BVI Girls’ Football Team in Nevis for CFU/FIFA World Cup Qualifiers


The BVI Girls' Under 17 National Football Team in Nevis for the World Cup Qualifiers  August 22-26, 2015. Photo: Provided

The BVI Girls’ Under 17 National Football Team in Nevis for the World Cup Qualifiers August 22-26, 2015. Photo: Provided

Confidence is high among the girls national under-17 team who arrived in Nevis this morning, August 20 for the Caribbean Football Union / FIFA World Cup Qualifiers which take place August 22-26.

“I think if every teammate on my team contributes and puts effort and strength that we will do well in this under-17 tournament,” said team captain Jackisha ‘JJ’ Rigobert at a media conference yesterday, August 19.

The BVI is grouped with strong teams such as St. Kitts and Nevis, Trinidad and Dominica. On Friday, the BVI will clash with St. Kitts at 8 p.m. with subsequent matches on Monday and Wednesday against Trinidad and Dominica respectively.

According to the BVI Football Association, the team is largely made up of players who were part of the 20-member squad that represented the BVI in the Cayman Islands last year.

“I believe in my team; I have faith in my team. Since from last year in Cayman Islands I saw the potential and effort from each and everyone of my team mates and I know this year we do good in this tournament no matter how tough the opponents may be. I know for sure we will do well,” said Rigobert.

The team includes Kaylah Skelton, Gabby Dawson, Lilly Pierce, Emily Lowrey, Abbie Heywood, Katie Lowrey, Morgan Creque, Tia Modeste, Olivia Messum, Shevonne Vanterpool, D’Avian Williams, Sheniece St John, Bethany Howarth, Akira Phillips.

BVIFA President Andy Bickerton said that he is pleased with the way the team has progressed and expects continued improvement.

“We are not going into these tournaments thinking that we are going in to walk away and win them because we are obviously playing strong countries. What is important is that we participate well and we are serious about our preparation and our players boys or girls use the opportunity to gain the experience and help us build the future,” said Bickerton.

Coach Kate Rowson said that the there are a few girls from the Cayman squad that can’t travel, but two girls were added, one who was part of the under-20 squad a few years ago.

“It was big learning curve last year. It was the biggest stage the girls have every played on in terms of playing in front a thousand people in the first game at night under floodlights which a lot of them had not done so straight away we are in a better position straight away,” said Coach Rowson.

Noting that preparations were hampered last year due to the lack of facilities, Rowson noted that this year there were faced with similar challenges, but the team has used it as an advantage.

“Not having the 11-a-side field to practice on; we have taken that slight disadvantage and used it to you advantage….we have been practicing on a smaller field which has made it nice and compact which means the girls has had the opportunity to practice with having very little time on the ball which has put them under pressure to make sure they have a good first touch and they play the ball early,” Rowson stated.