Seoul 1988

In late September 1981 the Olympic world was stunned when the IOC awarded the 1988 Olympic Games to Seoul, . The choice was highly controversial as many prominent nations in the Olympic Movement, notably the Soviet Bloc nations, did not have diplomatic relations with the Seoul government. After the political problems that had marred the last few Games, there was widespread concern that another boycott would ensue.

Events: 237 in 27 sports
Participants: 8,453 (6,251 men and 2,202 women) from 159 countries
Events for British Virgin Islands: 4 events in 2 sports (Athletics and Sailing)
Participants for British Virgin Islands: 3 (3 men and 0 women)
Youngest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Matthew Arneborg (17 years, 310 days)
Oldest Participant for British Virgin Islands: Lindel Hodge (29 years, 175 days)