French windsurf Olympic gold medalist sailing through the VI

Ephraim Penn, President of the BVI Olympic Committee presents French windsurf Olympic gold medalist, Charline Picon with a commemorative pin during her first visit to the Virgin Islands. Photo: CM Farrington/BVIOC

Members of the BVI Olympic Committee executive were invited by the BVI Tourist Board to join them today in welcoming Olympian Charline Picon, a French windsurfer who specializes in Neil Pryde RS:X class.

Extending a courtesy to a visiting Olympian, BVIOC President, Ephraim Penn presented Ms. Picon and her entourage with national Olympic Committee pins to commemorate their first visit to the Virgin Islands.

Traveling with her young daughter, family and friends, Ms. Picon will be cruising the islands aboard a Sunsail yacht following which, Ms. Picon will be visiting the Youth Empowerment Project located in East End/Long Look on February 14th.  Interacting with the YEP members enrolled in the kite surfing program being offered at YEP, Ms. Picon will be engaged in teaching the children the rudiments of windsurfing in exchange for kite surfing guidance from the youth.

Ms. Picon most recently competed in the HEMPEL World Cup Series – Round 2, Miami USA last month where she took the silver. She also placed 2nd in the 2018 Hempel Sailing World Championships in Aarhus, Denmark,

Ms. Picon has captured two bronze medals in her respective class at the Windsurfing World Championships, and a gold medal to earn her an olympic title at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio after attaining a top ten finish at the 2012 Summer Olympics. As of September 2014, Picon is ranked as one of the top ten sailors in the world for the sailboard class by the International Sailing Federation, following her successes at the European and World Championships and at the Sailing World Cup series*