Track & Field family to help clean up A. O. Shirley Ground


The A.O. Shirley Recreation ground suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Irma. Photo:

President of the VI Athletics Association, Mr. Steve Augustine has organized the Track and Field family to lend a helping hand to the ongoing clean-up of the A.O. Shirley Ground, this Saturday, December 9.

According to Augustine, the Track and Field family will be out in numbers to continue with the clean-up in order to get their new season of 2018 Development Meets underway in nicer, safer conditions.

“The Track and Field family is very large and we will have a wealth of persons out there to assist. We will have bins and 3 yard trucks on site to take care of the larger items, like the mangled stands and the smaller items that have been scattered around we are just going to tidy up, so hopefully in a few weeks-time there will be some nice grass around the edges ahead of the Development Meets for 2018,” said Augustine.

Public Works and the City Manager’s office had begun the process and put a lot of time and effort into getting the grounds back to a usable state and now the Track and Field family will add its efforts.

Augustine has also made sure the IAAF, the association’s governing body, is aware of the issues as well as other regional bodies.

President of the BVI Olympic Committee, Mr. Ephraim Penn stated that funding has been found to replace the track surface.

“We are tapping into various resources at Olympic level to see how we can help rebuild and restart many of our member sports and one thing we have been able to secure is funding from Pan Am Sports, which used to be PASO, to have Mondo replace the entire track.”