BVI Rugby 7s squad set to compete in Puerto Rico

BVI Rugby 7’s Squad scrum down under the watchful eye of referee, Jorge Soltero, Director, Rugby Puerto Rico during the 2020 Founder’s Cup, Puerto Rico

The British Virgin Islands Rugby Football Union (BVIRFU) will be competing in the Founders’ Cup 7s tournament to be held this Saturday, March 18, 2023 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The “Friendlies” tournament will feature 2 competitive teams from Babson College, Massachusetts, USA. According to the BVIRFU, Babson 7s, who play in the USA National Championships, will be a force to be reckoned with at this year’s tournament.

The event will pit an experienced BVI squad up against the speed and fitness of the College teams as well as the highly spirited home team, the Puerto Rican Pitirres.

BVI was able to win the tournament convincingly in 2020 but the Puerto Ricans are persevering with their program and are expected to put up a strong showing this weekend. Babson, who are playing well this year, are also expected to be very competitive.

The matches will be held at Club de Futbol Fraigcomar and first kickoff is 4:00 PM with the finals expected around 8 PM. There will be a women’s rugby exhibition game mid way through the tournament.

The BVI squad consists of several experienced players such as the Thornton brothers, Roan and Rory, who both played competitively on the UK circuit while at University before returning home and running out for the BVI National squad on many occasions.

Emerging talent, young BVIslander and 2nd generation BVI rugby star, William Adamson is expected to be the team’s enforcer – putting down the big hits and moving youngsters out of his way at will.

National team coach, Stuart Fee will lace up his boots to play for the territory for the first time and big things are expected from the 110kg flyhalf.

With over a half century of experience between them, Tom Chapman and Ian Chambers are also expected to throw their weight around to put the American youngsters under pressure.

The full squad is a follows:
Rory Thonton
Roan Thornton
William Adamson
Stuart Fee
Tom Chapman
Ian Chambers
Alex Haywood
Luke Saltastall

Rugby forges ahead with youth development programme

Source: BVI Platinum

Children take part in tag rugby under the guidance of Rugby Development Officer, Sherlock Solomon. Photo: BVIRFU

Children take part in tag rugby under the guidance of Rugby Development Officer, Sherlock Solomon. Photo: BVIRFU

In efforts of making the sport of rugby a permanent fixture on the competitive charts in the British Virgin Islands, the BVI Rugby Football Union (BVIRFU) has now turned their attention to training and encouraging young persons to play the sport.

Over the last two weeks, representatives from the union have been visiting schools around the Territory, teaching young persons how to play the game, its rules and the overall health and physical benefits to be gained.

These visits and training with the students will lead into a Rugby Festival, to be hosted by the union late next month, November.

According to Rugby Development Officer for the BVIRFU, Sherlock Solomon, the Festival will put the training received by both primary and secondary school students to the test, as teams are expected to go head to head in tournaments.

BVI Rugby Football Union upcoming events

By: BVI Rugby Football Union

BVI Rugby Football Union Photo: BVIRFU

BVI Rugby Football Union Photo: BVIRFU

The BVI is playing its first NACRA International on February 28th against St Lucia, in St Lucia. Training takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 5:30pm at Baughers Bay.

Players who have resided in the BVI for three (3) or more years are eligible to represent the territory and get a CAP.
There are two additional NACRA fixtures against Curacao to be played at home on a date yet to be confirmed and against St Vincent on April 18 in St Vincent.

Other upcoming events include the the Fort Lauderdale Rugby RUGGERFEST 2015, February 21-22 when BVI players will join up with St Thomas rugby club to compete in Florida.

The Six Nations is back on with the first game, Wales v England, kicking off at 4:00pm on Friday, February 6.

The Kowloon 10s take place in Hong Kong on March 25.

In response to the interest expressed in contact rugby and given the availability of a full size field, the BVIRFU is looking to start a 10 aside competition which can be played at either Capoons Bay or Green lands in the East End, possibly on a Friday night. Anyone interested in playing or forming a team is invited to get in contact with the BVIRFU so that a schedule can be prepared. BVIRFU has enough jumps for about three teams.