Green Fleet Regatta & School’s (Nearly) Out Party

By Royal BVI Yacht Club

Sailors at the RBVIYC Green Fleet Regatta & School's (Nearly) Out Party. Photo: RBVIYC

Sailors at the RBVIYC Green Fleet Regatta & School’s (Nearly) Out Party. Photo: RBVIYC

On Saturday 11 June, 25 sailors came to Nanny Cay to celebrate the end of the school year. On this calm, light-wind day, five race team members were kept busy swapping 20 participants into sailboats and kayaks to race, play, and practice their sailing skills. They even managed to take our newer sailors for joy rides while still keeping time for running races.

Throughout the day five races were held and for each, a different sailor crossed the finish line as the victor.

 It was a great day for firsts and trying out new boats and by the end of the afternoon every sailor had had a go in every different type of boat.  Alex Fox and Antonio Cisneros both tested their skills on the race course in the Laser for the first time before jumping into Optimists and having some fun.

 Newbies, Sahil Khan, Freddie Rawlings and Lewis Wharton came out and took part in all the action throughout the day as well.  Open Bic crews of Jake and Zach Hallet, Felix Thorp, Barnaby Killourhy and Isaac Sutherland-Pilch swapped their racing skills for pirating as they hopped aboard the Lasers, capsizing and swimming.

Seven girls made quite a presence too when Victoria Rowlette, Sophia Jara, Laura D’Aloisio, Martha Killourhy and Amanda Plaxton raced with style and mixed it up in the kayaks and took a spin in the Lasers.

 Kael Chalwell, the newest member of the race team, sailed the course without fault, lending a hand to fellow newbie ‘green’ racer, Ethan George along the way.

KATS program sailors made an appearance too: De’Sani Thomas and Farrari Khan whizzed around in their Optimists as well as having a go racing around with the kayaks.

After the on-water racing and games, a barbecue was waiting. The day concluded with the race members awarding certificates and congratulations to all participants.

 To cap off the day, Commodore of the West End Yacht Club (WEYC), Lou Schwartz and Secretary, John Hayes arrived to present the a cheque for $500.

Schwartz explained to the children that the WEYC works alongside the RBVIYC to offer fun and entertaining racing in the BVI and are committed to helping develop sailing in the BVI through their fundraising efforts.  

”It is fantastic to see so many of you here today,” said Schwartz.”You are the future of sailing here in the BVI and the West End Yacht Club is delighted to be able to support this programme which is producing so many talented sailors.”

The RBVIYC thanks the instructor team for all the preparation, Steve Roose for helping organize and keeping the sailors safe on land and water, Clair Burke for the fabulous photographs and all the parents – out on their boats, baking, barbecuing and helping the sailors throughout the day.

 Acknowledgement is also extended to Nanny Cay and sailing programme supporters.

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