VI Volleyball Association Scouting New Talent

By: BVI Platinum

DYAS Industrial Volleyball Tournament Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News

DYAS Industrial Volleyball Tournament
Photo: BVI Platinum News

The Virgin Islands Volleyball Association (VIVA) is monitoring the participants of this year’s Industrial Volleyball League, which was officially declared open on September 22 at the Multipurpose Sports Complex.

The tournament, which is a collaboration between the association and the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, kicked off with a total of 12 teams from both the private and public sectors.

In an interview with President of VIVA, Ms. Sabina Clement, she explained that the association will be monitoring this tournament and scouting new talent. “We can’t go around handpicking volleyball athletes like other countries do, so it’s from these forums that highlight potential athletes for our national teams. It’s a great way to spot talent.”

According to Ms. Clement, “One of our mandates as the volleyball association is to foster the playing of volleyball. The more volleyball that’s played, the more involvement there is and the more people get interested in the sport.”

The tournament will see each team battle on the court every Tuesday and Thursday until the championships on November 17th.