NACRA South Zone Cup League update

BVI Rugby team in action. Photo: BVI Rugby

BVI Rugby team in action. Photo: BVI Rugby

Curacao moved to the top of the NACRA Championships 2015 South Zone Cup League table with a 36-19 win over St Lucia at the Mindoo Phillip Park in Castries, St Lucia.

The next fixture will take place on April 18 at the Arnos Vale Sporting Complex, St Vincent when St Vincent & The Grenadines meets the BVI for a critical match in the NACRA Leagues.

NACRA Championships 2015


North Zone Championship League
Cayman Islands 3 -24 Mexico
USA South 25-50 Mexico
USA South 24-25 Cayman Islands

North Zone Cup League
Turks and Caicos Islands 3-55 Bermuda
Bahamas 21-15 Bermuda
18/04: Turks and Caicos Islands v Bahamas

South Zone Championship League
Trinidad & Tobago 22-20 Guyana
Barbados 22-48 Guyana
Barbados 7-44 Trinidad and Tobago

South Zone Cup League
St Lucia 19-36 Curacao
St Lucia 14 – 22 British Virgin Islands
St Vincent & The Grenadines 24-24 Curacao
St Lucia 16-18 St Vincent & The Grenadines

18/04: St Vincent & The Grenadines v BVI

The winner of the South Zone Cup League will play the bottom team of the South Championship League (Barbados) for a shot at promotion to the Championships