VI set to host 2015 Caribbean Basketball Confederation Championships

By BVI Platinum

2014 CBC Championships. Photo: BVIOC

2014 CBC Championships. Photo: BVIOC

The Virgin Islands is gearing up to host the 2015 Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championships for men and women at the Multipurpose Sports Complex from June 8-21.

Officials from FIBA spent last weekend examining facilities and ensuring that the BVI can deliver a world class event similar to last year’s CBC tournament which was also hosted on Tortola.

“We know that the BVI, not only the Government, but the people are very hospitable; they come out and watch the championships,” said Mr. Glyne Clarke, President of CBC at a press conference to launch the tournament yesterday, April 20.

Group A of the men’s tournament features Barbados, BVI, Cayman Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the USVI. Group B sees Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Bermuda, Guyana and Suriname.

On the women’s side, Group A features Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and USVI, while Group B includes BVI, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana.

Clarke explained that their visit this year is more cosmetic.

“We had an intense session yesterday [Sunday] with the local organizing committee where we reviewed all the requirements and ensured that everything was discussed point by point. We had some concerns, just minor concerns from last year’s championships and the local organizing committee had some concerns from last year’s championship as well. All in all, I think we are set to have a fantastic and successful tournament free of any incidents,” Clarke explained.

The tournament qualifies the three teams from the championships for the next round of the competition, Centrobasket. From the Centrobasket tournament, four teams will qualify to play for the Americas Cup.

Mrs. Dawn Crabbe-Herbert, Director of Play 2 Win Limited is the producer for the tournament for the second consecutive year.

She told BVI Platinum News that this is a major financial undertaking.

“What makes it unique is that we were able to go out and get media rights company to buy in. We have sold those rights to pull off this tournament of this magnitude. We are happy that because we did such a good job, we were able to partner with entities that saw it fitting to be able to assist in the financing of such a venture,” Crabbe-Herbert explained.

Speaking about last year’s dismal turnout from fans, she said that the organizing committee has made adjustments.

“Last year, one of the issues and the complaints were financing. I think we have rectified that this year. This year the game will be $5 to come to the game. We want the public to come out and support their countries. We don’t want funding to be the reason why persons would not be available to come out. We have thrown out the great big profit and we are focusing on building and structuring of the togetherness of the community. For $5, come out and support your countries. During the morning games we will be opening it free of cost to all the schools,” Crabbe-Herbert stated.