BVI create history with winning CBC debut!


BVI debuts in Women’s Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championship with a 64-61 victory over Guyana. Photo: Charlie E Jackson / VINO

BVI debuts in Women’s Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championship with a 64-61 victory over Guyana. Photo: Charlie E Jackson / VINO

The BVI Women’s team created a little bit of history at the Women’s Caribbean Basketball Confederation (CBC) Championship on Monday June 8, 2015 with a 64-61 victory over Guyana.

Not only were the girls competing for the first time at this level, but with a battling performance, overcame Guyana to record their first win in Regional competition.

The starting five of Tyalia Nibbs, Joy Victor, Shauliqua Fahie, Tamara Phillips and Tafara Phillips, got off to a fantastic start ending the first quarter 27-12, thanks to a series of dominating plays, including a pair of “3’s” from Fahie, and steals and scores from “Tammy”, Nibbs and Victor.

The Phillips sisters kept driving their team-mates during the second quarter, but Guyana slowly began clawing their way back into the game, however, another Fahie basket from down town and a visit to the free throw line by Tamara, the BVI reached half time with an 8 point cushion: 38-30.

Guyana came at the BVI in the 3rd quarter again with Miriam McKenzie reducing the gap to just five points before Victor popped in a two to give the home team some momentum.

Both teams were now slugging it out in a strength sapping, energy draining performance, with Nibbs and Victor standing firm in defense and the Phillips sisters pulling strings offensively. Tammy made it a 10-point game from the charity stripe; Tiffany Jennings splashed from long range and went 1 for 2, but by the buzzer Guyana were still in the game at 53-48.

The 4th quarter was even more intense for the players and home fans as neither side could score, despite plenty of chances, for almost 3 minutes. However, it was Tafara Phillips who brought the crowd to its feet with a basket from way down town.

Unsurprisingly, Guyana again bounced off the ropes and came to within five points, then three points at 56-53, before Fahie, Bianca Brewley and Jennings combined to re-open the gap to five. It was still five after Tammy had gone 2 for 2 from the free throw line and Tammy picked up a rebound to give her sister another basket.

Another Nibbs steal broke up a Guyana attack, but McKenzie and Timike DeRouche added baskets to make the score 61-58 inside the last two minutes and as nerves began to take hold both teams were guilty of turnovers. However, Tafara Phillips used all her experience to stay calm, went two for two from the free throw line and the win was assured amidst wild scene of celebration.

Tamara Phillips finished with 28 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, Shaliqua Fahie recorded 9 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, Tafara Phillips notched 9 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, whilst Jennings and Victor both scored 6 points.

“It was tense, but it is history making,” commented Coach Brian “Bash” Brewley. “We came in with a game plan, went full on man to man and it worked beautifully.”

Next up for the Girls is Barbados, who went down, 75-57, to defending champions Jamaica.

The BVI vs Barbados game is at 9pm tonight at the Multi-Purpose Sports Complex.