Ruscheinski and Kinkead take top honours in the Summer Splash Sea Swim

Summer Splash kidThe third annual Summer Splash took place this year at Smuggler’s Cove on Sunday 30 June. The event consists of two races – a one mile swim and a half mile swim. There was also a children’s swim afterwards with the distance differing according to age groups.

This year 17 people competed in the one mile swim with 21 in the half mile and 25 children in the kid’s race. All proceeds from the event were donated to the KATS programme.

The event was sponsored by Deloitte and Ogier and was supported by VISAR and the BVI lifeguards who ensured the swimmer’s safety on the day.

1 Mile Results

# Name Surname Time
1 Tash Ruscheinski 31m08s
2 Anthony Spencer 33m40s
3 Jude Kinkead 34m15s
4 Mungo Lowe 36m13s
5 Stef Clout 36m34s
6 Jenny Collier 36m39s
7 Chris Ghiorse 36m55s
8 Sam Turner 39m10s
9 Dan Mitchell 42m32s
10 Lauren Aitken 44m38s
11 Gareth Thomas 45m05s
12 Ray Wearmouth 45m05s
13 Chantel Marchant 45m52s
14 Adrian Dale 49m00s
15 Jovan van Heerden 50m50s
16 Jenny McIvor 53m47s
17 Sofia Fay 55m08s


1/2 Mile Swim

# Name Surname Time
1 David Kinkead 20m30s
2 Jenny Collier 21m18s
3 Chris Ghiorse 21m48s
4 Tim Clipstone 22m30s
5 Emily Titchmarsh 23m10s
6 Gary Cottreau 24m05s
7 Neville Sorrentino 24m29s
8 Anna Kinkead 24m32s
9 Caitriona McGing 24m40s
10 Michael Killourhy 25m50s
11 Nellie Morgan 27m18s
12 Bradford Green 27m56s
13 Dominic Munro 28m00s
14 Adrian Dale 28m04s
15 Grant Green 28m06s
16 Aislinn Amory 28m54s
17 Emily McCleary 29m10s
18 Tallulah Kinkead 29m10s
19 Nicole Munro 35m08s
20 Vanessa Lawlor 36m48s
21 Rachel Munro 37m25s


Kids Swim Results

# Name Surname Division Time
1 Lawton Green 9 years and up 3m35s
2 Tola Broderick 9 years and up 4m25s
3 Sekai Questelles 9 years and up 4m36s
1 Rush Broderick 5-8 years 2m12s
2 Hannah Bridson 5-8 years 2m26s
3 Tai Thomas 5-8 years 2m30s
1 Tom Bridson Under 5 years 1m20s
2 Daniel Willings Under 5 years 1m55s
3 Allistair Monro Under 5 years 1m58s