20+ attend BVIFA Level II coaching course

By BVI Football Association

Marcos Falopa, BVIFA Technical Director presented Level 11 Football Coaching Course to over 20 attendees. Photo: BVIFA

Over 20 coaches attended the first of a series of three sessions of the BVI Football Association (BVIFA) Level II Coaching Course, presented by Technical Director, Marcos Falopa, at the BVIFA head office.

The course is designed to improve on both the communication with, and education of all the BVIFA’s Coaches and enhance the pathway into further qualifications for those keen to give back to the game.

To launch the programme, which runs every Wednesday both in the classroom and on the soccer pitch, BVIFA President, Andy Bickerton asked those present to utilize Falopa’s experience and be ready to put back into the game.  “We are in problems right now, especially in the primary schools as we don’t have enough coaches,” said Bickerton. “Those we do have are spread too thin and we are losing the quality of our programmes. So, what’s been happening is that we have been running courses for people who haven’t given back, so what I would like to emphasize is that we really need you to stay involved.”

The BVIFA pays coaches to work in the schools’ football programme.

The programmes that the BVIFA wants more and more coaches for is grassroots football in the schools which are open to any boy or girl of any ability to learn the game.

“What we are doing is looking to provide the community with a means to put their kids into programmes and keep them off the streets and out of trouble, so please come back and contribute,” Bickerton urged.

Marcos Falopa also welcomed the attendees and laid the foundation for the course, which is split over three Wednesdays to include theory such as the Principles of Coaching, Technique, Planning, Small-sided games, Warm Up’s and Tactical Games.

“I’m here for the challenge and very pleased to see how many coaches registered for the Level II Course. You will all learn something over the duration, no one knows everything and even if you only learn ten per cent then the course will be successful,” said Falopa.

Falopa also went to explain the methodology of coaching, the importance of coaching education, the establishment of grassroots programmes and how everything fits together to improve football in schools and the performances of national teams.

The sessions continue this Wednesday 3rd May at 4.30pm at the BVIFA office.