BVIFA to host CONCACAF International Women’s Day Football Fest

The BVI Football Association Women’s Committee led by Mrs. Mary Phillip will be holding a fiesta of fun filled football for females to mark CONCACAF and International Women’s Day on Saturday March 6th, 2021 at the East End / Long Look venue.

All 41 members of the Confederation of North American and Caribbean Football Association will be participating in the event in their respective countries. On each previous occasion, the BVIFA has put the spotlight on efforts to create more opportunity for girls and women to play the game.

The Women’s Committee promises this year’s event will be an even more fun filled festival to further enhance their ongoing development programmes and regional participation at tournaments.

“The intention of this day is to foster a relationship with all women in the territory with the BVIFA and more so the game of soccer with the involvement of young girls and women, learning the game, getting fit, staying healthy and disciplined,” said Phillip.

Phillip also hopes the Women’s Day will foster the spirit of teamwork, improve skills, build confidence and show the girls there is a benefit to being involved in football that goes well beyond the field and which can lead to educational opportunities and even careers which perhaps once were only pipe dreams stating that it’s an opportunity to see “relationships created that lead to friendships and then Championships!”

Following the success of the recently concluded Women’s Futsal League – won by the Wolues FC with a team of girls who have been together since Primary School days highlighting Phillip’s vision – the BVIFA already has wasted no time in implementing much more competitive action for the girls, including a series of Tortola v Virgin Gorda matches, with a game played on Saturday, 27th February at the VG Recreation Ground and an U13 girls’ exhibition game, which showed a vast array of talent and plans to enter regional competition.

The CONCACAF Women’s Day begins at 10.00am on the field at the BVIFA’s new stadium venue in East End/Long Look and is open to all females. The Day will include games, skills’ challenges, entertainment, refreshments, and a special guest appearance from the Honorable Mrs. Shereen Flax-Charles, a long-time advocate of empowering women in football and in life.

BVI Football Association stages successful CONCACAF Women’s Day

Source: VINO

Participants doing drills at the CONCACAF Women’s Day Celebration on Saturday, November 18, 2017 on the new Pitch at Long Look/East End, on the main island of Tortola. Photo: Dean ‘The Sportsman’ Greenaway

The BVI Football Association (BVIFA) staged a remarkable CONCACAF Women’s Day Celebration on Saturday November 18, 2017 on the new Pitch at Long Look/East End, on the main island of Tortola.

The event was remarkable because not only did it come on the back of the devastating storms that smashed their way through the territory two months ago, but also despite the mass exodus of residents, including school aged girls, the numbers that turned out and braved the rains were well into the high 30’s.

“It’s nice to see all of you out here,” commented General Secretary of the BVIFA, Mrs Julianna Luke. “We have had some challenges, but the interest shown is a good sign.”

Mr Dean H. Greenaway aka The Sportsman, on behalf of the acting Director, Mrs Brenda Lettsome-Tye, noted it was a historic day, as it was the first time the women’s event had used the new field. Greenaway also stated the enthusiasm was wonderful and the positive energy a great sign for the future.

BVIFA President Mr Andy Bickerton addressed the girls with further words of encouragement: “It is really good that you could all turn up and although we couldn’t get the girls from Anegada here, the numbers are better than we expected. The challenges after the hurricanes are well documented, but the idea today is to introduce more of you into football as there are so many opportunities, whether it be playing, coaching or being an official. Resources will be put into your game and it won’t be long until there is a Nations League throughout the Caribbean for Ladies.”

Bickerton also confirmed that the BVIFA was working with FIFA to quickly address the damage to the field and in a short time it would be back to fully functional.

There were also brief comments given by Lilly Pierce, a highly rated youth player. “I hope everyone has a good day and really enjoy themselves.”

Jackisha Rigobert, the most recent U15 Girls Captain, encouraged all the girls to do their best and take the opportunity to show off their skills and to keep on going regardless of situations.

BVIFA’s CONCACAF World Women’s Day hailed as a success!


BVI Football Association celebrated CONCACAF World Women’s Day on May 21. Photo: Charlie Jackson/VINO

BVI Football Association celebrated CONCACAF World Women’s Day on May 21. Photo: Charlie Jackson/VINO

The Women’s Committee of the BVI Football Association pulled off a day of fun filled football action to celebrate CONCACAF World Women’s Day on Saturday, May 21 at the A.O. Shirley Ground.

Almost 50 girls of various ages and abilities turned out for the celebration, including a large group from Virgin Gorda. All were put through dribbling and shooting drills and were given the opportunity to win prizes with their new found skills.

3 v 3 and 5 v 5 games also took place with the older groups and the whole day was a great testament to the development and continued success of women’s football in the territory and around the region.

BVIFA President, Andy Bickerton was on hand to present the awards. “All 41 countries within CONCACAF had a women’s day and the BVIFA has always supported Women’s Football,” said Bickerton.  “We at the BVIFA are very pleased with the turn out at the A.O. Shirley Ground today with the 4 age groups: U7’s, U9’s, U15’s as well as Open and especially to see those 5 – 6 year olds out there enjoying themselves was wonderful.”

Bickerton also noted that the world governing body, FIFA  has just appointed a female General Secretary showing their commitment to increasing women’s involvement in the sport. CONCACAF elected a female representative to a FIFA Committee in Sonya Bien-Aime and in fact, since Bickerton became president, the BVIFA has placed the development of the women’s game high on the agenda.

Sharlene Pond, who heads up the new Women’s Committee at the BVIFA said, “we had similar numbers today, as last year, but we also saw a good many new faces who will be new players to the game. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and some wanted to carry on playing even after we had the awards ceremony!”

Dozens celebrate CONCACAF Women’s Day


Celebrating CONCACAF Women's Day in the BVI. Photo: BVIFA

Celebrating CONCACAF Women’s Football Day in the BVI. Photo: BVIFA

Nearly fifty young ladies and women gathered on Greenlands Playing Field on Saturday 23rd May, 2015, to participate in the inaugural CONCACAF Women’s Football Day, hosted by the BVI Football Association.

This initiative, which was presented at the CONCACAF “Let’s Develop Women’s Football” seminar held in October 2014 in Philadelphia, aimed to unite all 41 Member Associations to simultaneously celebrate women’s football throughout the region.

“I’m happy to see so many young girls and Ladies here today,” commented BVIFA Executive, Shereen Flax Charles, who is responsible for women’s football. “The event is geared to promote and develop women’s football and looking at today’s turn out, we have much to look forward to.”

The Girls, after completing registration forms, were then split into Age Groups to experience different aspects of the game, from playing games to competing in various skill challenges, including dribbling, shooting, juggling and passing.

In the 6-8 Group, Kirsha Nisbett won the Passing Challenge and the Juggling Contest, whilst Tezaria and Mykah shared Shooting Honours.

In the 9- 12 Category, J’Nya Demming was Passing Champion, Javiola Hodge Best Juggler and Fastest Ball Controller, whilst Demming also won the Shooting Contest.

Laresha Martin won the 13-15 bracket for Juggling, Kayla Bolus won the Speed Challenge and Martin also shared the Shooting Challenge with Lilly Pierce.

In the Open Age Group, Christine Jackson was top Juggler, Shooter and Passer while Yasmin Ruffell-Smith was Speed Queen.

“This event also marks the beginning of the BVIFA’s Summer of Soccer,” concluded Flax Charles. “Next week we have the Women’s World Cup League for 13 years upwards. It will be held every Sunday for the next four weeks and even if you have never played the game before, it will be a great way to get involved.”

There are also a Grassroots Festival and summer camps to be held on Tortola and the sister islands and National Squad Training for all age groups, both on Virgin Gorda and Tortola.

“Football is a great way to keep fit and also provides many opportunities for scholarships,” said Flax Charles. “We have already sent many kids away and the FA will continue to do so as well as send people to summer camps. We will also provide information to all who may not want to play or have finished playing but want to be a coach, a referee, or just volunteer to help on the various sub committees.”

Next up is that Women’s World Cup League, which sees teams representing those who are taking part in the Women’s World Cup, being held in Canada in June.