BVIAA names 2018 Athletes of the Year

By BVI Athletics Association

BVIAA Colonial Insurance (BVI) Ltd 2018 Athletes of the Year. Photo: BVIAA

The British Virgin Islands Athletics Association is pleased to officially announce the 2018 Colonial Insurance (BVI) Ltd. Athletes Of The Year awards in each of its categories:

Kyron McMaster and Chantel Malone have been named BVIAA Colonial Insurance (BVI) Ltd. Senior Male and Female Athletes of the Year.

Kyron McMaster, ranked No. 3 in the world in 2018 in the men’s 400-meter hurdles is the two-times Diamond League Champion of 2017 and 2018. He is a three-times 2018 Gold medalist in the 400m Hurdles having won at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast, Australia, the Central and American and Caribbean Games (CAC) in Barranquilla, Colombia and the North American and Caribbean Championships (NACAC) in Toronto, Canada. McMaster’s personal best of 47.54 seconds achieved at the Paris Diamond League in June 2018 highlights his huge accomplishments.

Chantel Malone, the territory’s first IAAF World Championships finalist finishing 7th in the women’s long jump in 2017 was ranked top 100 in the world in 2018 in the women’s long jump. Malone’s 2018 achievements include placing 5th at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, a silver medalist at the Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) with a leap of 6.52m, and a 5th place in the women’s long jump at the 2018 North American and Caribbean Championships in Toronto, Canada.

Rikkoi Brathwaite and Beyonce Defreitas have been named BVIAA Colonial Insurance (BVI) Ltd. Junior Male and Female of the Year.

Brathwaite is the Jr. National Record Holder in the 100m dash. During 2018, he placed 3rd in the 100m at the Flow Carifta Games in Bahamas as well as competing at the IAAF World Under 20 Championships in Tampere, Finland where he advanced to the 100m semi-finals with a time of 10.44 seconds.

DeFreitas, 2017 silver medalist at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Bahamas in the 200m sprint, began 2018 with astonishing times which qualified her for the Flow Carifta Games, the IAAF World Under 20 Championships and the Youth Olympic Games. She is one of the few in the OECS to run under 24 seconds in the 200m at the age of 15 and is a national leader in her division. She has remained unbeaten in local competition since the age of 13.

Jaleel Croal and Adaejah Hodge have been named BVIAA Colonial Insurance (BVI) Ltd. Youth Male and Female Athletes of the Year for 2018.

Croal, coming off strong performance among peers in the Heptathlon at the North American, Central American and Caribbean (NACAC) Age Group Championships held in Trinidad and Tobago in June 2017, ended 2018 as the national top 100m and 200m leader in his U15 age division. He qualified for the Flow Carifta Games in both the 100m and 200m and as a first time competitor, he placed 6th in the 100m finals at Carifta.

In 2018, Hodge ran a time of 12.34 seconds in 100m. She broke the 26 year old record (24.47 August 1st, 1992) with a time of 24.37 seconds in the 200m in her Under 13 age division at the Jr. Olympics in the USA. Hodge was honoured as the top female athlete at both the Wildcat Invitational meet and Mustang Stampede meet in Douglasville, GA. She also set 60m and 200m indoors with times of 7.88 seconds and 25.53 seconds respectively at the Birmingham Alabama Cross Plex meet during the season. Her personal best in other events includes 56.79 second in the 400m and 17 feet 12 inches in the long jump amongst her other highlighted accomplishments as an Under 13 athlete.

The BVIAA Executive and the BVI athletics family extend congratulations to all the athletes.

Beyonce Defreitas and Jaleel Croal respectively qualify for 2018 IAAF World Jr Championships, Carifta Games

By BVI Athletics Association

Beyonce DeFreitas (red Sprint Tech top) clocked a time of 24.07 in the 200m to earn a spot at the IAAF 2018 World U20 Junior Championships in Tampere, Finland from July 10 – 15, 2018. Photo:Dean Greenaway

Beyonce DeFreitas of Sprint Tech Track Club clocked a time of 24.07 in the 200m dash surpassing the IAAF World Jr Championship’s 200m qualifier mark of 24.20 and earning her the right to compete at the upcoming IAAF 2018 World U20 Junior Championships in Tampere, Finland from July 10 – 15, 2018.

Additionally, Jaleel Croal of Sprint Tech Track Club ran a time of 11.25 and 21.86 in the 100m and 200m respectively to surpass Carifta Games qualifying standards of 11.25 and 22.15.

Locally, the fifth meet in the BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series concluded at the A.O. Shirley Grounds.

The BVIAA acknowledges the regional athletes from Antigua and Barbuda and the US Virgin Islands (the St. Croix Track Club and Cheetah’s Track Club of St. Thomas) for competing.

The BVIAA and the BVI Athletics family extends thanks to Walkers during their 2017 Charity Day Qualification Event for their generous donation of $1,500.00 which has been used towards the Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series and the recovery of athletics in the territory.

During the meet, Ms. DeAnna Wattley was the lucky raffle winner of the 32g IPAD compliments of Klass Electronics. Proceeds from the raffle benefit the Fast Lane Track Club founded by Coach Dag Samuels.

The BVIAA Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series will continue on Saturdays, March 10 and 24, 2018 at the A.O. Shirley Grounds.

Official Results of the BVIAA Dag Samuels Developmental Meet Series
A. O Shirley Grounds, Road Town, Tortola
Meet #5- 24 February, 2018

Participating Teams: ANT- Antigua & Barbuda, ATC- Ambassadors Throwing Club; CTC- Cheetah’s Track Club; FLTC- Fast Lane Track Club; RSTC- Raw Skillz Track Club; STTC – Sprint Tech Track Club; STXTC – St. Croix Track Club; TNTC- Top Notch Track Club; UNA- Unattached;

GIRLS U15: 1. Kenyatta Grate (STTC), 4.41m (+1.4). 2. Abriel Magloire (FLTC), 3.97m (+1.3)
BOYS U17: 1. Allonye Gordon (CTC), 4.80 (+4.2)

GIRLS U13 (6.6lbs): 1. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 6.86m.
U15 (6.6lbs): 1. Jonique Smith (ATC), 8.80m. 2. Alexa Hodge (FLTC), 7.58m.
U17 (6.6lbs): 1. Ariana Edgar (STXTC), 11.64m. 2. Kyra Willett (ANT), 11.30m. 3. Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 7.73m.
U20 (8.8lbs): 1. Akira Phillip (ATC), 8.44m.

BOYS: U15 (12lbs): 1. Sh’ael Lavacia (STTC), 10.16m. 2. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 6.93m. 3. Mehki Smith (ATC), 6.33m.
U20 (14lbs): 1. 2. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 15.95m. 2. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 14.43m. 3. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 10.29m.
OPEN: (16lbs): 1. Kevin Vanterpool (TNTC), 9.88m.

GIRLS U13 (500g): 1. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 13.85m.
U15 (500g): 1. Jonique Smith (ATC), 16.97m. 2. Alexa Hodge (ATC), 15.50m.
U17 (500g). 1. Kyra Willett (ANT), 29.05m. 2. Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 15.64m.
U20 (600g): 1. Akira Phillip (ATC), 37.68m. OPEN: 1. Britney Peters (600g), 42.88m.

BOYS: U15 (700g): 1. Sh’ael Lavacia (STTC), 33.54m. 2. Mekhi Smith (FLTC Jr.), 20.28m. 3. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 18.15m.
U20 (800g): 1. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 31.06m.
OPEN: (800g): 1. Kevin Vanterpool (TNTC), 50.00m.

800m RUN:
GIRLS: OPEN: 1. Katrina Lindsey (FLTC) 2:27.11. 2.Tashira Edwards (STTC) 2:27.64
BOYS: OPEN: 1. Gevon Smith (STTC), 2:13.32. 2. Clever Liberte (CTC), 2:26.35

GIRLS: U13 (wind +2.8) : 1. Acaida Frett (FLTC), 13.79. 2. Asia McMaster (UNA), 13.81. 3. Vinesha John (FLTC), 14.38. 4. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 14.45. 5. Nejma Benjamin (FLTC), 16.08.
U15 (H1 – +1.5; H2 -2.3): 1. Crystal Maximea (H1) (FLTC), 13.01. 2. Jahtivya Williams (H2), (STTC), 13.13. 3. Abriel Magloire (H1), (FLTC) 13.34. 4 Lia Claxton (H1) (STTC), 13.65. 5. Akeela MacMaster (H2), (UNA), 13.66 6. Nickelia Drummond (H2) (STTC), 13.73. 7.Kailia Martin (H2) (FLTC), 13.90. 8. Ariana Edgar (H2) (STXTC), 14.62. 9. Genelle Smith (H1) (STTC), 15.06. 10. Anaya Frett (H2) (STTC), 15.14.
U17 (-0.2): 1. Joella Lloyd, (ANT), 11.75. 2. Soniya Jones, (ANT), 12.13. 3. Sherna Williams, (CTC), 13.82.
U20 (-0.2): 1. Anelia Austries, (STXTC), 13.81
OPEN (-0.2): 1. Deya Erikson (STTC) 12.81.

BOYS: U13 (wind +0.3): 1. Antuwn Maduro, (STTC), 13.71. 2. Johari Lacey, (STTC), 14.07. 3. Jobari Pemberton, (FLTC), 14.19.
U15: (-2.8) 1. Jamoi Roberts (STTC), 12.96. 2. Jelani Croal (STTC), 13.36. 3. Rashaun Jack (STTC), 14.44. 4. Santos Caines (STTC), 14.47.
U17: (-1.7) 1. Razeeam Richards (ANT), 11.15. 2. Jaleel Croal (STTC), 11.25. 3. Jaekwon Gordon (CTC), 11.81. 4. Shajoni Huggins (FLTC) (no time available)
U20 (-1.7): 1. Ramandin Alexander (ANT), 10.89. 2. Joshua Lynch, (STTC), 11.66. 3. Chris Wickham, (CTC), 12.37.
OPEN (-1.7): 1. Khoy Vanterpool, () 12.84.

BOYS: U9 (+1.1): 1. Ayden McIntosh (FLTC), 10.04. 2. Apollo Henry (STTC), 11.02.

300m DASH:
GIRLS: U11: 1. Shyra Stoutt (STTC), 55.74. 2. Ka’Brina Hill (STTC), 1:00.47. 3. Malia Robin (STTC), 1:01.24.
U13: 1. Michelle Smith (STXTC), 45.03. 2. Kenniqua Grate, (UNA), 54.80.
U15: 1. Kenyatta Grate (STTC), 42.97. 2. Crystal Maxima, (STTC), 42.98. 3. Ariyah Smith (STTC), 45.95. 4. Deonna Campbell (FLTC), 46.36.

BOYS: U11: 1. Tiondre Frett (STTC), 47.56. 2. Latriel Williams (STTC), 48.18. 3. Azriel Smith (STTC), 52.01.
U13: 1. Kaleem Lettsome (STTC), 45.55. 2. Sean Samuel (RSTC), 46.14.

GIRLS: U17: 1. Akrisa Eristee, (STTC), 56.98. 2. Zara Brown (STTC), 59.45. 3. Kaelyaah Liburd, (RSTC), 1:00.78. 4. Tashira Edwards, (STTC), 1:02.16. 5. Alisha Hayde, (STTC), 1:06.55.
U20: 1. Beyonce Defreitas (STTC), 56.95.

BOYS:U17: 1. Malik John, (STTC), 52.05. 2. J’mari Duhaney (STTC), 53:40. 3. Jelani Croal (STTC), 58.32. 4. Allonye Gordon (CTC), 58.89. 5. Wanyae Belle, (STTC), 1:00.80. 6. Wayne Reid (STTC), 1:03.01. 7. Rashuan Jack (STTC), 1:04.53. 8. Santo Caines (STTC), 1:10.20
U20: 1. Joshua Lynch, (STTC), 56.10. 2. Jonathon Hing, (STTC), 58.57.

FEMALES Open: 1. Mariah Christian, (RSTC), 5:13.09. 2. Katrina Lindsay, (STTC), 5:16.47
MALES: Open: 1. Samuel Romney, (STTC), 4:40.65

GIRLS: U11: 1. Shyra Stoutt (STTC), 24.59. 2. Ka’Brina Hill (FLTC Jrs.), 25.89. 3. Malia Robin (STTC), 26.36.
BOYS: U9: 1. Ayden McIntosh (FLTC Jrs.), 24.01. 2. Apollo Henry (STTC), 27.32.
U11: 1. Tiondre Frett, (STTC), 20.92. Azriel Smith (STTC) 22.89.

GIRLS: U13 (wind -1.5): 1. Michelle Smith (STXTC), 28.54. 2. Asia McMaster (RSTC), 28.95. 3. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 30.70. 4. Vinesha John (FLTC), 30.75
U15 (+0.9): 1. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 26.20. 2. Akeela McMaster (UNA), 26.86. 3. Ariyah Smith (STTC), 27.76. 4. Nickelia Drummond (STTC), 27.79. 5. Kailia Martin ((FLTC), 28.30. 6. Lia Claxton (STTC), 28.96. 7. Deona Campbell (FLTC), 30.41. 8. Anaya Frett (FLTC), 33.10.
U17 (+1.9): 1. Joella Lloyd (ANT), 24.23. 2. Soniya Jones (ANT), 25.03. 3. Zara Brown (FLTC), 25.57. 4. Alisha Hayde (STTC), 27.24. 5. Sherna Williams (CTC), 28.78.
U20: (wind +1.9) 1. Beyonce Defreitas (STTC), 24.07. 2. Shanice Hucey (STTC), 29.02.OPEN: (+1.9) 1. Deya Erickson (STTC), 26.74.

BOYS: U13: (wind -1.5) 1. Antuwn Maduro (STTC), 28.05. 2. Kaleem Lettsome (STTC), 28.11. 3. Jobari Pemberton (FLTC), 29.02. 4. Johari Lacey (STTC), 29.97.
U15: (+1.8) 1. Jamoi Roberts, (STTC), 25.31. 2. Jelani Croal (STTC), 26.86
U17: (H1+1.8, H2: -2.2, H3: +1.8) 1. Razeeam Richards (H3) (ANT), 21.84. 2. Jaleel Croal (H3) (STTC), 21.86. 3. Malik John (H3) (STTC), 23.13. 4. Jaekwon Gordon (H3) (CTC), 23.60. 5. J’mari Duhaney (H2) (STTC), 24.29. 6. Wanyae Belle (H2) (STTC), 25.17. 7. Kadeem Pena (H1) (FLTC), 25.00. 8. Wayne O’Neal (H1) (STTC), 26.30. 9. Shajoni Huggins (H1) (FLTC), 26.38.
U20: (H2: -2.2, H3:-+1.8) 1. Ramindin Alexander (H3) (ANT), 21.31. 2. Chris Wickham (H3) (CTC), 24.81. 3. Jonathan Hing (H2) (STTC), 26.46.
OPEN (+1.8): Khoy Vanterpool (STTC), 25.37.

Delegation return from Bahamas with VI’s first Commonwealth Youth Games medals

The Virgin Islands’ team at the Bahamas 2017 Commonwealth Youth Games. Photo: Bahamas Athletics / Kermit Taylor

Thrower, Dijimon Gumbs won the Virgin Islands’ first ever medal for a Commonwealth Youth Games at the 6th edition of the Games hosted in Nassau, Bahamas.

Dijimon received the Bronze medal in discus on July 20 with a heave of 56.24m. First place went to Connor Bell of New Zealand (63.17) and second place to James Tomlinson of Wales (60.11).

Beyonce Defreitas went on to earn the VI’s second medal when she won silver in the 200m event with a time of 23.88. First place went to Riley Day of Australia (23.42) and the bronze to Ella Connolly of Australia (24.09).

“We are tremendously proud of the sterling performances by Dijimon Gumbs and Beyonce Defreitas as well as the performances of the rest of the team,” said Mr. Ephraim Penn, President of the BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) in its capacity as the BVI Commonwealth Games (BVICGA). “Winning the Virgin Islands’ first medals at a Commonwealth Youth Games is definitely a special milestone in the Territory’s sporting history and we congratulate the athletes with their success. We also recognise the efforts and results of all our athletes who, on the whole, were able to keep their focus in competition. We encourage them all to continue on the path of success, taking lessons learned and putting them into action for future games and competitions and not least, to share their experiences of the friendly games with their family and friends – it has surely been a memorable one!”

On day 1 of competitions (Wednesday, July 19), tennis player Adrian Baijnauth lost in two sets (2-6, 0-6) to Arki Nobbs of Norfolk Island in the Men Singles. Later that evening, the BVI delegation was invited to the Atlantis Resort for a reception to honour the visit of the Queen’s Baton.

Day 2 of competition (Thursday, July 20) was the beginning of Track and Field events. The BVI team performed admirably with the following results:
Djimon Gumbs – Bronze medal in the Discus (56.24m)
Diamante Gumbs – 6th Discus (50.67m Personal Best)
Arianna Hayde – 6th Long Jump (5.57m)
Joshua Hill – 5th in 400m heat (49.75s)
Mikkel Bassue – 7th in 100m (10.90 P.B in Semifinals and 10.86 P.B in the finals)
Diamante Gumbs – 4th in Shot Put (16.66)

Day 3 of competition (Friday, July 21) was the continuation of Track and Field events with the following results:
Beyonce DeFreitas – 1st in 200m heat (25.01)
Mikkel Bassue – 6th in 200m heat (22.73)
Diamante Gumbs – 6th in Shot Put Finals (16.03)

Day 4 of competition (Saturday, July 22) continued with Track and Field events with the following result:
Beyonce DeFreitas – 2nd in 200m finals (23.88 having run 24.14 in the preceding semi finals)
Arianna Hayde – 5th in Javelin (44.73)

Prior to competitions, the opening ceremony started on Tuesday July 18th with Dijimon Gumbs being the flag bearer of the VI delegation. The VI stood proud among the 71 participating countries as they marched across the stadium in front of the gathered crowd. The closing ceremony rounded off the Games on Sunday, July 23.

The delegation of athletes, coaches (Malcolm Dabreo – Tennis, Omar Jones -Field, Willis Todman – Track, Physio, Chester Levi), Chef de Mission, Sabinah Clement, and President of the BVICGA, Ephraim Penn returned to the VI on Monday, July 24 to be greeted with a welcome ceremony.

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