Everyone invited to get active on April 6, World Physical Activity Day

Celebrating World Physical Activity Day Photo: Provided

Celebrating World Physical Activity Day Photo: Provided

The BVI community including schools, faith-based organisations and the private and public sector are encouraged to promote active lifestyles on April 6 in observation of World Physical Activity Day.

Coordinator for Health Promotions Services, Ms. Ivy George said the day will be observed on April 6 under the theme ‘Active People Happy People’, and the community is encouraged to organise walks, physical activity and other events that encourage movement.

Ms. George said, “Our main message is to encourage people to become involved in physical activity for 60 minutes every day for children and minimum of 30 minutes five days a week for adults. In order for physical activity to be sustainable you have to be active your way.  You have to make it fun. The more you move the greater the health benefits and the better you will feel.”

Ms. George advocated for a paradigm shift from health complacency to health consciousness and added, “We want to see the community incorporating more physical activity as part of their everyday lives. Moderate to vigorous physical activity can improve health and well-being, lower health care costs, and improve school and work productivity.”

The aim of World Physical Activity Day is to reduce the rate of physical inactivity and sedentary lifestyle in the general population and to promote the adoption of active lifestyles. The day’s activities will also seek to raise the public’s awareness on the epidemic of inactivity and the importance of an active lifestyle to improve health and prevent chronic non-communicable diseases.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development has implemented a ten-year strategy to improve the health and well-being of the population and reduce the rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases. The strategy prioritises prevention by integrating policies and action across multiple settings where people live, play and work to improve health and save lives.