BVIFA plans a weekend of Football Festivals

The BVIFA is promising an August holiday weekend full of football, Festival Style, at its National Stadium venue in East End / Long Look from August 1 – 4, 2020.

Although the Men’s Festival Cup kicks the action off on Saturday, August 1, full attention will be on the Women’s Festival Cup, scheduled for Sunday, August 2, as newly appointed Head Coaches, Wayne Phillips and Anna French look to revitalize and showcase women’s football within the BVI.

According to French, “the goal of the event is to revitalize and showcase women’s football within the BVI, identify and recruit talented players for the national program, and boost excitement for the upcoming women’s club competition.”

The Women’s Festival Cup will be run as a one-day round robin-style five-a-side tournament featuring 4 teams that will be drafted by national coaches on the morning of the event. Check-in and warmups will begin from 11:30 am with the first matches kicking off at 1pm. Round-robin games of 20 minutes (10 minutes each half) will be played throughout the day and the final match kick-off is at 3:30.

Players of all skill levels are highly encouraged to attend and participate. Supporters are welcomed but please note that social distancing measures will be enforced.

Lorrelle Walters-Abrams is the BVIFA Executive Member responsible for Women’s football and she noted, “one of the BVIFA’s strategic plans is to develop and promote Women’s football in the territory and get the Clubs more actively involved. The importance of Women’s football is not only recognizable, but it can also bring positive change and impact the Territory. Knowing we are a small country in comparison to our Caribbean neighbors, it is important to our well being both physically and mentally. With the support of the BVIFA Executive body and Technical staff along with strong leadership of Technical Director, Dan Neville, we will achieve our goals”

“We are all really looking forward to August 2 when we host the Women’s Festival Cup,” noted Neville. “I’m delighted with the growth of the women’s program over the last 12 months. Wayne and Anna have grown the numbers week-on-week and Lorrelle has played a key part in the program in terms of energy and ideas.”

Neville added that the BVIFA are also in advanced preparations and talks with the National League clubs to get a Women’s National League started in September.

There is also a Men’s Festival Cup over the Bank Holiday weekend, with games scheduled for East End / Long Look as well as Virgin Gorda.

In the first round the Wolues will face Lion Heart, at the National Stadium, East END / Long Look (4pm) whilst over on Virgin Gorda, the Panthers are up against the Rebels at 6pm and then the Islanders take on the Sugar Boys at 8pm.