Youths top field in Blenheim Trust 5K series opener


 Tarique "Tweety" Moses, left and Tallulah Kinkead were the winners in the 2015 opener of the Blenheim Trust 5K Series on Saturday PHOTO CREDIT: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Tarique “Tweety” Moses, left and Tallulah Kinkead were the winners in the 2015 opener of the Blenheim Trust 5K Series on Saturday. Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Tarique “Tweety” Moses and Tallulah Kinkead were the respective men’s and women’s division winners during Saturday’s kickoff off of the 2015 Blenheim Trust 5K Series.

The series, which has different tour stops around Tortola, began and ended at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds in a tour of the city and dubbed the City Circuit. Soon to be 20 year old Moses overhauled the early leaders to win in 18 minutes and 47 seconds while Kinkead, 14 later this year, seized the lead from Katrina Crumpler near the end to take the women’s division in 21:23, in a race that attracted 60 participants.

“This race this morning was better than expected,” Moses stated of his debut. “When I came, I knew the competitors I had to tackle in the race and they went out fast. I stayed 10-20 meters behind them and caught them around the softball field. When we made the turn to come home, I knew I was stronger than them and they’d have to run to catch me so I left them.”

Moses who won the 800m in 2 minutes 01.64 seconds in the Feb 13 BVI Athletics Association Development Series meet, said it was like a training run, but had hoped to go under 18 minutes, said it wasn’t a bad opener and he’ll be back. “I know those guys will be looking out for me,” he noted.

Early women’s leader, Kinkead, who was passed by both Katrina Crumpler and Rosmond Johnson who placed second and third respectively, didn’t have any particular goals for the race. “I really just wanted to run,” she explained. “Rosemond was ahead of me and then I caught Katrina on a sprint at the very end.”

“It was great to see so many people for the series opener,” Race Director Kay Reddy stated. “We had 60 people hit the road today despite a little bit of early morning rain making it flat and fast. Our youngest was eight years old and our oldest was, well I’m no allowed to say, but we had a wide spread and today, the youth won out over experience.”

With the race contributing points towards the 2015 Road Racer of the Year, Reddy noted that Moses has thrown down the gauntlet. “Over the drinks, I could hear the old and the young throwing down the gauntlet at each other so I think the next race is going to be very fast, as people push to take the bullets back,” she said.

The next tour stop will be in Carrot Bay on March 28, followed by the race on Beef Island. The Dive BVI 5K Series continues on Virgin Gorda on March 7.

Final results.

Men: 1. Tarique Moses, 18 minutes and 47 seconds.  2. Guy Williamson, 19:08.  3. Julius Farley, 19:27.  4. Curwin Andrews, 19:43.  5. Zebalon McLean, 20:01.  6. Ravindra Sukha, 20:03.  7. Emrol Amsterdam, 20:18.  8. Michael Killourhy, 20:27.  9. David Kinkead, 21:34.  10. Aaron Gardner, 21:45.  11. Joash Victor, 22:15.  12. Adam Holdt, 22:21.  13. Adrian Dale, 22:46.  14. Patrick Ormond, 22:48.28.  15. Charles Kerins, 22:28.  16. Chris Conway, 23:18. 17. Anton Goldstein, 23:32.  18. Luka Chalwell, 23:43.  19. Sam Potgieter, 26:09.  20. Julien Johnson, 26:10.  21. Claudius Rhymer, 26:53.  22. Stephen Bridson, 27:14.  23. Andrew ‘Birthday Boy’ Willins, 29:08.  24. Charlie Potgieter, 29:18.  25. Marvin Flax, 30:15.  26. Stephen Beard, 30:24.  27. Howard Moore, 31:07.  28. Chris & Joey Potgieter, 33:40.  29. Rommel Sofia, 34:04.

Women: 1. Tallulah Kinkead, 21:23.  2. Katrina Crumpler, 21:24.  3. Rosmond Johnson, 22:30.  4. Melissa Brunner, 23:43.  5. Anna Kinkead, 25:17.  6. Juliane Potgieter, 26:09.  7. Lauren Julien, 26:19.  8. Natasha Ruscheinski, 26:36.  9. Ariana Forbes, 27:03. 10. Lisa Bridson, 27:13.  11. Sarah Caroll, 27:24.  12. Eva Askuly, 27:25.  13. Jenny Dobbie, 28:07.  14. Zoe Bickerton, 28:24.  15. Ixora Williams, 28:45.  16. Catherine Ouriach, 29:28.  17. Sophie Jackson, 29:33.  18. Roslyn Gilbert, 29:45.  19. Ghislaine Hoogendijk, 30:00.  20. Candy Holdt, 30:48.  21. Simone Dabreo, 30:53.  22. Clair Burke, 31:40. 23. Fayona Creque, 32:09.  24. Joanne Mijares, 32:50.  25. Simpa Ganadillo, 33:10.  26. Sandra Fichtner, 35:18.  27. Claire Santillan, 35:54.
Walkers: 1. Liz Tapley, 46:36.  2. Sophie Bennett, 46:37.