Farley, Kinkead win Ceres Juices 10k race on Beef Island

By: Dean Greenaway

Julius Farley, left Cuvin Andrews and Ian Montgomery formed the lead pack and occupied the top three positions  PHOTO: Dean "The Sportsman" Greenaway

Julius Farley, (L), Cuvin Andrews, and Ian Montgomery formed the lead pack and occupied the top three positions Photo: Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

James Farley and Talulah Kinkead were the respective winners in Saturday’s Ceres Juices 10K Series tour stop on Beef Island, which turned out to be an extra mile adventure for participants as the original course was scrapped because of on going works in East End and two laps were run on Beef Island.

“Curvin (Andrews) was leading from the start and further in the race I decided to make a move because I was waiting for someone to set the pace,” Farley who broke from the pack with Andrews and Ian Montgomery and had a winning time of 48 minutes and 38 seconds said. “After I saw no one was moving to my pace, I decided to set a pace of my own and I continued and came out victorious so I want to give thanks for that.”

Soon to be 13-year old Cedar School student Talulah Kinkead who took up running when she was six during the annual College Classic Series, won the women’s division in 56:47. “It was good except it was long,” she said checking her watch, which showed 7.1 miles. “The course wasn’t flat and boring.”

Kinkead said she don’t like the short distances and lists St. John’s 8 Tuff Miles as her favorite race. “It’s really cool and not so hot there,” she noted. “It was raining the whole time the last time I ran there. But I like running 5Ks.”

Final Results: (Note; Although the race was 6.2 miles because of the alterations to the course, the measurement reached 7.1 miles and three persons ran the 6.2 mile distance.)

Men: 1.Julius Farley, 48:38. 2. Ian Montgomery, 49:31. 3. Curvin Andrews, 51:49. 4. Adrian Dale, 54:45. 5. Joseph McIvor, 56:37. 6. Dave Kinkead, 56:47. 7. Jude Kinkead, 56:48. 8. Paul Hubbard, 59:44. 9. Ruairi Burke, 1:10.07. 10. Howard Moore, 1:13.46. 11. Zebalon McLean, 1:14.03.

Women: 1. Talulah Kinkead, 56:47. 2. Claire-Louise Whiley, 1:00.42. 3. Sarah Hayes, 1:03.28. 4. Sally Blackmore, 1:05.10. 5. Anna Kinkeak, 1:05.30. 6. Natasha Rushinski, 1:06.49. 7. Jenny Ivor, 1:11.44. 8. Ghislaine Hodgendijk, 1:14.40. 9. Philomena “Philo” Robertson, 1:17.11. 10. Barbara O’Neal, 1:17.25.

6.2 mile:. 1. Rosmond Johnson, 52:40. 2. Maureen Peters, 1:03.08. 3. Shane Donovan, 1:04.25.

Power Walker: Sophie Bennett, 1:36.19