyne noted. “That’s how I planned to run the race, to take the lead at the halfway point. I had a good race and finished very strong. Shane also ran a good race.”

DeGannes said he welcomed leading Ballentyne in the first half and welcomed chasing him in the second half.

“I backed off a bit and he kept hammering just under six minutes pace,” DeGannes stated. “But, I’m not satisfied with the time. I always try to go under 1:20 here and I think Ballentyne did that. Once he ran away from me, I lost sight of him and hanged on to second place. I have St. Croix Half Marathon this weekend and I wanted to hold something in the tank.”

Race director Kay Reddy who has run in all ten editions said the event is growing and was happy with how things went.

“This event was just flawless, really have to give thanks to the Royal BVI Police Force who were out monitoring the route they were fantastic,” Reddy noted. “We had lots of spectators in the course so thank to the community for the support.”

Race founder Simon Cook who was 15th overall in 1:44.20, described the race that had 141 participants 89 of them as individual entrants the others on relay teams, as ‘absolutely awesome’ and it was great to see so many people out.

“When we started, we started in the dark in West End and there were no lights,” he fondly recalled. “Here this morning, we have the big lights on, (on the A. O. Shirley Grounds), the new track down and we had such good support on the road. I’ve been really blessed to be in the BVI and take part in such an awesome race.”

When told his vision lives on, Cook said apparently it does.

“You know, I didn’t run as a kid; I didn’t run when I was in my 20s,” he noted. “I used to suffer badly from anxiety and depression and started running and sorted that out. I came here, people were running and we did the Half Marathon and to see all these people out and enjoying themselves, living life, is just great, really great.”

Final Results:


  1. Pamenos Ballentyne     1:19:18.
  2. Shane DeGannes   1:24:09.
  3. Vincent Fournier  1:24:19.
  4. Reuben Stoby  1:26:58.
  5. Julius Farley  1:29:12.
  6. Guy Williamson  1:31:05.
  7. Rodrigo dos Santos  1:35:18.
  8. Ian Montgomery  1:36.56.
  9. AlexanderP.I. Dale  1:37.37.
  10. Jacques Roux  1:37:46.
  11. Curwin Andrews  1:38:54.
  12. Simon Cook  1:44.20.
  13. Michael Killourhy  1:47:13.
  14. Ishwar Persad  1:48:58.
  15. Richard Morgan  1:50:15.
  16. Michael L Sheesley  1:51:04.
  17. Garbriel Obregon  1:51:40.
  18. Russell Crumpler  1:51:50.
  19. Adrian B. Dale  1:52:15.
  20. Claude Walker  1:52:47.
  21. Adam Holdt  1:53:46.
  22. Shaun Reardon John  1:54:03.
  23. Shane P. Donovan  1:55:34.
  24. Adam De Monte  1:57:04.
  25. Christopher Farmer  2:00.38.
  26. Daniel C. Mitchell  2:03:16.
  27. Guy-Paul Dubois  2:03:30.
  28. Ray Wearmouth  2:08:38.
  29. Jonathan Addo  2:10:13.
  30. James Drury  2:12:13.
  31. Dennis Versoza  2:14:29.
  32. Dr. Garfield Neita  2:19.06.
  33. Jim W. Cullimore  2:34:11.
  34. Howard Moore  2:38:31.
  35. Liam J. Hardie  2:44:34.
  36. Bill Kinkead  2:48:05.


  1. Ruth A. David  1:30:46.18.
  2. Katrina Crumpler  1:39:30.
  3. Kim Takeuchi  1:44:50.
  4. Rebecca A. Paull  1:45:56.
  5. Maria Mays  1:46:34.
  6. Rosmond A. Johnson  1:48:04.
  7. Caitlin Goodwin  1:51:54.
  8. Rachael F. McDonald  1:52:34.
  9. Melissa Brunner  1:52:49
  10. Katy E. Allen  1:52:58
  11. Jenny L. McIvor  1:53:29.
  12. Ami L. Sweeney  1:55:20.
  13. Gillian Plaxton  1:55.56.
  14. Tameka Davis  1:57:08.
  15. Claudia Ferrari  1:59.19.
  16. Kay Reddy  2:01.01.
  17. Lauren H. Julien  2:01.29.
  18. Ni Made Oniasih  2:03:04.
  19. Anna M. Kinkead  2:04:54.
  20. Judith Haycraft  2:05.21.
  21. Elaine McCann  2:06.52.
  22. Sarah Hayes  2:07.20.
  23. Marianne Cave  2:08.27.
  24. Deborah Bell  2:08:35.
  25. Kerry-Ann dos Santos  2:09:04.
  26. Natasha H. Ruscheinski  2:09.04.
  27. Chloe Harris  2:09.25.
  28. Melisande F. Rowe  2:11:36.
  29. Rhiannon D. Jones  2:13:13.
  30. Camille McCutcheon  2:16:00.
  31. Zoe J. Bickerton  2:18:02.
  32. Laura Dore  2:21:56.
  33. Clair Burke  2:24:30.
  34. Debbie Ridgeway  2:26:08.
  35. Natasha C. Gunney  2:27:00.
  36. Karrina Stead  2:37:38.
  37. Barbara M. O’Neal-Rhoden  2:42:09.
  38. Nedy Ador Dioncio  2:46:55.
  39. Jenny A. McConnell  2:50:16.
  40. Shirley Patricia Liburd  2:50:22.
  41. Jill R. Farley  2:57:50.
  42. Amber Walker  3:05.04.

Also participated: Lisa O. Brown, Meredith MacKie

Power Walkers:

Men: 1. Steven Bridson, 2:50:35.

Women: 1. Linda Li, 3:12:35.   2. Sophie J. Bennett, 3:12.40.

Oldest Participants

  1. Bill Kinkead   2. Jim Cullimore

Veteran Male:  Curwin Andrews.  Female:  Kay Reddy

Corporate Cup Relay:

  1. Harneys 1: (Gregory Boyd, Ian Montgomery, George Weston), 1:49:41.69.
  2. Grant Thornton: (Sam Ouriach, Paul Frey, Simon Cross), 1:58:10.
  3. Appleby Adam and the Ants, (Adam Holdt, Judy Haycraft, Andrew Willins), 2:00:13.
  4. Harneys 2: (Jessica Brodrick, Natalie Bell, Macia Payne), 2:02:32.
  5. Team Krys: (Robert Shiffman, Sean Cordes, Sarah Duncan), 2:03:46.
  6. KPMG Spartans: (Stephen Langford, Lucinda Ford, Lovat Carnelly), 2:08:07.
  7. Deloitte1 (Dylan Bobb, Tia Beckmann, Sophia Addas), 2:09:02.
  8. Deloitte 2 (Aurelie Legagneux, Shevon Williams, Maria Kristina Balangatan), 2:15:10.
  9. Team Carey Olsen: (Sharon Mungall, Rachael Matthews, Andrew Chissick), 2:22:07.
  10. BDO Binder: (Jovan Van Heerden, Ryan Geluk, Florencia Taray), 2:36:22.
  11. Harneys 3: (Shonda Alfred Leacock, Rahel Worede, Richard Parchment), 2:37:17.
  12. KPMG Formidables: (Catherine Jackson, Kerry George, Khoyisha Stoutt), 2:56:51.
  13. Deloitte 3: (Lennesha Morgan, Carlene Romney, Delice James), 3:04:40

Team Relay           

  1. Tek Dat: Marvin Flax, Julien Johnson, Chris, Barbara Pinnck-Smith, 1:52:00.
  2. Team Elizabeth Ricardo, Richie Paul, Jules Potgeiter, 1:55:50.
  3. Team Guy-Paul Dubois & Dara Smith, 2:07:39.
  4. Team Katie Morley & Kata, 2:21:09.

Corporate Challenge         

  1. Maples (Guy Williamson, Katrina Crumpler, Jenny McIvor), 5:04:04
  2. KPMG (Jacques Roux, Russell Crumpler, Christopher Farmer), 5:30:14
  3. Ogier (Alex Dale, Michael Killourhy, Ray Wearmouth), 5:33:28
  4. Appleby (Adam Holdt, Judy Haycraft, Chloe Harris), 6:08:32
  5. Cedar Grade PTA (Anna Kinkead, Rhiannon Jones, Garfield Neita), 6:39:13.

Costume – Guy-Paul Dubois – Bavarian Lederhosen and Claudia Ferrari & Elaine McCann – Santa’s Elves

Traveled the Furthest to Participate – Elaine McCann (Scotland)

Spirit of the Event – Team USVI – we love you Guys!

Best Water Stop – Sensus/BVI Tourist Board (we love you too)

$1500 On Offer For 10th BVI Half Marathon Winners

aBy Dean Greenaway, BVI Mile Split

Male and female winners could walk away with up to $1500 each in the 10th BVI Sunrise Half Marathon, presented by Deloitte and Ogier later this year.

To mark the 10th year, The BVI Tourist Board has increased the prize monies to $1000 for the male and female winners. Either can collect another $500 for breaking the respective course records of 1 hour 07 minutes and 38 seconds and 1:34.09 respectively.

The top five men and women’s finishers will collect cash prizes.

Early bird registration through Oct 31 for the Dec 5 event is $55. From November 1, the fee goes up to $60. Some 30 persons have already pre registered and organizers are capping the race at 125 participants for the event that forms part to the BVI Athletics Association 45th anniversary activities.

Race founder Simon Cook said its great that the event is still going and getting stronger each year.

“There are so many people out running during the week now with all different abilities which is great and people are enjoying it,” noted Cook, who relocated to Australia shortly after it began and returned to the territory and participate in the ninth edition last year. “Kay (Reddy) and the team have done a super job building it up and it’s great to be back here running. I didn’t envision it would carry on like this. It’s great that these other running races are going on as well. The 10K’, 5K’s, 2 Miles and the Tortola Torture, long may it continue and I think it will. A lot of people are doing running races and Marathons.”

Reflecting on the race development, the former Deloitte employee said he was preparing for the San Francisco Half Marathon at the time and Mark Chapman asked why not have a Half Marathon here and that’s how it started.

“We had about 40 people that first year in the event won by St. Thomas’ Adam Wood and that was a good start as we ran from West End,” he recalled. “Obviously, it has evolved after that.”

During its fifth year, it was run in conjunction with the OECS Half Marathon and several of the top regional runners participated, with New Zealand’s Michael Aish establishing the 1:07.38 course record as three went under 1:10. St. Thomas’ Shane DeGannes has won the race for the last three years.
“That 1:07 was insane, that’s like 5 minute miles,” Cook said. “Nobody’s going to touch that are they? That would be amazing if they did.”

With an average of 25 road races annually in the territory on Tortola and Virgin Gorda, Cook said it’s helping people gradually get into the longer distances. “It’s all word of mouth, people start doing 5Ks, then 10Ks and then say ‘if I can do a 10k, maybe I can do a Half Marathon and then maybe a Marathon,” he reasoned. “There’s just a lot more people out there running and being conscious and being fit, rather than being ill, so it great. Really great.”

Defending champs retain Ogier-Deloite BVI Sunrise Half Marathon Titles

By: Dean Greenaway

Photo credit: Dean Greenaway

Photo credit: Dean Greenaway

Defending champion Shane DeGannes of the U.S. Virgin Islands, was probably a bit too hyped during Saturday’s 8th Ogier-BVI Sunrise Half Marathon, which attracted more than 100 participants for the firs time.

With St. Thomas counterpart Michael Thompson coming to compete after winning the M2M 8 mile run which he organized, DeGannes revealed he’d change his race strategy. He would run conservatively for the first three miles then see ‘who are the men from the boys.’  [Read more…]

Ogier-Deloite BVI half marathon women’s record expected to fall

Ogier's Ray Wearmouth, right and Deloite's Natasha Ruscheinski, 2nd left, presents the sponsors check to BVI Half Marathon Director Kay Reddy and BVI Athletics Association President Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Ogier’s Ray Wearmouth, right and Deloite’s Natasha Ruscheinski, 2nd left, presents the sponsors check to BVI Half Marathon Director Kay Reddy and BVI Athletics Association President Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

St. Thomas’ Ruth Ann David will lead six women including the BVI’s Kartina Crumpler through the streets of Tortola’s south coast roads on Saturday in pursuit of the Ogier-Deloite BVI Sunrise Half Marathon course record.

David—the defending champ—missed Meriel Stedman’s mark of 1 hour 34 minutes and 09 seconds by 10 seconds, after taking a wrong turn last year.

Then, there’s Crumpler—fresh off a career best in last month’s Chicago Marathon—seeking to run a personal best, which is under the record established by in 2011.

“The BVI actually have a few good runners this year and we do expect a tight, competitive race at the front and the sponsors have agreed to put up a $250 award for the course record,” noted race director Kay Reddy. “There’s a $500 award for breaking the overall course record of 1 hour 07 minutes and 38 seconds set in 2010, but this is new for the ladies so we are expecting to see half a dozen ladies battling it out at the front to set a new course record.” [Read more…]