9 athletes to represent Virgin Islands in 3 sports at San Salvador 2023 CAC Games

The British Virgin Islands Olympic Committee (BVIOC) has confirmed that 9 athletes from 3 sports will represent the Virgin Islands at the 24th Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Games in San Salvador, El Salvador from June 23 – July 8, 2023.
The team comprising 4 track and 3 field athletes, 1 sailor and 1 archer will arrive in El Salvador between June 22 and July 1 ahead of their events. Chef de Mission, Gloria Fahie arrives in San Salvador on June 21 ahead of the athletes in preparation for their arrival. BVIOC President Ephraim Penn is in San Salvador to attend the Centro Caribe Sport AGM before the Opening Ceremony.
“This year’s CAC Games are seen as an important qualifying and ranking opportunity for athletes from all sports we can expect to see some tough competition,” said President Penn. “It will be the first time that archery will be represented at these Games and the second time for sailing since 1993 in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Athletics has seen representation since the VI’s first participation in the CACs in 1982 and has included softball, squash, triathlon and cycling. This historic achievement for archery is a promising trajectory for the development of different sports in the Territory and brings to fruition one of the BVIOC’s missions for this quadrennial to have more sports compete at major Games.”
Laser sailor Thad Lettsome, competing in the ILCA 7 men’s single person dinghy event, is the first of the VI’s team to compete when the sailing events start on Saturday, June 24 at Lake Ilpongo. Lettsome is also selected to be the flag bearer at the Opening Ceremony on Friday, June 23.
Archer Ritseeniyah Georges will compete in the Women’s Compound Individual starting Sunday, July 2 at 9:00am at the Polígono de Tiro con Arco Ciudad Merliot.
Track athletes include Rikkoi Brathwaite in the 100m semi-finals starting at 5:00pm and Beyonce Defreitas in the 100m semi-finals starting at 5:30pm on Monday, July 3; Deya Erickson in the 100m hurdles semi-finals starting at 5:45pm, Tuesday, July 4; Jaleel Croal in the 200m semi-finals starting at 5:00pm and Beyonce Defreitas in the 200m semi-finals starting at 5:30pm on Wednesday, July 5.
The all-men field athletes comprise Olympian Eldred Henry and twins Djimon and Diamante Gumbs. Henry and Djimon Gumbs will compete in the shot put final on Monday, July 3 starting at 5:25pm. Djimon and Diamante Gumbs will compete in the discus final on Wednesday, July 5 starting at 6:55pm.
While San Salvador 2023 will be the first CAC Games for 7 of the athletes, it will be the second appearance for Henry, who won the territory’s first shot put medal in a CAC games when he placed 3rd with a distance of 20.18m at Barranquilla 2018 and for Erickson who made her debut at the same games in the 100m hurdles.
In addition to the Chef de Mission Gloria Fahie and President Penn, the VI delegation to San Salvador 2023 includes Erwin “Redz” Telemaque (athletics coach), Winnette Lawrence (archery coach), Xavier Buxo (archery technician), Chris Watters (sailing coach) and Chester James (Physiotherapist).
The VI will be one of 37 countries represented at the CAC Games. The games, under the auspices of Centro Caribe Sports, will feature 57 disciplines in 37 sports taking place over 16 days. The Games, under the theme “It’s time to transcend”, will be broadcast live on the Centro Caribe Sports Channel on YouTube.
The CAC Games are the oldest continuous running regional games dating back to 1926. Held every four years, the Games typically host competitors from countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda and the South American countries of Suriname, Guyana, Colombia and Venezuela. The San Salvador 2023 Games were originally slated to be held in Panama in 2022. 30 sports will take place in El Salvador and 7 will take place in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
The CAC Games are considered the starting point of international competition for athletes from the region who are seeking to represent their countries at the Olympic level. They are designed to provide a step between sub-CAC region Games held the first year following a Summer Olympics and the Pan American Games, which are held before the Summer Olympic. The next Pan American Games are slated to take place in Santiago, Chile October 20 – November 5, 2023.

More information on the San Salvador 2023 Games can be found on their website.

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Four establish Carifta qualifiers during Dag Samuels Development series opener

By BVI Athletics Association

L-R – Diamante Gumbs, Jaleel Croal, Palesa Caesar and Djimon Gumbs established Carifta qualifiers during the Dag Samuels Development series opener Jan 12, 2019. Photo: BVIAA

The British Virgin Islands Athletics Association (BVIAA) held its first Dag Samuels Development Series to kick off the Track and Field season over the weekend. Four athletes established Carifta qualifiers during the opener namely:

Diamante Gumbs – 16.80m shot put (qualifying mark 16.75m)
Diamante Gumbs – 52.33m discus (qualifying mark 52.00m)
Jaleel Croal – 10.99 sec 100m (qualifying mark 11.25seconds)
Palesa Ceasar – 34.90m discus (qualifying mark 34.00m)
Djimon Gumbs – 54.10m discus (qualifying mark 52.00m)

“We are especially happy with the results of development meet #1. With a total of five qualifiers in four events at our first development meet, it’s clear that the road map to the 2019 Carifta Games is already being set,” noted BVIAA President, Steve Augustine.

Palesa Ceasar who was among four of the qualifiers, was highlighted by Mr. Augustine who said “special mention must also be made of new comer Palesa Ceasar, who worked extremely hard over the pre-season in the throwing events, solidifying her ability of making the BVI qualifying standard in the Discus throw at our first Development Meet.”

“Be it the Carifta Games qualifiers, personal bests marks or general competition, the meet proved memorable and indicative of a great season that lay ahead,” Mr. Augustine concluded.

Results from athletes overseas:

• Eldred Henry competed in his first indoor meet of the year in the Shot Put event with a throw of 19.44m setting a new school record, National Qualifier and NCAA division 2 leader.


Complete results of Dag Samuels Development Series Meet # 1:
12 January, 2019

Teams: Ambassadors Throwing Club (ATC), Fast Lane Track Club (FLTC), Raw Skillz Track Club (RSTC), Sprint Tech Track Club (STTC), Top Notch Track Club (TNTC), Unattached (UA)

GIRLS U13 (6.6lbs/3 kilos): 1. Kijana Callwood (ATC), 9.66m. 2. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 8.90m.
U15 (6.6lbs): 1. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 9.03m. 2. A’Keela McMaster (UA), 7.55m .
U17 (6.6lbs): 1. Alli-anna Davis (ST), 10.08m. 2. Alexa Hodge (FLTC), 8.82. 3. Empress Williams (ATC), 8.55m.

BOYS U17 (12lbs): 1. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 10.78m.
U20 (14lbs/6kilo): 1. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 16.80. 2. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 15.72.
OPEN (16lbs/7.26 kilo): 1. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 10.56.

DISCUS: (1 kilo)
GIRLS U13: 1. Kijana Callwood (ATC), 32.75m. 2. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 27.38m.
U15: 1. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 34.90m.
U17: 1. Empress Williams (ATC), 23.16. 2. Alexa Hodge (ATC), 20.84m.

BOYS U15 (1.5kg): 1. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 40.50m.
U20 (1.75kg): 1. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 54.10. 2. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 52.33m. 3.

OPEN MALES (2 kilos): 1. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 35.50m.

GIRLS U9: 1. Destra Jack (FLTC Jr.), 10.97.

BOYS U9: 1. Christian Butler (FLTC Jr.), 10:36.

GIRLS U11: 1. Chelsea Edwards (FLTC Jr.), 11:53. 2. D’Niya Thomas (FLTC Jr.), 12:00. 3. Khaliah Hall (FLTCJr), 12:25. 4. Xambiah Demming (RSTC), 12:75. 5. Cianna Industrious (STTC), 13:39.

BOYS U11: 1. Tiondre Frett (STTC), 10:65. 2. Clariq Frett (FLTC Jr), 11:07. 3. Othniel Gillings (FLTC Jr), 11:25. 4. Ty’rique Charles (FLTC Jr), 12:00.

GIRLS U13: (wind +0.7) 1. Karliyah Morton (UA), 14:13. 2. Shannia Johnson (UA), 14:93.

BOYS U13: (w-1.7) 1. Jaheem Lennard-Joseph (FLTC Jr), 14:22. 2. Latriel Williams (STTC), 14:52.

GIRLS U15: (w+1.0) 1. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 12.81. 2. Crystal Maximea (FLTC),13:05. 3. Jordanne Thomas (STTC), 13:31. 4. Vinesha John (STTC), 13:50. 5. Dejoie Sebastian (STTC), 13:81. 6 DiaMonae Thomas (STTC),14:57. 7. Monisha Martin (STTC), 14.75. 8. Kareena Shortte (STTC), 15:04.

BOYS U15: (w -1.1)1. Jabari Pemberton (FLTC), 13:27. 2. Antuwn Maduro (STTC), 13:46. 3. T’Khoy Stevens (RS),13:76. 4. Makelis Fergus (RS), 14:17. 5. Shakoi Maduro (RS), 15:83.

GIRLS U17: (w -1.9) 1. Abriel Magloire (FLTC), 13:26. 2. Kaelyaah Liburd (RS), 13:40. 3. Lia Claxton (RS), 13:97. 4. Glendy Knight (ST), 14:73.

BOYS U17: (w+0.5)1. Jaleel Croal (STTC), 10.99. 2. Shajoni Huggins(FLTC), 12.33. 3. Jamoi Roberts (STTC), 12.34.

OPEN MALES: (w+0.5)1. Joshua Lynch (STTC), 11.68.

Throwers 50m Dash
GIRLS: (w +1.2) 1. Alexa Hodge (FLTC), 7.98. 2. Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 8:05. 3. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 9.56.

BOYS: (w +1.2) 1. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 7.59.

BOYS U17: 1. Jelani Croal (ST), 4:51.14. 2. Rashawn Jack (ST), 5:42.34. 3. Caleb Lynch (FLTC), 5:46.66

GIRLS U11: 1. Chelsea Edwards (FLTC Jr), 50.57. 2.Khaliah Hall (FLTC Jr), 51:81. 3. D’Niya Thomas (FLTCJr), 58:70. 4. Cianna Industrious (STTC), 1:03.65.

BOYS U11: 1. Clariq Frett (FLTC Jr), 47.69. 2. Othniel Gillings (FLTC Jr), 47.70. 3. Abijah Auguiste (FLTC Jr), 58.06.

GIRLS U13:1. A’Sia McMaster (UA), 46.04. 2. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 46:10. 3. Jah’Kyla Morton (UA), 48.24. 4. Shannia Johnson (UA), 52:36. 5. Adrianne Thomas (STTC), 53:01. 6. Shyra Stout (STTC), 55.67

BOYS U13: 1. Jaheem Lennard-Joseph (FLTC Jr), 47:40.

GIRLS U15: 1. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 1:00.71. 2. A’Keela McMaster (UAT), 1:02.70. 3. Jordanne Thomas (STTC), 1:04.27. 4. Crystal Maximea (FLTC), 1:04.33. 5. Kailia Martin (STTC), 1:04.57. 6. Dejoie Sebastian (STTC), 1:07:34. 7. Vinesha John (STTC), 1:07.77. 8. Kareena Shortte (STTC), 1:10.04. 9.Monisha Martin (STTC), 1:17:43.

BOYS U15: 1. Jabari Pemberton (FLTC), 59:14. 2. Jonathan Lynch (FLTC), 1:06.19. 3. T’Khoy Stevens (RSTC), 1:07.64. 4. Makelis Fergus (RSTC), 1:09.45. 5. Shakoi Maduro (RSTC), 1:17.89.

GIRLS U17: 1. Kaelyaah Liburd (RS), 58.47. 2. Ariyah Smith (ST), 59.21. 3. Kenyatta Grate (ST), 103.29. 4. Glenny Knight (ST), 1:14.72
U20: Mariah Christian (RS), 1:04.99.

BOYS U17: 1. Jaleel Croal (STTC), 51.37. 2. Jamoi Roberts (STTC), 59.31. 3. Shajoni Huggins (FLTC),. 1:02.04.
BOYS U20: 1. Malik John (ST), 50: 84. 2. J’Mari Duhaney (ST), 53: 81. 3. Jonathan Hing (ST), 56:98.

The Dag Samuels Developmental Series Meet # 2 is slated for Saturday January 19th, 2018 at the A.O. Shirley Grounds beginning at 10 am with the following events:

800m, 600m (u11 & u13 only), 400m hurdles, Javelin, Ball throw (u9 & u15), 150m (u9 and u11), 200m (u13 – open)