NACAC Age Group Championships slated in Trinidad this weekend

By BVI Athletics Association

BVI Athletic Association’s 11–12 and 13–14 year old athletes competing in the NACAC Age Group Championships in Trinidad, June 17-18, 2017. Photo: BVIAA

The British Virgin Islands Athletics Association (BVIAA) will be sending 8 young athletes to compete in the 11-12 and 13-14 years age group of the NACAC Age Group Championships which takes place this weekend in Trinidad from June 17 – 18, 2017.

The 11-12 year old athletes for the Penthalon are Akeela McMaster, Aniya Findlay, Delano Hodge and Kishawn Martin while the 13-14 year old athletes for the Hepthalon are Ariyah Smith, Azariah Christopher, Malaki Smith and Jelani Croal.

Ericca Frederick, Omar Jones, Erwin Telemaque and Burt Dorsett are the officials who will be accompanying the young athletes.

The next regional event will be the Senior OECS Championships to be held in Grenada from July 1 – 2, 2017.

BVIAA conducts IAAF Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course

By BVI Athletics Association

BVI's participants in the IAAF Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course. Photo: BVIAA/CM Farrington

BVI’s participants in the IAAF Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course. Photo: BVIAA/CM Farrington

The BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) held its opening ceremony for an International Association of Athletics Federation (IAAF) Level 1 Certificate Coaching Course at the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports (DYAS) conference room on Monday, December 12, 2016. The sixteen participants on the course which runs through Thursday, Dcember 22, 2016 include: Akeem Lewis, Teymahl Huggins, Owen Telemaque, Burt Dorsette, Orville McMaster, Shamica Glascow, Jennifer King, AnnaBelle Skelton-Malone, Bianca Dougan-Charles, Willis Maduro, Johnt’a Charles, Limiel Hodge, Sanya Penn, Javon Carty, Karene King, and Eustace Freeman

In her remarks, Acting Director of Department of Youth Affairs & Sports (DYAS), Mrs. Brenda Lettsome-Tye stated that the Ministry of Education and Culture under the leadership of the Hon. Myron V. Walwyn is very progressive and committed to the development of sports in the territory. Mrs. Lettsome-Tye commended the BVIAA in its efforts to encourage, develop and support opportunities for the training of coaches which is in line with the Territory’s National Sports Policy’s strategic plan. She added that “the Ministry and DYAS are very pleased to support this effort,” and she encouraged the participants to “learn as much as you can, learn the techniques and learn the skills so that in turn you can impart that to your athletes and in turn develop the standards of the level of BVI Athletics in the Territory.”

Mr. Kevin Gordon, manager of course supporter, Digicel said that he is elated to be a part of everything that the Virgin Islands does. He referred to the success of Athletics in the Caribbean with such coaches as Glen Mills and Steve Francis bringing some super star athletes to the front and that the a trend now is set in the Caribbean where you come to the Caribbean for Track and Field talents such as in sprints and long jump. Mr. Gordon ended his remarks by encouraging the participants to “Learn as much as you can learn from these 12 days of coaching; you can only get better, and Digicel would be happy to support you in any way that we possibly can going forward.”

BVI Athletics Association’s President, Mr. Steve Augustine marked this day as a memorable day for BVI Athletics as the stage is now set for the further creation of competent BVI Coaches. “The BVI Athletics Association, in tandem with the coaching principles of the IAAF, recognizes that if we are to further progress at the world stage in athletics, we must be strategic in our athlete development approach,” he said. The objective of the BVIAA is to qualify coaches involved in the training of young athletes (under 16) by providing them with the skills necessary to teach all the events of athletics. Mr. Augustine further stated that such factors as the importance of an active and dynamic warm up and cool down, healthy diet through nutrition and hydration, rest, relaxation and sleep are all key learning components that are expected from all participants to grasp and understand upon the completion of the course.

In his remarks, Mr. Angel Luis Alicea Rosario, Lecturer of IAAF, Kids Athletic Project Director in Puerto Rico provided the outline of the course set out below. Mr. Rosario as well as Mr. Augustine will be the instructors of the course during the next 12 days. There will be a practical evaluation, final evaluation and written test in order to go to the next level. Mr Rosario said “it is a great commitment and work hard during and after the course.”

Mr. Dag Samuels who chaired the opening ceremony acknowledged the past BVIAA President Mr. Dean Greenaway who was supportive of the IAAF Level 1 Certificate Coaching course initiative.

In closing remarks, Coach Dag Samuel thanked the IAAF for the assistance secured through Athletics Olympic Dividend, the utilization of the DYAS conference room and the support of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Special acknowledgements were made to Digicel and Mourant Ozannes for their contributions to the participants taking part in the 12 day Level 1 Coaching course.




Men, Women’s Battles in Saturday’s BVI Sunrise Half Marathon



Male and female participants in Saturday’s race will be competing for the BVI Tourist Board top prize of $1,000. Here, BVI Tourist Board Director Sharon Flax-Mars, right, and events coordinator Cindy Rosan-Jones, presents a check to BVI Athletics Association president Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway.

With 117 persons pre registered so far for Saturday’s 10th annual Deloite-Ogier BVI Sunrise Half Marathon presented by the BVI Tourist Board and the BVI Athletics Association, this year’s edition will see the fastest race in the last five years.

Final registration is scheduled for 5-7 p.m. at the Multipurpose Sports Complex on Friday. On Saturday, the race begins at 6 a.m. on the A. O. Shirley Grounds and will also finish there, after traversing to Port Purcell, down to Pockwood Pond and return for a total of 13.1 miles.

The race is the first event of the BVI Athletics Association’s 45th anniversary activities that continues with association’s 7th Awards Gala on Dec 29. Events run through July with the hosting of the OECS Track and Field Championships.

For the last three years, St. Thomas’ Shane DeGannes has dominated the event. This year DeGannes will have a bevy of challengers led by St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ Pamenos Ballentyne. Ballentyne was third in the fastest race run here during the 5th edition run in conjunction with the OECS Half Marathon in 2010, when he ran 1:09.50, as the course record of 1 hour 07 minutes and 38 seconds was established.

Ballentyne, DeGannes, Reuben Stoby and Vincent Fouriner are expected to be the leading protagonists seeking to bag the $1000 top prize, offered by the BVI Tourist Board. Another $500 is on offer if they dare eclipse the 1:07.38 mark, while the top woman will also bag $1000 and could take home another $250 for getting under the 1:34.09 course record.

The top five men and women will also win cash as well as the first runner over 45 years of age and the oldest finisher.

“I’m looking to win the BVI Sunrise Half Marathon, that’s my main goal,” Ballentyne said. “I’m training for the Trinidad and Tobago Marathon on January 17, so BVI is really part of my preparation program. My main goal is to win and run a good time.”

He’s coming off a second place finish in the NACAC 10K on home soil behind a Kenyan. “It was a good race,” he noted. “St. Vincent has a lot of hills. Right now I’m running good, not in my best shape, but I’m in enough shape to win the BVI Sunrise Half Marathon.”

DeGannes who tuned up for his title defense at the Foot Locker Nationals in North Carolina on Saturday with a second place finish in the 5K in 16:19, said he has been preparing for the BVI race.

Stoby who has dominated the local scene said he has been putting in the work. “I expect the competition to be stiff,” he said. “I’m aiming for around an hour and 20 minutes. First time I did it, I did 1:35. I think I’ve improved tremendously over the last couple of years and have put in a lot of hard work without a doubt and I feel confident I can run a fast time.”

Fourier is looking to get under 1:25. “1:20, that’s fast,” he said of Stoby’s goal. “But, every race we do, we do our best and we’ll see what happens.”

BVI’s Katrina Crumpler will seek to defend her run against St. Thomas’ Ruth Ann David, who has won the event two successive year’s before Crumpler and came within 10 seconds of the 1:34.09 fastest women’s time. Then there’s Rosmond Johnson and Melissa Brunner among others who will be seeking to place in the top five finishers, as the women too will have their battle on the road.

Race founder Simon Cook said its great that the event is still going and getting stronger each year.
“There are so many people out running during the week now with all different abilities which is great and people are enjoying it,” noted Cook.  “Kay (Reddy) and the team have done a super job building it up. I didn’t envision it would carry on like this. It’s great that these other running races are going on as well. The 10K’s, 5K’s, 2 Miles and the Tortola Torture, long may it continue and I think it will. A lot of people are doing running races and Marathons.”

Organizers are asking for the cooperation of motorist on the coastal roads between 6-8:30 a.m. on Saturday

Record 27 Nominated For Athletes of The Year Presented By Sol


NACAC President Victor Lopez Photo Credit: Todd VanSickle

NACAC President Victor Lopez Photo Credit: Todd VanSickle

Despite uncertainty surrounding the start of the 2015 season because of repair work planned for the Mondo track at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds, BVI track and field athletes turned in stellar performances during the 2015 season.

As BVI athletes put those early season challenges behind, there was an unparalleled run of National Records in the BVI Athletics Association 44-year history, where for 13 consecutive weeks, starting on January 23, 2015, some level of National Youth, Jr. Senior Record was established.

Against that backdrop, a record 27 athletes are vying for the coveted Athlete of the Year awards presented by Sol in Youth, Junior and Senior divisions. The forthcoming event is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 29, at the Moorings. Donation is $50 single and $85 per couple.

Sol will also dole out awards to athletes who have established a National Records that stood at season’s end. In all, there were 15 National Records established during the season.

During the evening, the Most Outstanding Athletes Awards from U9 through the Open Divisions in track events, field events and combined events will be recognized as well as the Most Improved Athlete, and the Comeback Athlete of the Year.

The Coach of the Year will also be named. Awards for Road Racing will also be presented and three early contributors to the development of the organization will receive the BVIAA’s Lifetime Achievement Awards.
Following are the respective nominees in the different divisions.

2015 Athletes of The Year Nominees presented by Sol
2015 Youth Female Athlete of the Year
Beyonce DeFreitas, A’Keela McMaster Alisha Hayde, Ariyah Smith, Asia McMaster

2015 Youth Male Athlete of the Year
Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Malakai Smith, T’Koy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe

2015 Jr. Male Athlete of the Year
Kryon McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw, K’Cei Moses, D’Jimon Gumbs

2015 Jr. Female Athlete of the Year
Trevia Gumbs, Tynelle Gumbs, Nelda Huggins, Taylor Hill, Deya Erickson, L’T’sha Fahie

2015 Sr. Male Athlete of the Year
Khari Herbert, Eldred Henry, Shaquoy Stephens

2015 Sr. Female Athlete of the Year
Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Karene King, Ashley Kelly, Chantel Malon

2015 Most Outstanding Track & Field Performance Nominees

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Male Athlete
Akeem Bradshaw, Kyron McMaster, Khari Herbert

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Male Athlete
Akeem Bradshaw, Eldred Henry, Dylan Moses, Kevin Vanterpool

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Female Athlete
Ashley Kelly, Karene King, Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Female Athlete
Kala Penn, Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Arianna Hayde

2015 Most Outstanding Combined Events Male Athlete
Eldred Henry

2015 Most Outstanding Men’s Open Track Athlete
Shaquoy Stephens, Khari Herbert, Tarique Moses

2015 Most Outstanding Women’s Open Track Athlete
Karene King, Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Ashley Kelly

2015 Most Outstanding Men’s Open Field Athlete
Keron Stoute, Eldred Henry

2015 Most Outstanding Women’s Open Field Athlete
Chantel Malone

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Track Athlete
Ronique Todman, Kyron McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Track Athlete
Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins, Lakeisha Warner, Jonel Lacey, Tarika Moses, Deya Erickson

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Field Athlete
Dylan Moses, Akeem Bradshaw, Kevin Vanterpool, Tahj Malone

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Field Athlete
Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Javlyn Frett

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Track Athlete
Johnt’a Charles, K’Cei Moses, Malique Wattley

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Track Athlete
L’Tsha Fahie, Shaniah Caul, Kala Penn

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Field Athlete
Djimon Gumbs, Diamante Gumbs, Tyrique Bradshaw

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Field Athlete
Kala Penn, Arianna Hayde, Akira Phillips

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Track Athlete
Chaz Fahie, Ajaalee Malone, Malakai Romney

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Track Athlete
Xiomara Malone, Zara Brown, Beyonce DeFreitas, Tashara Edwards

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Field Athlete
J’Quaan Smith, Ajaalee Malone, Kawa Williams

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Field Athlete
Xiomara Malone, Z’Niah Hutchinson, Dominique Moses, Tashara Edwards

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 13 Field Athlete
Malakai Smith, Kybah Dawson, Sha’el Lavacia

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 13 Field Athlete
Aryiah Smith, Alisha Hayde, Chassidy George, Kaelyah Liburd

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-13 Track Athlete
Sh’ael Lavacia, Kybah Dawson, Wanyae Bell, Malakai Smith

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-13 Track Athlete
Alisha Hayde, D’Neigh Williams, Ariyah Smith, Shymmera Forbes

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-11 Track Athlete
T’Koy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe, Jahari Lacey, Kaleem Lettsome

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-11 Track Athlete
Jahtivya Williams, Akeela McMaster, A’Deja Hodge, Keanjah Roberts
015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 11 Field Athlete
Kaleem Lettsome, T’Khoy Stevens, M’Kori Crabbe

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 11 Field Athlete
A’Keela McMaster, D’Neah Hodge, Adeajah Hodge

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Field Athlete
Asia McMaster, Shannia Johnson, Jada John-Lewis

2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Track Athlete
Shannia Johnson, Asia McMaster, Jada John-Lewis, Jah’Kyla Morton

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Field Athlete
Sean Samuel, Latriel Williams, Kori Penn

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Track Athlete
Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Shamoi Dore

Premier Dental Collegiate Athlete of the Year Nominees
Khari Herbert, Trevia Gumbs, Eldred Henry, Tynelle Gumbs

2015 Road Racing Nominees (Unofficial) the 10th BVI Half Marathon will determine the rest of the Nominees.

Road Race Series Male Athlete of the Year
Julius Farley, Reuben Stoby

Road Race Series Female Athlete of the Year
Rosmond Johnson

Johnny Hassan donates equipment to BVI Athletics Association

By: Dean Greenaway

Johnny Hassan Donation copyOfficials recording measurements in field events in BVI Athletics Association and other track meets in the territory, will no longer have to stand, thanks to a donation from a former president.

Johnny Hassan on Saturday evening handed over six 30-inch utility tables and six chairs which officials in field events such as Long and Triple Jumps, Shot Put, Discus Throw, Ball Throw, Javelin Throw, High Jump and reading Wind Gauges will be able to use.

Hassan who was BVI Athletics Association president between 1974 and 1976 has made other equipment donations to the association. Every time an athlete open a water cooler to get a beverage at BVIAA competitions, they interact with Hassan’s donation.

Last week the BVI Athletics Association held the Johnny Hassan Relays. Hassan presented the monetary prizes he donated to representatives from Fire and Rescue, Top Notch, Sprint Tech and Raw Skillz Track Clubs who had the top teams in the relays in his honor.

On behalf of athletes and officials, the BVI Athletics Association sincerely thank Johnny Hassan for his contributions. Anyone interested in donating to the BVI Athletics Association can call 284.541.3545 for more details.

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Stephens’ 100M, Bradshaw’s 14.29M triple jump highlights BVIAA meet

By: Dean Greenaway

Akeem copyFast Lane Track Club’s Shaquoy Stephens dropped the fastest time ever recorded by a home based athlete in his second century of the season and Top Notch Track Club’s Akeem Bradshaw had the best home based Triple Jump series ever, among highlights of Saturday evening’s 9th BVI Athletics Association Development Series meet.

While what was billed as the fastest man on island showdown with Stephens facing Top Notch Track Club’s duo of Mark Kendal and J’Maal Alexander who ran 10.83 and 10.85 respectively in their last outing, didn’t materialize—he strutted his stuff on his own. [Read more…]

National Record, World Jr. Championships qualifier highlights BVIAA meet

By: Dean Greenaway

TrevNelA National Record in the Shot Put and an IAAF World Jr. Championships 200m qualifier for two 2013 Carifta Games silver medalists, highlighted the 5th BVI Athletics Association Development Series meet on Saturday at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds.

Two weeks after claiming the National Shot Put Record, Top Notch Track Club’s Trevia Gumbs cracked the 13m barrier in her pet event for the first time in her career, when she heaved the 4K ball 13.03m (42’9”). The mark eclipsed the 12.90 she threw on January 18. [Read more…]

Carifta Games 400M Silver Medalist Tunes Up For 800M Debut

600mA day’s delay because of inclement weather and a rains during the early part of competition on Saturday morning, affected the overall number of participants but did not diminish the competitive juices in the BVI Athletics Association 4th Development Series Meet, that saw two St. Croix participants joining athletes from St. Thomas, Tortola and Virgin Gorda in action. [Read more…]

Twin Sisters’ Throws Demolish National Records In BVIAA Development Meet

By: Dean Greenaway

Tynelle webA pair of twin sisters demolished a set of Tahiriah Lewis’ 12-year old National Records in the throwing events, highlighting the BVI Athletics Association third Development Series meet at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds on Friday night.

Already the second best thrower on the territory’s Discus Throw All Time List, Top Notch Track Club’s Tynelle Gumbs—who is also the Javelin Throw standard bearer—became the first to crack 40 meters when she unleashed a 40.89m (134’1¾”) effort, erasing her 37.27m (122’3¼”) from March 9 last year. In the process, the 2013 Carifta Games U20 Girls Javelin Throw bronze medalist—who became the first 30m-30m combination thrower—broke Lewis’ mark of 38.54m (126’6”), which stood since 2002. [Read more…]

Exhibition highlights VI’s sports for Sochi 2014 and Glasgow 2014

BVI's half-pipe skier for Winter Olympic Fames Sochi 2014, Peter Adam Crook answers questions at the BVIOC's multi sport exhibition

BVI’s half-pipe skier for Winter Olympic Fames Sochi 2014, Peter Adam Crook answers questions at the BVIOC’s multi sport exhibition

The BVI Ski Association, the BVI Athletics Association, the BVI Swimming Association, and the BVI Squash Rackets Association presented their respective sports to a rapt audience at an interactive exhibition hosted by the BVI Olympic Committee at the Tortola Sports Club last Saturday. The morning event highlighted the upcoming Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014, and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games in which qualified athletes will represent the Virgin Islands.

Peter Adam Crook (Adam), who earlier last week was officially presented as the territory’s half-pipe skier for Sochi 2014, and Joe Chapman, squash player for the VI in Glasgow 2014 presented their respective sports in the glass-fronted squash courts to a public that previously had very little exposure to either half-pipe skiing or squash.
[Read more…]