BVIFA Concludes Successful High School Football Season


Elmore Stoutt Boys recorded a perfect season to claim the 2015 BVIFA High Schools Football League Championship trophy. Photo: BVIFA / Charlie Jackson

Elmore Stoutt Boys recorded a perfect season to claim the 2015 BVIFA High Schools Football League Championship trophy. Photo: BVIFA / Charlie Jackson

The BVIFA High Schools Football League season drew to a close on Thursday 3rd December with an Exhibition Game between the Open Boys Champions, Elmore Stout High School and U15 Champions, Begrado Flax Educational Centre, which was won 3-1 by ESHS thanks to a brace of goals from Phillip Jules and one from Timothy Lewis (Makimbo Demming scored for BFEC).

Following the game the FA President, Mr. Andy Bickerton began the trophy presentation with some words of encouragement.

“It is very obvious that we have problems with facilities and it is very difficult to play a good standard of football on the hard and bumpy fields, but is very pleasing to see in today’s game, so many of you that have progressed through the system from the BDO Primary School football to now High School and have definitely improved. The new Stadium is coming, just down the road from here (Greenland) and by the time we start the new season in September you will be playing on a high quality surface”

Girls Division:

Cedar School were champions with 12 points ahead of BFEC who had nine and ESHS with 6.

The MVP was Tinia Van Zoost of Cedar, the Golden Boot award went to Lilly Pierce and the Golden Glove recipient was Chinara Perry of SDA. Marlina d’Anguiar also of SDA was named as Most Improved Player.

The Seventh Day Adventist Girls had put up some stellar performances and certainly brought with them the most support both on the bench and in the stands despite suffering some heavy defeats, including an 8-0 loss to ESHS for whom both Morgan Creque and Sheniece St Jean scored hat tricks.

What would have turned out to be the most crucial game of the season then turned into a disappointing affair as ESHS lost by forfeit to Cedar after not having enough players to complete the game.

Cedar went on to stamp their authority on the League with a 4-2 win over BFEC, which included goals for Olivia Messum, Alisha Looney and Pierce.

Pierce added a five goal salvo against Claudia Creque and wrapped up the league championship with another hat trick in the 8-1 win over SDA, in a game that also included a hat trick for Ella Brownsdon.

National U17 Player, Kayla Skelton wrote her name into the record books with a hat trick of her own in the 9-0 win over SDA.

Boys U15 Division:

BFEC went unbeaten throughout the season to lift the title.

MVP went to Michael Woodley, the Golden Boot Award to Luka Chalwell and the Golden Glove who else but Daniel Gilford.

Khemron Tillack made it known early that BFEC meant business with a hat trick in the 4-0 victory over St Georges, but Luca Reich of Cedar White went one better and scored four in a 7-1 demolition of ESHS. However even those goal scoring feats were outshone by Devante Samuel who scored five for BFEC in the 9-0 thrashing of Cedar Green.

Cedar White went on to beat SDA 4-1 with Luka Chalwell getting in on the multi goal scoring fun, notching all four and then registering a hat trick in his side’s 7-0 win over their school mates.

Not to be out done, Kyreek Gardiner smashed home four goals as BFEC rattled up a 10-2 victory against SDA and Miquel Marshall grabbed his own moment in the sunshine with a hat trick for ESHS in a 6-1 win over Cedar Green.

Boy’s Open Division:

ESHS recorded a perfect season to claim the Championship Trophy

The MVP went to Jazeel Castello; the Golden Boot recipient was Phillip Jules and Golden Glove Shemarr Morrison.

In winning four out of four, ESHS started with a 3-1 victory against BFEC, which was followed by a 2-1 win over St Georges. They then beat BFEC 2-1 in the return match thanks to two goals from Jules.

Cedar School thrashed SDA 7-0 with Leo Forte notching four, but was then not available to play for the rest of the campaign and ESHS wrapped up the Title with an 8-0 win over SDA with Jules netting a hat trick.

High School League Co-Ordinator, Avondale Williams, was, overall, happy with the way the season had unfolded “ It could have gone better, but it was good to see all the players were very keen to be involved and played their hearts out. The High School standard is definitely improving and some of them will soon be ready to go to a higher level”

President Bickerton concluded the Closing with more words of encouragement and enthusiasm for the way the Schools leagues were developing players.

“The process is working! The Primary School players are coming through the system and beginning to have an impact at High School level. Going forward, although we have faced difficulties, we will continue playing the Leagues in the September, with perhaps a slightly later finish in December’