BVI Anti-Doping Commission

(R – L) Dr. Harlan Vanterpool, Chief Doping Control Officer, BVI Anti-Doping Commission with elite athletes Kyron McMaster and Eldred Henry.

The BVI Anti-Doping Commission is a member of the Caribbean Regional Anti-Doping Organisation (Caribbean RADO) which is supported by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

“The Caribbean RADO plays a pivotal role in drug testing, or doping control as it is formally known, within the Caribbean. Highly-trained and experienced Doping Control Officers (DCOs) make every effort to ensure that all athletes execute fair and honest practices both on and off the field through the process of testing.

Drug testing serves as a deterrent to the use of prohibited substances and methods in sport. It is an excellent indicator of genuine compliance on the part of athletes as it pertains to maintaining a drug-free attitude towards sport.

Athletes may be tested at any time both in and out of competition, as well as during times indicated on their Whereabouts Information routine schedules which should be posted on the Anti-Doping Administration and Management System (ADAMS) online site.” Caribbean RADO

History of the BVI Anti-Doping Commission

2009           – In the run up to the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games, the BVI was identified as not yet being compliant in three areas of the 2009 World Anti-Doping Code.

2010          – Ephraim Penn, President of the BVIOC met with the Director General WADA where the compliance requirements and processes were discussed for acceptance and implementation by the BVIOC.

2011          – In the third quarter, the BVIOC committed to implementing changes to become compliant with the WADA Code and with support from the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports and Dr. Adrian Lorde, OBE the then Chairman of the Caribbean RADO, applied for membership to Caribbean RADO.

– During this time, the BVIOC also established the BVI Anti-Doping and Medical Commission at the BVIOC Offices chaired by Ephraim Penn and which included Cleave Farrington, Mark Chapman, Jamaal Smith, Steve Augustine and the late Analene Clausen (doping control officer).

– The BVIOC collaborated with the BVI National Commission for UNESCO to draft an Anti-Doping Policy that would support the territory’s obligations under the UNESCO Convention for consideration by Government.

2012          – In the lead up to the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, The BVIOC worked with the Governor’s Office, the BVI National Commission for UNESCO and the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, to secure Government’s acceptance of its obligations to harmonize anti-doping commitments for non-professional sports at the international level and create a systematic approach to anti-doping as required by the International Convention Against Doping in Sport (the UNESCO Convention) and to sign the UNESCO Convention.

                  – In October 2012, the BVI Anti-Doping Commission conducted its first rounds of the anti-doping testing regime which, under Article 12 of the UNESCO Convention included no-advance notice, out-of-competition testing.

Since then to just before Hurricane Irma struck in September 2017, the BVI RADO team was rigorously active in the community, undertaking youth education seminars in schools and at national sporting events hosted by the BVIOC.

2015       – Dr. Harlan Vanterpool joined the BVIOC as team Doctor and as the Chief Doping Control Officer for BVI ADC. Dr. Vanterpool attended the required training in Canada to fulfill the requirements to serve as Chief DCO and is instrumental in recruiting DCOs and has oversight of the execution of the in- and out-of-competition testing.

2018       – Caribbean RADO in association with WADA approached the BVIOC and Government of the Virgin Islands with regards to hosting the Caribbean RADO’s 14th Annual Board Meeting in 2019 and formalised the arrangement later in the year.

2019       – The BVIOC, in conjunction with the Government of the VI hosted the 2-day Caribbean RADO Board Meeting and AGM for the first time since joining RADO in 2012. Attendees included representatives of WADA and Caribbean RADO Board members from 17 countries who were in the BVI from May 31 – June 3.

Anti-Doping Education – Community education has been ongoing since 2012 and includes hands-on demonstrations and seminars at schools and community sporting events such as Sports Clinics, Olympic Day and Sports Festival.

                  – In 2019 as part of it’s 14th Annual Board Meeting, Caribbean RADO conducted a seminar on Anti-Doping for National Sport Federations, School Physical Education Teachers, Coaches and Athletes. The interactive seminar helped to heighten awareness on anti-doping in keeping with the provisions in the World Anti-Doping Code.

Along with conducting DCO training sessions and update courses, the Chief DCO is responsible for attending all Caribbean RADO meetings and update sessions and for conducting ongoing anti-doping education seminars and events organised by the BVIOC for National Federations and the wider sporting community.

The BVI Olympic Committee acting as the National Anti-Doping Organisation has approved and adopted the 2021 Anti-Doping Rules in compliance with the 2021 World Anti-Doping Code, that comes into force on January 1st 2021.