Panthers record first win of season in BVIFA Men’s National League

By BVI Football Association

Atebe Creese was on the score sheet again for the Rebels in the 3-0 defeat of VG Utd. Photo: BVIFA

Atebe Creese was on the score sheet again for the Rebels in the 3-0 defeat of VG Utd. Photo: BVIFA

Mid table action in the Men’s National League kicked it up a notch over the weekend of December 3rd and 4th, with the Panthers recording their first win of the season and Old Madrid and the Wolues both beaten.

On Saturday, the Rebels had leapfrogged over the Sugar Boyz to go second in the standings, albeit short lived, with a 3-0 win over VG United.

As in their previous game VG Utd were good value for a 0-0 score line at half time, but became undone in the second half with a goal from Atebe Creese (48th min) and two goals from Elijah Toulan (57th and 66th min).

The Panthers then recorded their first win of the season and handed Old Madrid a second successive defeat, 2-0, to put further doubt on a place in the top four.

The goals came from Garnet Ferron and Jaleel Rodriquez.

The Wolues, who, had Old Madrid beaten the Panthers, would have been replaced in the top four, did little to help their own cause with a 3-0 defeat at the hands of the Sugar Boyz, courtesy of Deron Daniel (43rd min), Michael Castillo (49th min) and Allon Williams (52nd).

League Table – Current standings

POS   TEAM                      WINS    DRAWS      LOST              GF        GA    GD    POINTS

1       ISLANDERS F.C.          9            0              0                      29           3      26        27

2       SUGAR BOYZ F.C.        7            0              1                      23            6     17         21

3       REBELS F.C.                  6            1              2                       23           15      8         19

4       THE WOLUES F.C.       4            1              4                     20          22      -2        13

5       OLD MADRID F.C.        4            0             6                     17           19      -2        12

6       ONE LOVE F.C.              3            0              6                     24          18       6          9

7       THE PANTHERS F.C.    1            1            7                         7            25    -18        4

8       VIRGIN GORDA Utd     0            1           8                         5           40    -35         1


Final week of action before the Christmas break:

Saturday 10th December

  • 5pm – Wolues F.C. vs Panthers F.C.
  • 7pm – Sugar Boyz F.C. vs One Love F.C.

Sunday 11th December

  • 5pm – Virgin Gorda Utd vs Islanders F.C.
  • 7pm – Rebels F.C. vs Old Madrid F.C.