Stiff U13 Competition Highlights BVIAA New Initiative In Capoons Bay

By: Dean Greenaway

U11&13 150m copyLess than 24 hours after opening its 2014 season, the BVI Athletics Association launched a new initiative in its annual Development Series, when for the first time in its history competition was organized outside Road Town.

This particular meet’s flavor was garnished with its future U9, U11 and U13 stars putting on a show, as they represented Fast Lane Jrs. Top Notch Track Club, Runners Track Club, First Impression and Joyce Samuel Primary School.

It didn’t matter that the event was on a grass track in Capoons Bay and not on the Mondo track at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds. All athletes showed up to compete in events that included the 60m, 150m and 600m.

From the first race, it was evident that the competitive juices were flowing, as First District Representative Hon. Andrew Fahie, parents and supporters watched and cheered on the young charges, giving a glimpse of their potential.

In each of the races, there was close finishes that came down to the wire. Among the highlights, Fast Lane Jrs’ Adaejah Hodge held off teammate Jah’Lyla Morton in the U9 Girls 150m, getting to the line in 27.45 ahead of Morton’s 27.66.

In a mixed race of U11 Boys challenged by an U13 Girl, Top Notch Track Club’s Sha’el Lavacia dipped at the line to hold off Fast Lane Jrs’ Zara Brown in the 150m, 23.60-23.82.

The BVI Athletics Association thanks all Executive Members and Coaches who assisted as officials.

Another meet will be held in Capoons Bay on February 8.

Final results. 60m Dash: U-9 Girls. Heat 1. 1. D’Naeh Hodge, Fast Land Jrs, 12.39 seconds. 2. Keedia Hodge, Runners Track, 12.81. 3. Briana Francis, Runners Track, 13.45. 4. Jnique Fahie, Runners Track, 13.93. 5. Glane Henley, Top Notch, 14.58.  Heat 2. . Adaejah Hodge, Fast Lane Jrs, 11.09. 2. Nejma Robinson, Fast Lane Jrs, 11.94. Jah’Kyla Morton, 12.16. Boys: 1. Korie Penn, Top Notch, 12.26. 2. Kevon Harrigan, 12.58. 3. Izaiah Frett, Top Notch, 13.17. 4. K’Laine Williams, Runners Track, 12.58. 5. Latriel Williams, Top Notch, 14.92.

U11 Girls: 1. Izariah Frett, Top Notch. 2. Abriel Maglorie, Top Notch, 10.39. 3. Mia Frazer, Fast Lane Jrs, 11.07. 4. Sheheah Hodge, Fast Lane Jrs, 13.99. Boys: Sha’ei Lavacia, Top Notch, 9.55. 2. Jerion Robinson, Fast Lane Jrs, 10.17. 3. Sanjay Henry, Joyce Samuel Primary, 10.49. 4. Carlyiek Benjamin, Fast Lane Jrs, 10.76. 5. Jeremiah George, Top Notch, 11.38. 6. Miles Creque, First Impressions, 11.97.  

U13 Girls: 1. Zara Brown, Fast Lane Jrs, 10.15. 2. Shakia Smith, Runners Track, 11.70.  Boys: 1. Jerquan Colaire, Runners Track, 9.96. 2. Sheldon Harry, Top Notch, 10.43. 3. Riquann Garroway, Runners Track, 11.18.

150m U9 Girls: 1. Adaejah Hodge, Fast Lane Jrs, 27.45. 2. Jah’Kyla Morton, Fast Lane Jrs, 27.66. 3. Nejma Robinson, Fast Lane Jrs, 29.13. 4. D’neah Hodge, Fast Lane Jrs, 29.91. 5. Kedia Hodge, Runners Track, 30.09. 6. Briana Francis, Runners Track, 33.96. Boys: 1. Jeremiah George, Top Notch, 26.52. 2. Kevon Harrigan, Runners Track, 29.15.

U11 Girls: 1. Izariah Frett, Top Notch, 23.94. 2. Abriel Magloire, Top Notch, 25.09. 3. Shakia Smith, Runners Track, 26.01. 4. Mia Frazer, Fast Lane Jrs, 26.82. Boys: 1. Sha’el Lavacia,  Top Notch, 23.60. 2. Zara Brown, Fast Lane Jrs, 23.82. 3. Carlyiek Benjamin, Fast Lane Jrs, 24.32. 4. Sanjay Henry, Joyce Samuel, 24.79. 5. Sheldon Harry, Top Notch, 25.60. 6. Jerron Robinson, Fast Lane Jrs, 25.88.

600m U11 Boys: Jayden Augustine, Runners Track, 2 minutes 49.48 seconds. U11 Girls: Celeste Waterman, Top Notch, 2:23.49.  U13 Boys: Riquan Garroway, Runners Track, 2:21.26.

Admission to BVIAA Development Series meets is $3 per person.