BVI Footballer Kristian Javier tries out at S.C.U. Torreenese, Portugal

BVI National Men’s Football Team player, Kirstian Javier is trying out with Portuguese pro club, S.C.U Torreenese. Photo: BVIFA

Kristian Javier who has successfully represented the BVI in the men’s national football team for over two years, is trying out with Portuguese pro club, Sport Clube União Torreenese.

Javier, who has played a key role in the resurgence of the national men’s team, was spotted during a soccer visa event where a representative of S.C.U. Torreenese invited him in for a week’s trial.

“We are delighted that Kristian has been given this opportunity and feel he fully deserves it. Kristian’s coachability and attitude to learn has been first class since he joined the team,” said Dan Neville, Assistant National Men’s Team Coach. “Kristian has played a big part in the progress we are making in the BVI and has become a key member of the squad. This opportunity demonstrates what can happen if you work hard, listen and perform well. As a spin off we have had lots of interest in some of our other young players, which again comes as no surprise considering the maturity of their performances in recent Internationals. We look forward to tracking Kristian’s progress over the coming months.”

President of the BVI Football Association, Andrew Bickerton was delighted when he received the news of Javier’s selection on a trial basis to Torreenese which is another milestone on the BVI’s journey to breaking through the football ranks on a regional and international level while pushing its way to the ultimate goal of playing in a world cup.

The BVI Football Association over the past few years, and certainly since the passing of Irma, is going from strength to strength with national teams across the board progressing steadily.

With the likes of Azarni Callwood and Ryan Lettsome leading the way in the junior division as they work their way through the junior ranks into the senior division over the next couple years, equal importance is given to ensure senior players also are developing steadily through the ranks regionally on route to the ultimate goal of the BVI qualifying in its own right for the World Cup finals.

Repairs to Mondo track at A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds underway

The resurfacing material for the track, supplied by Mondo USA, was purchased by the BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) with funds secured from PanAm Sports. The Recovery and Development Agency, in consultation with the BVIOC, the BVI Athletic Association, the Ministry of Education and Culture (with responsibility for Sports), and the Recreational Trust, is overseeing the rebuild of the facilities including the track.

Rehabilitation works on the track at the A.O. Shirley Recreational Grounds has commenced and is expected to continue for approximately four weeks.

The Grounds’ facilities suffered damage as a result of the passage of Hurricane Irma in September 2017. The resurfacing material for the track, supplied by Mondo USA, was purchased by the BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) with funds secured from PanAm Sports. The Recovery and Development Agency, in consultation with the BVIOC, the BVI Athletic Association, the Ministry of Education and Culture (with responsibility for Sports), and the Recreational Trust, is overseeing the rebuild of the A.O. Shirley Grounds including the bidding process and engagement of contractors for the installation and repairs to the facilities.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Education and Culture, Dr. Marcia Potter has expressed satisfaction with the commencement of reconstruction of the track at the grounds and is cautioning the public about its use during this time.

Dr. Potter said, “I am indeed happy to see the commencement of this project. Our athletes will once again be able to practice and develop their skills in a space that is conducive to do so. During this time of reconstruction, however, the A. O. Shirley Grounds will not be open for use by anyone. This precautionary measure is to ensure the safety of the public and the ease in carrying out the works that will result in an improved track.”

The Grounds will be cordoned off so as not to be used as a thoroughfare in order for the track to be protected so the repair works can be effective. Trainers, athletes and other persons as asked to refrain from using the recreation grounds while the works are being carried out.

Once completed the refurbished track will once again be suitable for training and recreation, and be of the standard to host regional and international competition.

The A.O. Shirley Recreational Grounds facilitates training to a wide cross section of athletes including track and field, shotput, long jump, soccer and rugby, and for recreational activities. It is part of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s portfolio under the Recreation Trust.

Four establish Carifta qualifiers during Dag Samuels Development series opener

By BVI Athletics Association

L-R – Diamante Gumbs, Jaleel Croal, Palesa Caesar and Djimon Gumbs established Carifta qualifiers during the Dag Samuels Development series opener Jan 12, 2019. Photo: BVIAA

The British Virgin Islands Athletics Association (BVIAA) held its first Dag Samuels Development Series to kick off the Track and Field season over the weekend. Four athletes established Carifta qualifiers during the opener namely:

Diamante Gumbs – 16.80m shot put (qualifying mark 16.75m)
Diamante Gumbs – 52.33m discus (qualifying mark 52.00m)
Jaleel Croal – 10.99 sec 100m (qualifying mark 11.25seconds)
Palesa Ceasar – 34.90m discus (qualifying mark 34.00m)
Djimon Gumbs – 54.10m discus (qualifying mark 52.00m)

“We are especially happy with the results of development meet #1. With a total of five qualifiers in four events at our first development meet, it’s clear that the road map to the 2019 Carifta Games is already being set,” noted BVIAA President, Steve Augustine.

Palesa Ceasar who was among four of the qualifiers, was highlighted by Mr. Augustine who said “special mention must also be made of new comer Palesa Ceasar, who worked extremely hard over the pre-season in the throwing events, solidifying her ability of making the BVI qualifying standard in the Discus throw at our first Development Meet.”

“Be it the Carifta Games qualifiers, personal bests marks or general competition, the meet proved memorable and indicative of a great season that lay ahead,” Mr. Augustine concluded.

Results from athletes overseas:

• Eldred Henry competed in his first indoor meet of the year in the Shot Put event with a throw of 19.44m setting a new school record, National Qualifier and NCAA division 2 leader.


Complete results of Dag Samuels Development Series Meet # 1:
12 January, 2019

Teams: Ambassadors Throwing Club (ATC), Fast Lane Track Club (FLTC), Raw Skillz Track Club (RSTC), Sprint Tech Track Club (STTC), Top Notch Track Club (TNTC), Unattached (UA)

GIRLS U13 (6.6lbs/3 kilos): 1. Kijana Callwood (ATC), 9.66m. 2. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 8.90m.
U15 (6.6lbs): 1. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 9.03m. 2. A’Keela McMaster (UA), 7.55m .
U17 (6.6lbs): 1. Alli-anna Davis (ST), 10.08m. 2. Alexa Hodge (FLTC), 8.82. 3. Empress Williams (ATC), 8.55m.

BOYS U17 (12lbs): 1. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 10.78m.
U20 (14lbs/6kilo): 1. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 16.80. 2. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 15.72.
OPEN (16lbs/7.26 kilo): 1. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 10.56.

DISCUS: (1 kilo)
GIRLS U13: 1. Kijana Callwood (ATC), 32.75m. 2. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 27.38m.
U15: 1. Palesa Caesar (ATC), 34.90m.
U17: 1. Empress Williams (ATC), 23.16. 2. Alexa Hodge (ATC), 20.84m.

BOYS U15 (1.5kg): 1. Orlando Douglas (ATC), 40.50m.
U20 (1.75kg): 1. Djimon Gumbs (TNTC), 54.10. 2. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 52.33m. 3.

OPEN MALES (2 kilos): 1. Deshoy Ward (ATC), 35.50m.

GIRLS U9: 1. Destra Jack (FLTC Jr.), 10.97.

BOYS U9: 1. Christian Butler (FLTC Jr.), 10:36.

GIRLS U11: 1. Chelsea Edwards (FLTC Jr.), 11:53. 2. D’Niya Thomas (FLTC Jr.), 12:00. 3. Khaliah Hall (FLTCJr), 12:25. 4. Xambiah Demming (RSTC), 12:75. 5. Cianna Industrious (STTC), 13:39.

BOYS U11: 1. Tiondre Frett (STTC), 10:65. 2. Clariq Frett (FLTC Jr), 11:07. 3. Othniel Gillings (FLTC Jr), 11:25. 4. Ty’rique Charles (FLTC Jr), 12:00.

GIRLS U13: (wind +0.7) 1. Karliyah Morton (UA), 14:13. 2. Shannia Johnson (UA), 14:93.

BOYS U13: (w-1.7) 1. Jaheem Lennard-Joseph (FLTC Jr), 14:22. 2. Latriel Williams (STTC), 14:52.

GIRLS U15: (w+1.0) 1. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 12.81. 2. Crystal Maximea (FLTC),13:05. 3. Jordanne Thomas (STTC), 13:31. 4. Vinesha John (STTC), 13:50. 5. Dejoie Sebastian (STTC), 13:81. 6 DiaMonae Thomas (STTC),14:57. 7. Monisha Martin (STTC), 14.75. 8. Kareena Shortte (STTC), 15:04.

BOYS U15: (w -1.1)1. Jabari Pemberton (FLTC), 13:27. 2. Antuwn Maduro (STTC), 13:46. 3. T’Khoy Stevens (RS),13:76. 4. Makelis Fergus (RS), 14:17. 5. Shakoi Maduro (RS), 15:83.

GIRLS U17: (w -1.9) 1. Abriel Magloire (FLTC), 13:26. 2. Kaelyaah Liburd (RS), 13:40. 3. Lia Claxton (RS), 13:97. 4. Glendy Knight (ST), 14:73.

BOYS U17: (w+0.5)1. Jaleel Croal (STTC), 10.99. 2. Shajoni Huggins(FLTC), 12.33. 3. Jamoi Roberts (STTC), 12.34.

OPEN MALES: (w+0.5)1. Joshua Lynch (STTC), 11.68.

Throwers 50m Dash
GIRLS: (w +1.2) 1. Alexa Hodge (FLTC), 7.98. 2. Alli-anna Davis (STTC), 8:05. 3. Savianna Joseph (FLTC), 9.56.

BOYS: (w +1.2) 1. Diamante Gumbs (TNTC), 7.59.

BOYS U17: 1. Jelani Croal (ST), 4:51.14. 2. Rashawn Jack (ST), 5:42.34. 3. Caleb Lynch (FLTC), 5:46.66

GIRLS U11: 1. Chelsea Edwards (FLTC Jr), 50.57. 2.Khaliah Hall (FLTC Jr), 51:81. 3. D’Niya Thomas (FLTCJr), 58:70. 4. Cianna Industrious (STTC), 1:03.65.

BOYS U11: 1. Clariq Frett (FLTC Jr), 47.69. 2. Othniel Gillings (FLTC Jr), 47.70. 3. Abijah Auguiste (FLTC Jr), 58.06.

GIRLS U13:1. A’Sia McMaster (UA), 46.04. 2. Karliyah Morton (RSTC), 46:10. 3. Jah’Kyla Morton (UA), 48.24. 4. Shannia Johnson (UA), 52:36. 5. Adrianne Thomas (STTC), 53:01. 6. Shyra Stout (STTC), 55.67

BOYS U13: 1. Jaheem Lennard-Joseph (FLTC Jr), 47:40.

GIRLS U15: 1. Jahtivya Williams (STTC), 1:00.71. 2. A’Keela McMaster (UAT), 1:02.70. 3. Jordanne Thomas (STTC), 1:04.27. 4. Crystal Maximea (FLTC), 1:04.33. 5. Kailia Martin (STTC), 1:04.57. 6. Dejoie Sebastian (STTC), 1:07:34. 7. Vinesha John (STTC), 1:07.77. 8. Kareena Shortte (STTC), 1:10.04. 9.Monisha Martin (STTC), 1:17:43.

BOYS U15: 1. Jabari Pemberton (FLTC), 59:14. 2. Jonathan Lynch (FLTC), 1:06.19. 3. T’Khoy Stevens (RSTC), 1:07.64. 4. Makelis Fergus (RSTC), 1:09.45. 5. Shakoi Maduro (RSTC), 1:17.89.

GIRLS U17: 1. Kaelyaah Liburd (RS), 58.47. 2. Ariyah Smith (ST), 59.21. 3. Kenyatta Grate (ST), 103.29. 4. Glenny Knight (ST), 1:14.72
U20: Mariah Christian (RS), 1:04.99.

BOYS U17: 1. Jaleel Croal (STTC), 51.37. 2. Jamoi Roberts (STTC), 59.31. 3. Shajoni Huggins (FLTC),. 1:02.04.
BOYS U20: 1. Malik John (ST), 50: 84. 2. J’Mari Duhaney (ST), 53: 81. 3. Jonathan Hing (ST), 56:98.

The Dag Samuels Developmental Series Meet # 2 is slated for Saturday January 19th, 2018 at the A.O. Shirley Grounds beginning at 10 am with the following events:

800m, 600m (u11 & u13 only), 400m hurdles, Javelin, Ball throw (u9 & u15), 150m (u9 and u11), 200m (u13 – open)

Works begin at Greenland Stadium

The Government of the Virgin Islands in partnership with the BVI Football Association, under the FIFA umbrella, breaks ground in Greenland for the development of a 2,500 seat multi-purpose stadium for recreational and sporting facilities and associated works. Photo: Provided

The Government of the Virgin Islands in partnership with the BVI Football Association, under the FIFA umbrella, has broken ground in Greenland for the development of a 2,500 seat multi-purpose stadium for recreational and sporting facilities and associated works.

The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Greenland Stadium on Friday, January 11 at 10:00 a.m.

Premier and Minister of Finance, Dr. the Honourable D. Orlando Smith, OBE said, “This sporting facility was conceived a few years ago and it is gratifying to know that we are about to embark on the second phase of this project…Today does much for our morale at this stage of our recovery.”

The Premier added, “This is a partnership of mutual benefit, where the Government of the Virgin Islands leased the crown land for the purpose of developing this facility, and the BVI Football Association, through their alliance with FIFA, will provide the project funding.”

The Government has agreed to lease approximately four (4) acres of crown lands known as the Festival Grounds at East End to the registered company through a Special Purpose Vehicle established in connection with the project and for the purpose of developing and operating the facilities.

The facility is expected to include a six lane, 400 meter grass track; Netball and Volleyball courts; the covering of ghuts on both sides of the stadium and fencing of the stadium; parking lot for 200 cars; and access road between the parking lot and the multi-purpose stadium.

Premier Smith further stated, “With a regulation-sized football field and a 400 meter track, here will be the location of many engaging matches of football, track and other field sports that will provide entertainment to spectators, locally and from abroad, as it will be suitable to host international and regional matches.”

Remarks were also delivered by Deputy Premier, Minister of Natural Resources and Labour and Representative for the Seventh Electoral District, Dr. the Honourable Kedrick Pickering; Minister for Education and Culture, Honourable Myron V. Walwyn; Minister for Health and Social Development and Representative for the Eighth Electoral District, Honourable Marlon Penn; Manager of STO Enterprises, Mr. Dion Stoutt; and Contractor Representative for Tarris Hill Associates, Ms. Deseree Potter.

Virgin Islands Beach Rugby squad tackles competition in Florida

By BVI Rugby Football Union

Virgin Islands Beach Rugby competed on Saturday January 5th 2019 in the RAN Beach Rugby 5s on Hollywood Beach, Ft Lauderdale. Photo: BVIRFU

Virgin Islands Beach Rugby competed on Saturday January 5th 2019 in the RAN Beach Rugby 5s on Hollywood Beach, Ft Lauderdale.

The inaugural tournament was contested by 10 teams in the men’s division, 4 women’s teams, 6 men’s youth and 3 female youth.

The squad consisted of “Big Man” Andre Adams, “The Viking” Sean Burgess, “Rookie” Will Melanson, “Power Prop” Damion Brown, “Hands” Tom Chapman, devilishly sneaky Marc Harbison, a solid Mark Livingston and young speedster Noah Pierce.

Virgin Islands opened up their tournament against a highly rated USA South Panthers B whose players are part of World Rugby development program for the USA Eagles.

Proceedings began with both sides making huge hits and managing to defend against any early scores. Eventually – about half way though the first half – some superb handling and ball retention from Virgin Islands created a two-on-one with Noah Pierce creating a lane of space on the wing. Pierce was passed a bullet as he streaked down the line for the game’s opening try to stun the crowd.

An injury on the USA Panthers side forced a breather as medical crews attended the downed player. This was very much in need as the intensity of beach rugby was already taking it’s toll on players from both sides. Huge offensive hits and show stopping tackles continued to follow. Scores began to flow from both sides with exceptional performances coming from big boys Andre Adams and Sean Burgess. Rookies, Will Melanson and Noah Pierce delivered way beyond expectation and were true assets in tackling, driving into contact, recycling, hands and speed. Quite the accomplishment for gentlemen playing in their first contact match.

The ability of USA to do complete line changes between tries wore on the Virgin Islands lads’ energy as, carrying a squad of only 8 vs their 12, made brief gasps at air far shorter than the Americans.

USA South was able to secure a few tries in the final minute to win the game 8-4 in a match that seemed closer and could have gone either way until the final minute. The boys were all commended for the efforts against a much more experienced and drilled opposition. Several VI players were in a serious state of exhaustion at the final whistle due to putting in a herculean effort in a match filled with literally hundreds of tackles and every player being smashed into the sand face first on several occasions.

Shortly after, the VI faced Boca Raton and another punishing match. Scores coming from all the VI stars and some fancy handling from Mark Livingston and Marc Harbison kept the talented Floridians on the back foot. The Boca boys were big and strong, again with plenty of backup and were able to edge Virgin Islands 8-6. Another strong performance but VI unable to pick up the win.

Next up was University side USF whose youth and fitness was too much but the VI went down fighting in a close one. Another blinder that saw all VI players taking on a series of power tackles from the crossfit cut young lads of college rugby.

By day’s end, the hits and lack of subs proved too much. Virgin Islands went down to a Fort Lauderdale Knights side who were playing for a spot in the playoffs having already picked up 2 wins out of 3. The Knights played incredible flat line defence and Virgin Islands were not able to punch in a score.

It was disappointing to not pick up any wins but the VI side played great for their first beach tournament and surprised the crowd with determination and poise making great plays and securing tries against formidable opposition all afternoon.

Winners USA South took home $1,500 for their efforts and the 2nd place Boca Raton – who only squeezed passed the VI 8-6 – was able to take home the $750 prize for runner up after a tough final against the tournament favourite.

Virgin Islands’ Noah Pierce picked up 3rd place in his Fastest Players race in which each team’s fastest players were pitted against each other to race the distance of the field, retrieve a ball and race back to score a try.

VI Beach Rugby thanks sponsors Carey Olsen and CPG Construction. whose support has enabled BVIRFU to grow the game.

A great time was had by all and the festivities afterwards did not disappoint.

Virgin Islands Beach Rugby is always looking for new players to join Beach Rugby Contact 5s in the BVI.

Sessions are usually held at Cane Garden Bay or Little Bay. Get in touch with BVI Rugby Football Union on Facebook to register your interest or touch base with one of the players.

Virgin Islands Beach Rugby squad competed in the RAN Beach Rugby 5s on Hollywood Beach, Ft Lauderdale, Jan 5, 2019. Photo: BVIRFU

Junior athletes to benefit from ANOCES Hurdles Camp in Grenada

(L-R): Athletes Nickelia Drummond, J’mari Duhaney and Coach Sanya Penn represent the territory at the 2018 Association of National Olympic Committees of the OECS (ANOCES) Sports Academy Hurdles Camp in Grenada Dec 10 – 15, 2018. Photo: CM Farrington/BVIOC

The BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) in conjunction with the BVI Athletics Association (BVIAA) has selected Coach Sanya Penn and two (2) junior athletes, Mr. J’mari Duhaney and Ms. Nickelia Drummond, to represent the British Virgin Islands at the 2018 Association of National Olympic Committees of the OECS (ANOCES) Sports Academy in Grenada.

The Academy which takes place December 10 – 15, 2018, will focus on coaching and teaching the fundamentals of hurdling. The programme will be conducted by Mr Alwyn Babb of Barbados.

“Considering the possibility of not having the availability of the A.O. Shirley Grounds for the entire month of December, I see this as a golden opportunity for these athletes to continue their preparations for 2019,” said Ephraim Penn, President, BVIOC.

Coach Sanya Penn was overwhelmed and excited that she was selected to attend the hurdles camp. “I look forward to the experience. I will utilize the experience gained at this camp to help improve my coaching skills and pass on the knowledge to other coaches back in the BVI,” said Coach Penn.

Meanwhile the athletes are looking forward to attending the camp. “We feel excited and hope to learn a lot from this camp,” said athletes J’mari and Nickelia.

BVIAA President, Steve Augustine said, “Over the years, the BVI has shown that our athletes have great potential in the hurdles events. With the continued interest of our athletes and the continued training of our coaches the possibilities are limitless. With athletes like Kyron McMaster and Lakeisha Warner making marks on the world and collegiate stage, it’s reassuring to know that the younger generation is willing to take on the challenge. I am certain that J’mari and Nickelia will benefit greatly from this type of exposure. I am also certain that Coach Penn will gain a great deal of sound hurdle knowledge while in Grenada.”

The delegates departed the territory yesterday Sunday, December 9 and will return to the territory on Sunday, December 16, 2018.

BVIOC President attends 23rd ANOC General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan

Ephraim Penn, President of the BVI Olympic Committee is one of the 1,400 delegates attending the XXIII ANOC General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan from November 28 – 29, 2018.

Ephraim Penn, President of the BVI Olympic Committee is one of the 1,400 delegates currently attending the XXIII ANOC (Association of National Olympic Committees) General Assembly in Tokyo, Japan which takes place November 28 – 29, 2018.

Panam Sports President Neven Ilic will assume the Vice Presidency of the global organization by replacing Julio Maglione of Uruguay.

The three new members of the ANOC Executive Council from the Americas who were elected at the Panam Sports General Assembly in Lima, Peru in September – Camilo Perez, Tricia Smith and Keith Joseph – will also be attending their first ANOC Assembly in their new leadership positions.

Tokyo, the host city of the general assembly, is the location of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games and IOC President Thomas Bach was welcomed by Yoshiro Mori, President of the Organising Committee Tokyo 2020, at the Tokyo 2020 headquarters earlier today.
Speaking to more than 200 members of the Tokyo 2020 team, President Bach told them how impressed he was by the progress he had seen in the preparations: “I cannot remember any Olympic city being so advanced as Tokyo is, two years before the Games.”

Ephraim Penn, (inside right) paid a visit to the British Embassy in Tokyo, Japan during his trip for the 23rd ANOC General Assembly, November 28 – 29, 2018.

Mr. Penn, who arrived in the “Land of the Rising Sun” on Sunday, November 25, also took time to pay a visit to the British Embassy in Tokyo.

Meanwhile, President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic, and Secretary General, Ivar Sisniega were invited to the city of Tachikawa to visit its spectacular sports facilities that are located just 35 kilometers from the Japanese capital of Tokyo. While there, Ilic and Sisniega signed an important cooperation agreement between Tachihi Holdings Co. and Panam Sports for the realization of a Training Camp prior to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.

The main objective of this camp is to allow more than 300 athletes from the Americas who have qualified to the Olympics to train and prepare in Japan before the Opening Ceremony of the most important multisport event in the world.

The top athletes of the Americas will be able to acclimate to the conditions of the Olympic host city as they train and prepare for several days in advance of their Olympic competitions. The athletes will also learn and share experiences with athletes of Japan as well as the citizens of Tachikawa.


The “Other” Olympic Medalists From The Caribbean

Reynold S. “Rey” O’Neal, OBE

By Rey O’Neal

The first Olympic athlete from the Caribbean to win an Olympic medal while representing his own country was the Haitian long jumper, Silvio Cator, who won a silver at the 1928 Games.

However the British sprinter, Harry Edward, who was born in British Guiana – now Guyana – had mounted the victory stand twice in 1920, winning bronze medals in both the 100 and 200 metre dashes. He would be followed eight years later by another Guyanese sprinter, Jack London, who won a silver medal in the 100 metres and a bronze in the 4×100 metre relay for Great Britain.

The list of athletes from the Caribbean who have won Olympic medals while representing other countries includes:


100m (Men)
Harry Edward (GBR/GUY) -Bronze 1920
Jack London (GBR/GUY) – Silver 1928
McDonald Bailey (GBR/TRI) – Bronze 1952
Ben Johnson (CAN/’JAM) –  Bronze 1984
Linford Christie (GBR/JAM) – Silver 1988*
Linford Christie (GBR/JAM) – Gold 1992
Donovan Bailey (CAN/JAM) – Gold 1996

*Ben Johnson won the event in  1988.Later disqualified for doping violation. Christie was upgraded from bronze to silver medal status.

200m (Men)
Harry Edward (GBR/GUY) – Bronze 1920

800m (Men)
Phil Edwards (CAN/GUY) – Bronze 1932
Phil Edwards (CAN/GUY) – Bronze 1936

1500m (Men)
Phil Edwards(CAN/GUY)- Bronze 1932

110m Hurdles (Men)
Mark McKoy (CAN/GUY) – Gold 1992
Orlando Ortega (ESP/CUB) – Silver 201
Dimitri Bascou (FRA/MRT)- Bronze 2016

400m Hurdles (Men)
Kerron Clement (USA/TTO) – Gold 2016
Yasmani Copello (TUR/CUB) – Bronze 2016

High Jump (Men)
Germaine Mason (GBR/JAM) – Silver 2008

Triple Jump (Men)
Keith Connor (GBR/AIA) – Bronze 1984

4x100m Relay (Men)
Jack London (GBR/ GUY) – Bronze 1928
Roger Bambuck (FRA/GDL) – Bronze 1968
Hermann Panzo (FRA/MRT) – Bronze 1980
Ben Johnson (CAN/JAM) – Bronze 1984
Tony Sharpe (CAN/JAM) – Bronze 1984
Desai Williams (CAN/SKN) – Bronze 1984
Max Moriniere (FRA/MRT) – Bronze 1988
Robert Esmie (CAN/JAM) – Gold 1996
Glenroy Gilbert (CAN/TRI) – Gold 1996
Bruny Surin (CAN/HAI) – Gold  1996

4x400m Relay (Men)
Phil Edwards (CAN/GUY) – Bronze 1932
Roger Velasquez (FRA/GDL) – Bronze 1972

200m (Women)
Marie-Jose Perec (FRA/GDL) – Gold 1996

400m (Women)
Marie-Jose Perec (FRA/GDL) – Gold 1992
Marie-Jose Perec (FRA/GDL) – Gold 1996
Sanya Richards (USA/JAM) – Bronze 2008
Sanya Richards (USA/JAM) – Gold 2012

100m Hurdles (Women)
Patricia Girard (FRA/GDL) – Bronze 1996

400m Hurdles (Women)
Sandra Farmer-Patrick (USA/JAM) – Silver 1992

Javelin Throw (Women)
Tessa Sanderson (GBR/JAM) – Gold 1984

4x100m Relay (Women)
Beverly Goddard (GBR/BAR) – Bronze 1980
Marita Payne (CAN/BAR) – Silver 1984
Angella Taylor (CAN/JAM) – Silver 1984
Beverly (Goddard) Callender (GBR/BAR) – Bronze  1984
Christine Arron (FRA/GDL) – Bronze 2000 +
Sandra Citte (FRA/GDL) – Bronze 2000 (ran heats but not final and upgraded from fourth place after disqualification of the third-place USA team retroactively owing to a doping infraction).
Christine Arron(FRA/GDL) –Bronze  2004

4x400m Relay (Women)
Joslyn Hoyte-Smith (GBR/BAR) – Bronze 1980
Charmaine Crooks (CAN/JAM) – Silver 1984
Jillian Richardson (CAN/TRI) – Silver 1984
Molly Killingbeck (CAN/JAM) – Silver 1984
Marita Payne (CAN/BAR) – Silver 1984
Sanya Richards (USA/JAM) – Gold 2004
Sanya Richards (USA/JAM) – Gold 2008
Sanya Richards (USA/JAM) – Gold 2012

Boxing Medalists
Jose “Chegui” Torres (USA/PUR) – Junior Middleweight – Silver 1956

Basketball (Men)
Patrick Ewing (USA/JAM) – Gold 1984
Patrick Ewing (USA/JAM) – Gold 1992

Fencing (Men)
Fabrice Jeannet (FRA/MRT) – Individual Epee – Silver 2008
Fabrice Jeannet (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2004
Jerome Jeannet (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2004
Fabrice Jeannet (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2008
Jerome Jeannet (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2008
Jean-Michel Lucenay (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2008
Ulrich Robeiri (FRA/GNE) – Team Epee – Gold 2008
Jean-Michel Lucenay (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Gold 2016
Daniel Jerent (FRA/GDL) – Team Epee – Gold 2016
Yannick Borel (FRA/ GDL) – Team Epee – Gold 2016

Fencing (Women)
Laura Flessel (FRA/GDL) – Individual Epee – Gold 1996
Laura Flessel (FRA/GDL) – Individual Epee – Bronze 2000
Laura Flessel-Colovic (FRA/GDL) – Individual Epee – Silver 2004
Maureen Nisima (FRA/MRT) – Individual Epee – Bronze 2004
Laura Flessel (FRA/GDL) – Team Epee – Gold 1996
Sarah Daninthe (FRA/GDL) – Team Epee – Bronze 2004
Laura Flessel-Colovic (FRA/GDL) – Team Epee – Bronze 2004
Maureen Nisima (FRA/MRT) – Team Epee – Bronze 2004

*Laura Flessel has won more Olympic medals than any other fencer in history.

Judo (Men)
Teddy Riner (FRA/GDL) – 100 kg Class – Bronze 2008
Teddy Riner (FRA/GDL) -100 kg Class – Gold 2012
Teddy Riner (FRA/GDL) – 100kg Class – Gold  2016

Swimming (Women)
Enith Brigitha (NED/AHO) – 200m Freestyle – Bronze 1976
Enith Brigitha (NED/AHO) – 100m Freestyle – Bronze 1976
Malia Metella (FRA/GNE) – 50m Freestyle – Silver 2004

Tennis (Women)
Gigi Fernandez (USA/PUR) – Women’s Doubles – 1992
Gigi Fernandez(USA/PUR) – Women’s Doubles-1996

Weightlifting (Men)
Louis Martin (GBR/JAM) – Middle Heavyweight – Bronze 1960
Louis Martin (GBR/JAM) – Middle Heavyweight – Silver 2004

Guadeloupe: GDL
Martinique: MRT
French Guiana (Cayenne): GNE
Anguilla: AIA
Netherlands Antilles: AHO
Puerto Rico: PUR

Jesse Vassallo (USA/PUR) finished 4th in the 200m Individual Medley in swimming at the 1984 Games but subsequently set world records in that event and in the 400 metre Individual Medley.

Coralie Balmy (FRA/MRT) finished  fourth  in the 400m Freestyle swimming event at the 2008 Games. She later set a world record in the 200m Freestyle.

New running track surface for A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground en route

Facilitated by BVIOC with funds secured from PanAm Sports

A.O. Shirley Recreations Grounds – post Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Photo: CM Farrington/BVIOC

A new surface for the running track at the A.O. Shirley Recreation Ground in Road Town, Tortola is expected to arrive into the Virgin Islands around November 19. The resurfacing material, supplied by Mondo USA, was purchased by the BVI Olympic Committee (BVIOC) with funds secured from PanAm Sports to repair the track which was damaged by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in September 2017.

Mondo USA was one of two agencies specialising in track surfaces engaged by PanAm Sports to assess the damage to the track at the A.O. Shirley Grounds. The other agency was Beynon Sports and Mondo USA was awarded the contract after PanAm Sports reviewed the two agencies’ reports following their visits to the VI in January and after consulting with the BVIOC.

“PanAm Sports has been exceptionally responsive to the request from the BVIOC for assistance with the rebuild of sports in the Virgin Islands after Hurricanes Irma and Maria,” said Ephraim Penn, President, BVIOC.

Following the destruction of sports facilities in the VI caused by the 2017 storms, Mr. Penn had communicated with various resources at Olympic level to request assistance with the rebuild of facilities and sports in the territory. PanAm Sports subsequently set up a special fund to assist those territories affected by the hurricanes.

“I am particularly impressed and grateful for the support and encouragement that we have received and continue to receive from Mr. Neven Ilic, President of PanAm Sports and his staff,” said Mr. Penn. “The appreciation from athletes and sporting bodies who are benefitting from their help is palpable and as the National Olympic Committee, we are excited to see the tangible and positive steps towards the reinstatement of sports in the Virgin Islands.”

The BVIOC has also secured partial funding from PanAm Sports to assist with the repairs to the recreation ground facilities and perimeter walls which were destroyed during the hurricanes. The grounds and facilities are used by schools and sporting associations including Athletics, Rugby and Football.

The Recovery and Development Agency in consultation with the BVIOC, the BVI Athletic Association, the Ministry for Education, Culture and Sports and the Recreational Trust will oversee the rebuild of the A.O. Shirley Grounds including the bidding process and engagement of contractors for the installation and repairs to the facilities.

The BVI’s Thad Lettsome aiming high

By Carol M. Bareuther, All At Sea (November 2018 issue)

Click to down load and read this inspiring article and profile of young, BVI sailor, Thad Lettsome who is aiming for the top.

Thad Lettsome. Source:All at Sea