Sydney 2000

In September 1993 Sydney won the IOC bid for the 2000 Olympic Games host city. In early October 2000 at the close of the  XXVII Olympiad, Sydney had won again – The Australian city had demonstrated to the world how to conduct an Olympic Games. During the Closing Ceremony, President Juan Antonio Samaranch declared the Sydney Olympics the “best ever”, and nobody disagreed.

Events: 300 in 34 sports
Participants: 10,649 (6,579 men and 4,070 women) from 200 countries
Events for British Virgin Islands: 1 event in 1 sport  (Athletics)
Participants for British Virgin Islands: 1 (1 man and 0 women)
Youngest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Keita Cline (25 years, 303 days)