HLSCC Highland Spring Races Join Virgin Gorda (VG) Branch of the BVI Cancer Society for Childhood Cancer Awareness Fundraiser


Walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Virgin Gorda. Photo: Provided

Walk for Childhood Cancer Awareness, Virgin Gorda. Photo: Provided

It was a joint event with the Virgin Gorda (VG) Branch of the BVI Cancer Society, at Race #2 of the Virgin Gorda leg of the HLSCC Highland Spring Race Series. The walk/run fundraiser was especially slated to bring greater recognition to the Virgin Gorda Community regarding childhood cancer given that October is Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Walk/Run fundraiser
Over eighty persons walked or ran in support of Childhood Cancer Awareness while some concurrently competed as part of the race series. Competitors completed the College races’ 2 mile route while other participants completed a longer route taking them to the top of the Baths and back.

Race Director Stephanie Russ Penn indicated that it was a pleasure for HLSCC to partner and assist in this community event and help in the awareness efforts. The event was coordinated jointly with Debbie Bruce and other members of the VG Branch of the BVI Cancer Society.

“This event was another opportunity to re-enforce and further educate the community and the youth about one of the silent killers otherwise known as Cancer,” said Ms Bruce.  She urges greater participation and more serious action in the future to bring greater awareness to the community as cancer has no age and no knowledge of culture and nationality.

Collectively, Ms Bruce and Mrs. Russ Penn extend much appreciation to the children of the various schools, parents, the wider community and the members of the VG Cancer Society Branch for the support and organization of the event.

HLSCC Highland Spring –VG race #2. Photo: Provided

HLSCC Highland Spring –VG race #2. Photo: Provided

HLSCC Highland Spring –VG race #2 highlights
On the competitive side, Curwin Andrews finishing in a time of 12 minutes 20.00 seconds may be heading possibly towards his first overall win as he capture his second win for the series. Not far behind was Kevin Jackson in second. For the Women faithful participant Christina Yates and 2013 co-defending champ took the first. D’Neigh Williams was second followed by Casey McNutt who did a longer 5K route.

In the cross country secondary division Bregado Flax secondary had representation from all three houses with O’Neal house being the top house in race #2. Robinson O’Neal represented the primary division and with continued participation would secure their second the overall win. The first being in 2009 Final standings will be determined at the last race in Virgin Gorda scheduled for October 18th, 2014.

Races return to Tortola, next Saturday 4th October at the Paraquita Bay campus. Registration at 6:30 a.m. and race start at 7:00 a.m. For further information regarding the series please contact Ms. Russ Penn, 852-7216.

Final Results

Two Mile, Men: 1. Curwin Andrews, 12 minutes 20.00. 2. Kevin Jackson, 12:47.57. 3. Emrol Amsterdam, 13:14.30. 4. Marlon Felix, 13:33.85. 5. Sephile Arthurton, 17:58.36. 6. Clinton Farrington, 19:51.78.

Two Mile, Women: 1. Christina Yates, 24:38.14. 2. D’Neigh Williams, 27:45.80. 3. Casey McNutt (no time available; 5K course)

Cross Country Primary School Teams: Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary (ROMP): 1. Lekoy Lennard (ROMP), 15:41.62. 2. Shakoy O’Neal (ROMP), 17:26.40. 3. Sean Samuel (ROMP), 17:41.51.

Scores: 1. Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary, 6.

Cross Country Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax Educational Centre Houses: Harrigan (H), O’Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Samory Romney (O), 14:49.76. 2. Miriah Christian (O), 15:00.00. 3. J’Sally O’Neal (H), 16:15.86. 4. T’Keyah Richardson (R), 16:16.51. 5. Dillon Smith (H), 18:17.06.

Score: 1. O’Neal, 3 (2 participants). 2. Harrigan, 8 (2 participants). 3. Rhymer, 4 (1 participant)

Other participants (Top of the Baths route):

Male: Kizzel Nape, Asante George, Me’Khoi Telemaque, Kyle Harrigan, Demron Glasgow, Cromwell Vanterpool, Noah Fox, Paul Fenty, Michael Connor, Aaron Seddon, Will Seddon, Colton Ridgeway, Indi Abrams, Mark Moore, Benjamin Moore, Nicholas Moore, Lewis Munn.

Female: Amy Riddlestorffer, Charli Seddon, Christine Stevens, Deb Ridgeway,Denesha Glasgow, Deondre Rymer, Eileen Pondt, Elatunbi Adeogba, Eva Fox, Favour Ogbonnaya, Gabriella Smith, Gift Ogbonnaya, Glendalee Hyman, Jan Morash, Jayah Hodge, Jennifer Darroux, Jesse Cooke, Judy Ann Stevens, Kendi Bispham, Keyonna Farrington, Kim Takeuchi, Kya Ridgeway, Laura Fox, Leanne Munn, Lisa Joseph, Lorraine Walters, Madison Buckell, Margaret Paul, Mikayla Smith, Milli Abrams, Navasha Williams, Nickeya Vanterpool, Sally-Ann Riley, Sarah Buckell, Sarah Moore, Sasha Flax, Saskia Connor- Louw, Sheena Creque, Tanieka Gludd, Taureen Walters, Zillah Thomas.