Gov’t ministries collaborate with BVIOC to introduce Physical Literacy in schools

The Ministries of Education and Culture and Health and Social Development and the BVI Olympic Committee have joined forces to increase physical activity in the daycare/preschoolers and primary school students through physical literacy in the Territory.

Last week during their annual professional development initiative the Ministry of Education and Culture with support from Sport for Life Canada trained pre and primary school teachers in physical literacy.

During a Lyte Vibrations interview Education Officer, Ms. Hieda Selwood and Physical Literacy Specialist Ms. Jessica Waterman explained what physical literacy is, why it is important and why teachers and parents should promote it.

Physical Literacy is the competence, confidence and motivation to enjoy a variety of sports and physical activities.

“We are trying to promote movement across the curriculum. It is our hope that if we foster physical literacy in the lives of our children they will grow up to be healthy adults thus promoting a healthier Virgin Islands,” Ms. Selwood explained.

As part of the workshop classroom and physical education teachers were introduced to physical literacy concepts, resources and information.

According to Ms. Waterman the training which featured theory and practical sessions focused on five key concepts. “We want teachers to promote physical literacy in programs and activities that are fun, challenging, inclusive, participant centered and by making sure that the children are always moving with purpose,” she said.

Parents and guardians are also encouraged to increase their children’s physical activity on a daily basis and support efforts to promote physical literacy in the Territory.

Physical literacy increases physical fitness and health, healthy lifestyle habits, social skills, physiological wellness, cognitive skills and educational success.