VI Athletes to represent the territory at the 2019 Caribbean Developmental Championships (CDC)

A team of 11 persons from the Virgin Islands Archery Association will be departing the territory on June 27, 2019 to compete in the III Annual Caribbean Developmental Championships (CDC), which will take place from June 28 through June 30, 2019 in Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic.

This is the largest delegation to compete in these championships to date, as the sport continues to recover from the events of 2017. The delegation includes national coaches Patrick Smith, Ritseeniyah Georges, and Winnette Lawrence and competitors, Jaydian Fahie (Recurve) and Kasadiyah Baird (Recurve) Pre-cub women, Creightlee Brewley (Recurve) and K’Maury Pickering (Compound) Cub Men, Kendise Brewley (Compound) Cadet Women, Jahmeel Jones (Compound) Men, Javlyn Frett (Recurve) Women, and K’Mouy Pickering (Compound) Junior Men.

The CDC, which had its début in Puerto Rico in February 2017, was created by World Archery to be used as a stepping stone to springboard athletes from beginner and intermediate level into the world ranking events. It inspires and prepares athletes to take part in the sport and get a feel for international competition. The championships will bring together athletes from countries including the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands (UK), Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts & Nevis, and Trinidad & Tobago

Patrick Smith, National Head Coach and President on his expectations of the team in Santo Domingo, stated that he wants “all gold medals and records and for the kids to meet some friends that they will love and cherish forever.”

Miss Javlyn Frett, who will be competing for the first time regionally, hopes “to accomplish an 8.0 average at the competition” while the youngest junior athletes, Kasadiyah Baird and Jaydian Fahie both stated that they are “very nervous”

The board of Governors of the VIAA expressed special thanks to the BVI Olympic Committee for their financial contribution to the tournament, and to all parents and sponsors who dug deep into their purses to support the athletes and make participation of this event possible.

VI teams bring home medals from 1st Caribbean Cup Archery Tournament

By Virgin Islands Archery Association

The first Virgin Islands JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Archery Team opens season with the 1st Caribbean Cup Archery Tournament in Manati, Puerto Rico. Photo: CM Farrington/VIAA

The first Virgin Islands JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) Archery Team along with two of the VI Women’s Compound Archery Team opens season with the 1st Caribbean Cup Archery Tournament in Manati, Puerto Rico. With high spirits after the Official Practice on Sunday 30th of April, 2015. The team took part in qualifications with much anticipation. This World Archery International Event included competitors from 8 countries and the World ranking event included top archers from 10 countries including Korea, Great Britain and the US.

“This competition was a very good experience full of fun and frustration”. Says Winnette Lawrence competing in the Compounds Women Division. “I am not used to the weather conditions we shot in. There was wind, rain and slush from the mud caused by the rain. It was a bit tiring but overall it was a great experience shooting on the line with so many different people from so many countries. We are competing on the same field with Olympic Athletes like, Sara Lopez of Columbia and Para Athlete Andre Shelby, the first black Olympic archer to ever win a gold medal. This was the first outdoor and international tournament of the year and we came here for training before the tournament.”

At the end of qualifications our VI team are in the following positions:

Recurve Junior Men
Jahmaine Liburd – 2nd place –Total Points 436
Adriel Singh – 3rd place – Total Points 382

Recurve Junior Women
Khristie Latchman – 1st Place – Total Points 436

Compound Men
D’Moi Martin – 2nd Place – Total Points 491

Compound Cadet Women
Shania Daigneault – 1st Place – Total Points 588

Womens Team
Compound Women Ritseeniyah Georges – 1st Place – Total Points 639
Winnette Lawrence – 2nd Place – Total Points 542

The Eliminations (Medal Rounds) will be televised and will be held on Thursday for the Caribbean Championships.

There are very few sports in the world that allow the world’s best to compete on the target with someone fairly new. Tournaments in archery are often without barriers and enable friendships between individuals from all walks of life and our VI youth are experiencing this great opportunity.

Duff & Daigeault are National Archery in the School Programme Nationals Champions

Source: VINO

Elmore Stoutt High School was named team champion of the first National Archery in Schools Nationals, on Saturday April 15, 2017. Photo: Charlie E. Jackson/VINO

Elmore Stoutt High School was named team champion of the first National Archery in Schools Nationals, on Saturday April 15, 2017. Photo: Charlie E. Jackson/VINO

After a day of intense action and focus among almost 50 young boys and girls, both Rayne Duff and Shania Daigneault were crowned champions of the first National Archery in the School Programme (NASP) Nationals on Saturday April 15, 2017.

The pair from Cedar School and Elmore Stoutt High School respectively also took home a $3,000 scholarship and both had earlier claimed a new Bow as a prize for being top Middle School Boy and Top High School Girl.

Winning $350 as top school was the Elmore Stoutt High School team, the majority of whom train and practice at Y.E.P.

Top Elementary Female, winning a Bow, was Tyara Winter, while top boy in the same category was Sebbie Santos.

Top Middle School Female was Hailey Chomiak, whilst Top High School Boy was D’Moi Martin.

Ritseeniyah Georges, who is Vice President of the National Archery Association and the In Schools Archery Programme Coordinator, was impressed with the way the day had gone. “Everyone is improving a lot, they were out practicing all week for this and even though some were nervous they managed to stay focused and all did very well. The two overall winners are very talented and deserved to come out on top.”

Some of the archers showed a lot of natural talent, but in the end, it was those who dedicated themselves to practice that rose to be champions.

In terms of the overall development programme, everything is on track, according to Georges. “Currently we are on target, because all the schools that are in the programme took part today. The other schools are keen and just waiting for the Association to get the funding and equipment to expand further. We have annual sponsors such as the Department of Youth Affairs, Kobre and Kim, Caribbean Securities, Morrell, Rep BVI and Aaron Rentals.”

Next up for the young archers is a trip for the Junior National team to compete against five other countries, with the host country yet to be announced.