Old Madrid Masters Football Tournament kicks off Saturday

Photo courtesy of VINO

Photo courtesy of VINO


Old Madrid Masters FC will be looking to reclaim the title of Champions when the 2015 Old Madrid Masters Football tournament kicks off on Saturday October 17, 2015 at Greenland Playfield in East End.

The tournament, which is open to players over the age of forty, will see six teams competing over two days, with defending champions St Martin Veterans expected to put up a fierce battle to retain the trophy.

The six teams are FOV Master from Antigua, Retroactive from St Croix, St Martin Veterans from French St Martin, Old Madrid and Combined Stars from Tortola, and Virgin Gorda Masters.

The teams are split into two zones of three. In Zone One are Retroactive, FOV Masters, and Old Madrid while in Zone Two are Combined Stars, St Martin Veterans and Virgin Gorda Masters.

The competition starts on Saturday at 1pm with all matches in both zones being played. On Sunday, starting at 2pm after cricket matches, the two last placed teams in both zones will meet in an exhibition match. The top four teams will then playoff in the semi-finals and finals.

The awards ceremonies will then follow to close out the night.

ZONE ONE                                                         ZONE TWO

OLD MADRID                                                     COMBINED STARS

RETROACTIVE FC                                               ST MARTIN VETERANS

FOV MASTERS                                                    VIRGIN GORDA MASTERS