New Home for CGF as Her Majesty The Queen Launches New Commonwealth Hub

CGF President Louise Martin CBE introduced Her Majesty The Queen to Commonwealth athletes Sasha Corbin, Ali Glasse-Davies and Helen Housby at the launch of the new Commonwealth Hub on June 9. Photo: CGF

CGF President Louise Martin CBE introduced Her Majesty The Queen to Commonwealth athletes Sasha Corbin, Ali Glasse-Davies and Helen Housby at the launch of the new Commonwealth Hub on June 9. Photo: CGF

Her Majesty The Queen today launched a new Commonwealth Hub which will bring Commonwealth organisations, including the Commonwealth Games Federation, together in the same location to create a collaborative, dynamic and innovative way of working.

The three Commonwealth organisations that will move to a new combined centre of Commonwealth activity – Marlborough House and Quadrant House – are the Commonwealth Games Federation, the Royal Commonwealth Society and the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. It is expected that other Commonwealth organisations will join the hub in due course with Quadrant House being renamed Commonwealth House.

The Queen officially launched the new Hub during a visit to Marlborough House ahead of her official 90th birthday celebrations which will take place this weekend and will be attended by representatives from 53 Commonwealth countries. As part of the celebrations, CGF President Louise Martin CBE introduced Her Majesty to Commonwealth athletes Sasha Corbin, Helen Housby and Ali Glasse-Davies.

The new Commonwealth Hub will help to deliver the Secretary-General’s vision to work more closely with all Commonwealth organisations to honour the values of the Commonwealth charter and the commitments on health, education, climate change, good governance, equality and the rule of law in the Sustainable Development Goals and COP 21. It also delivers one of the CGF’s Transformation 2022 goals, to co-locate and align with Commonwealth organisations to maximise collaboration opportunities.

The Commonwealth Hub will bring the Commonwealth Games to the heart of the Commonwealth headquarters and will encourage more young people to become engaged in Commonwealth issues. It will also provide a focal point for reaching to mayors and elected councillors and their local communities right across the Commonwealth. Other plans for the Commonwealth Hub include an education centre in the newly named Commonwealth House.
The CGF will move from its current premises in London’s Old Street over the summer.

Patricia Scotland QC, Commonwealth Secretary-General, said:
“I’m delighted to welcome Her Majesty to launch this coming together of the Commonwealth family in a new Commonwealth Hub. We’re all working to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals, the Paris Climate Agreement and the Commonwealth Charter so it’s right that we look to cement this relationship with the creation of Commonwealth House.

“I would like to thank the three organisations who have joined us at the start of this journey and I look forward to us being joined by others as we have a better conversation with the public about our priorities as a Commonwealth.”

Louise Martin CBE, Commonwealth Games Federation President, said:
“Partnerships sit at the heart of Transformation 2022, our new vision to move from a four- yearly event cycle to a year-round movement connecting athletes and citizens across the Commonwealth through sport. We rely on and enjoy incredibly positive partnerships with colleagues across the Commonwealth family to promote the Commonwealth, deliver projects or showcase initiatives on the level playing field of sport. I’ve no doubt our combined move to Commonwealth House will realise an inspiring and impactful new era of Commonwealth-wide collaborations and celebrations built on shared values.”

Carl Wright, Commonwealth Local Government Forum Secretary-General, said:
“This Commonwealth hub, based at Commonwealth House, is an exciting development that will help us better coordinate our work with other Commonwealth organisations and provide added value to our members and citizens of the Commonwealth to help deliver development, local government, good governance and a better quality of life for the 2.3 billion citizens we and our members serve.”

Claire Whitaker OBE, Chair of the Royal Commonwealth Society, said:
“This is a very exciting moment in the 148 year history of the Royal Commonwealth Society and we are proud to be collaborating with other Commonwealth colleagues on this exciting initiative. The Commonwealth Hub represents an aspirational and exciting step forward for the Commonwealth to make the best possible use of its many and varied assets. I anticipate invigorated collaboration across the Commonwealth family and a more vibrant and creative presence for the Commonwealth itself.”