BVI in World Veterans Masters football tournament

By BVI Platinum

The BVI 2015 Masters. Photo: Provided

The BVI 2015 Masters. Photo: Provided

The inaugural World Veterans Masters Tournament kicks off in St.Croix from March 5 – 8, 2015 with teams from the USA, Denmark, Puerto Rico, USVI, Trinidad and the BVI participating.

The tournament is being sponsored by the Virgin Islands Department of Tourism as a lead up to the centennial celebrations of the transfer of the Virgin Islands from Denmark to the USA, which would be celebrated in 2017.

“This means that for the next three years we will be seeing Masters’ football at its best in St.Croix”, tournament coordinator Mr. Earle Robinson stated.

He added, “The BVI Masters has built up a name for themselves throughout the region, so we are pleased that they would be here to test their skills against some former world stars”.

Local coordinator, Mr. Kenrick Grant stated that the BVI Masters team is comprised of players who have surpassed the age of forty years and are still actively playing the game.

The basic rule for Masters football is that all players must be forty years and over.

There will be prizes for the winners, as well as individual awards. The award for the oldest player would be going to seventy year old Alvin Corneal from Trinidad, while the BVI’s oldest contender is sixty years old Brown.

The BVI squad is comprised of Elroy Mandraka Mills – coach, Pheobe Murrell – Manager, Haenif James, Anthony Bramble, Rohan Lennon, Bernard Grant, Kenrick Grant, Gregory Grant, Richard Reid, Humphrey Leue, Courtney Johnson, Michael Dennis, Garnet Ferron, Adrin St.Ville, Kelvin Eubanks, Beauston Brown, Rodney Prince, Sheldon Harry, Franklyn Victor, and Avandall Williams.

“The most difficult part of the team’s preparations has been raising the necessary funds…So we are still appealing to anyone who might want to assist us financially,” Mr. Grant stated.

The team is partly sponsored by the BVI Football Association, who is limited with what they can do, as Masters football is not yet a recognized FIFA tournament.